Year In Review Video

So I had this crazy idea about 2 months ago to make this tribute as not only a living scrapbook for our family, but a thank you to all the friends and loved ones that made our year so incredibly magical.

On a very personal note…you will never know what each have you have done to my heart. It almost takes the friends that have hurt you to remind you of all the wonderful ones that are standing behind you, with arms always open wide. I know that I have only met some of you, some are to come, and some I may never meet- but the IMPACT you have had on me and my family you will NEVER KNOW. I love you and I hope that this video does  justice of how we feel about you, our lives here, and what family truly means to us.

Enjoy our 2011/2012 Year and PLEASE let me know what you think!! Also, we have decided we WILL be be making another video for the 2012/13 year, so if you would like to be a part of it, contact me at to set up a meet.


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