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I have heard it, you have heard it… “We hated Disney World because we were stuck in lines all day and only got to do a few things.”  So how can YOU and others change this thinking? Believe it or not, not everyone is as Disney savy as our Community is.  I remember my first trip in 91′, my Dad had no clue what the “hopper” actually meant until the end of our trip- ah good times.  My parents would have LOVED someone like Dave, to guide us through the ins and outs, where everything is… it would have saved us SO much time!

I am happy to showcase Dave and WDW Guided Tours, not only today, but we have put a permanent link on our blog for you to click if you are interested. Dave is a great person, family man, business man, and friend.  I have interviewed him below so you can hear all about his Business and how it could help you or your friends on a future trip. Enjoy!

 What is WDW Guided Tours?

WDW Guided Tours is the name of my private guided tour business.  I help guests get the most out of their vacations by guiding them through the Walt Disney World   theme parks as well as Universal Studios.

How did it get started?

As a huge Walt Disney World enthusiast, I have been vacationing there since I was a young boy.  Over the past decade, I have guided family members, friends and even  high school groups through the parks.  I have a true passion for this place, and it has always been a dream to someday turn my passion into a career.  So, a little over a  year ago I decided to make my dream a reality and I started WDW Guided Tours.

Who are you trying to help?

I am trying to help anyone who would like to get the most out of their vacation experience.  In visiting Walt Disney World many times over the years, I’ve identified a need  that I’m now helping to fulfill with WDW Guided Tours.  Even though Central Florida is the number one vacation spot in the world, it can be frustrating and overwhelming  to navigate the theme parks, especially for inexperienced visitors.  So often I overhear guests complaining about the crowds and long lines. It is amazing how many   people go to the parks without any real strategy or plan.  In many cases, these people will wait in 60-90 minute lines and only see a few attractions all day.  They   leave tired and cranky and end up having a negative opinion about this amazing place.  It is for this very reason that I started my tour business.

How many people can go on a single tour?

The private guided tour allows for a maximum of ten guests.  However, I can also accommodate much larger groups, depending on the situation.

How much does it cost?

My rates are $75 per hour or $600 per day.  My per hour rates are the lowest in the area and I’m the only company that has a daily rate with no hourly limit.  I often do  tours that last 12 to 15 hours, and my daily rate doesn’t change.  If guests are planning to do 8 hours in the parks, the daily rate is always the best way to go.  When I   started this business, many people told me that I would only get VIP types that would pay this kind of money for a tour guide.  Although I have had some VIPs, the   majority of my clients have been regular folks looking to get the most out of their vacation.  With an average family of four paying between $6,000 and $8,000 for a week  in Central Florida, it is not surprising that they are willing to spend a little more to ensure a great theme park experience.  I have also done many 4-hour tours where my  guests have seen 15 attractions at the Magic Kingdom before lunch.  Touring with me actually saved them money because they could have spent nearly two days to see  this much on their own.

What purpose does this serve for those on a Disney vacation?

Using WDW Guided Tours serves many purposes on a Disney vacation.  First and foremost is line avoidance.  My guests typically don’t wait more than 10 minutes in line  even on the busiest days of the year.  Through my years of experience and knowledge of the parks, I have developed a system to see the most attractions possible in the  least amount of time.  I typically save my guests between four and six hours a day of waiting in lines.  This is time that can be spent doing other fun things like enjoying  their resort, spending time in a water park, or visiting Downtown Disney.  As I mentioned above, I’ve had guests see 15 attractions before lunch, then head back to their  resort to relax and enjoy the pool.  In addition to helping guests navigate the parks in the most efficient way possible, I am also their escort and personal assistant.  I am  there to guide guests to the nearest restroom or snack stand, as well as make meal recommendations.  While guests are on the attractions I am happy to watch over their  belongings so they don’t have to worry about issues of security.  I also watch over small children while parents enjoy certain attractions with the big kids.  Often times I  will go on thrill rides with the kids, when the parents are too scared to ride.  In addition, I am often the group photographer.  I will take on-ride shots as well as family   photos.  Most guests love this service since the entire family can be in the picture.  The bottom line is that when someone hires WDW Guided Tours, they get a    professional tour guide who will be there to make sure they have the best theme park experience possible.

What do you specialize in?

I specialize in giving full-day tours with no hourly limits.  As I mentioned above, WDW Guided Tours is the only company in the area without an hourly limit.  Some guests  like to enjoy the parks from open to close, and I am happy to guide them for the entire day.  I also specialize in park trivia and history.  I have found that many guests   enjoy hearing facts about what they are seeing at the theme parks, and I’m happy to impart my knowledge on those who are interested.

What has been your favorite part of doing this so far?

Without question, my favorite part of doing this is seeing the smiles on the guests faces as they enjoy their time at the theme parks.  I especially love seeing the children  have fun.  As a father of a five year old boy, I know that there is no greater joy than watching a child experience Walt Disney World.  I feel blessed and proud that I have  built a business that allows me to help so many people enjoy this wonderful place.  I couldn’t ask for a better “profession” than to assist guests in making memories that  will last a lifetime.

How can people contact you if they are interested?

Please visit my website at www.WDWGuidedTours.com for more information.  You can click on the WDW Guided Tours logo on the right side of this blog to go directly to  the website.  You can email me at info@WDWGuidedTours.com with any questions or to book a tour.  You can also call 475-227-4444.

****  I would like to thank Amy and Craig Petermann for featuring WDW Guided Tours on The Relocated Tourist.  They have been very encouraging to me and my family as I  have developed this business over the past year.  They have also been an inspiration to me, proving that anything is possible when you take that leap of faith!  The   Petermanns are good people and I’m proud to call them my friends.

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4 responses to “WDW Guided Tours

  1. That is pretty awesome, its great to be able to what you are passionate about. i love to photograph, it would be my dream to follow familys around and take their photos of their magical memories in Disney or other parks, i just dont think Disney would allow it…

  2. Dream job, indeed! And it sounds like you give your own dose of Disney magic – taking photos, holding valuables while they’re on a ride, interspersing Disney trivia along the way. Sounds divine!

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