State Farm Insurance in Champion’s Gate right off I4. We transferred our auto insurance with State Farm from SC to Florida and our insurance on a brand new Chevy Equinox more than doubled! Be prepared. The people at this office are very friendly and helpful. We asked about renters insurance and they do not offer it anymore(thanks 2005 hurricane season). I did pick up a small life insurance policy for myself as well. ~Libby Pennell

Plumber- Bob in Davenport 863-258-2218. ~Debra Carlage

Painter- Ben McAttee in Celebration 407-259-7511  Pays attention to detail. ~Debra C.

Callis Roofing 321-441-2300  Fixed our roof when others had failed. ~Debra Carlage

AC repair- Air Temp  Celebration 321-559-1030 Wonderful.  ~Debra Carlage

Realtor Marge Hooper Celebration 407-748-8800  Great realtor ~Debra Carlage

Exquisite Lawn Care 407-719-5944  Great! ~Debra Carlage

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