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The Rain, Rain, Rain Came Down, Down, Down

Your trip is finally here…what you have been counting down to for what seems like forever. You head into the parks with a huge smile on your face, and then you feel something wet hit your cheek. One drop after another, and you can’t tell if these are happy tears or if the sky is opening up. Yup, the sky is opening up and you feel like all of your plans are ruined. Have no fear-Carl and Ellie are here! Let us talk you through how to handle the unexpected from Mother Nature herself.

First, let’s talk forecasts you check before leaving home. I have heard so many times on forums “It says rain all week for my vacation…what will we do?”  No need for a Disney freak out. The rain in FL usually passes quickly and is an invited guest on those hot days.

On those days that you happen to see Tigger and Pooh floating by in their umbrellas, take cover inside places where you can spend some serious drying out time or invest in the ever famous WDW poncho.  (Side note-I know you can get ponchos at the dollar stores, but keep in mind they are as thin as saran wrap, so if you get caught in heavy rain, you will get wet)  Some of our favorite areas to escape the rain is the Animation Building at DHS, Mousegears in Epcot, and the Main Street Emporium in MK. We also LOVE to take a ride in the monorail from Epcot to MK and back in the rain…relaxing and always a great view.

If you wake up to a rainy day, and you can spare the day, we suggest finding things to do in your room, Resort lobby, or take a drive to DTD for some shopping.  Finding things to do with the kids in the room can be challenging, so we find that bringing familiar toys and coloring books from home keeps the little hands busy.  Each Disney room also plays the Disney channel and the Disney Parks channels- plan your next day or afternoon by watching these with your family to keep the blues away.

Then there is the heat to deal with. Of course there is, it’s Florida. But some, we have seen first hand, were not prepared for the humidity.  We have followed these steps to keep cool and sane.

  • Wear clothing light in color-the darker the color, the warmer you will be.
  • Keep it light cotton and fabric that breathes..denim is the devil. LOL
  • Hats to keep the head from getting sun burned, and to help the eyes as well.
  • Sunglasses for the eyes at all times-that FL sun is bright!
  • Take as many breaks needed in air conditioned stores and attractions.
  • Drink as much water as possible-carbonated beverages will make you feel sluggish and tired.
  • Use paper towels in restrooms to wet down with cold water to cool off the back of your neck and/or forehead.
  • Spray fans can be purchased inside and out of the park-keep in mind the larger the fan, the more you have to carry.
  • Take off back packs often to give your back a break from sweat and tension.
  • Keep hair up and off the shoulders.
  • Have children shaded as much as possible-overheated children are incredibly cranky and are a hard sell on staying any longer in the parks.
  • Kids who are just miserable in the heat should be taken back to the resort for a cool down swim or shower and a possible nap-there is always park time left later in the day.
  • For serious overheating, each park has a First-Aid Station. Contact the nearest Cast Member for the location and help getting to it.

As far as hurricanes and other larger storms, take the normal precautions. Stay in tune with weather sites, contact your Disney Resort with concerns, and know your plan of attack if you are faced with such weather. Go over your package to see if you have insurance and what it all covers, along with rental car agreements and your job situation if you indeed get stuck there.

No matter what the weather may be, remember the most miserable weather at WDW is still better than the best day at work. Keep smiling everyone, and thanks for reading!

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