Our Newsletter “TRT Weekly”

Good day everyone! I wanted to share with all of our readers that for the first time, we are sending out a newsletter, “TRT Weekly,” each week to keep YOU in the know about The Relocated Tourist blog. 

What will it have? Everything YOU need to know about what happened in our world during said week.  We will have updates, links to all the blog posts you may have missed that week, our featured Travel Agent and Friday Friend, as well as relocation tips! We will also share our Disney adventures that week and what we have experienced in the Parks as well.

Each Newsletter will be in EMAIL format, and will go out once a week, every Sunday evening.

If you are a fan, a reader, a friend, or you just simply don’t have time to read every day… this is a great way to stay in touch with us and know what is happening in the world of TRT. Want to sign up? Email me at amy@therelocatedtourist.com and I will add you to our fan list and get you a newsletter ASAP.  Thanks to all who have signed up already, and I look forward to seeing the newsletter grow. God bless your day!

2 responses to “Our Newsletter “TRT Weekly”

  1. Hi Guys,

    Just stumbled upon your blog! My husband and I came super close to moving from Pennsylvania to Florida in June 2011. Sadly, we chickened out… We had good reason to but it still stings to know we were 2 weeks away from making the move and it didn’t pan out. Here we are nearly a year later and considering the move again! Your blog has inspired to put aside our fears and follow our dreams. The blog is amazing and I wish I knew about back when we were planning to move the first time. Love the blog… keep it coming, always looking forward to the new entries!

    All the best,

  2. Hi Amy
    My son, former high school classmate of yours, directed me to your outstanding site as a great example of blogging. I’m considering starting one but am clueless. Can you direct me to a good place to begin? Thank you for any help you can give me.
    All blessings,

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