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Lots of Sales Equal Happy Trails

Did you ever think that all the extra stuff lying around the house could equal some serious cash to start off your Walt Disney World vacation?  Well, we did. We are here to tell you the ins and outs of having your own garage sale, and how to keep the Disney magic alive and well during your sale. Shall we?

First off, it starts with a spark. Because of our impending move in 2012, our thought process was to get rid of as much as possible now so when the move date comes, we won’t have as much to get rid of. Now,  we are being realistic…2012 is 2 years away and lots of time to gain more “things” so we know this isn’t an exact science, but we are giving it the good old college try.

We have spent the last 2 weeks cleaning out the house. Every day we would tackle a new room in the house and go through each cabinet and closet.  Once we got going, it was like a drug, we couldn’t stop!  We felt so good getting rid of stuff that it fueled our energy to find more.  We boxed all of the items up and stacked them in the garage, then got the tables we needed next.

We arranged the tables around the inside walls, then six tables down the middle of the garage.  We covered the tables that were dirty with table cloths, the rest we left as they were.  We organized the clothes to be down the center tables, then one section for household items, one for craft supplies, one for movies,  one for breakables, one for toys, and one for miscellaneous. We made signs over each table so items would be easy to locate for those looking for something specific.

Once the tables were up, and the stuff was out, we marked a certain section after work each night.  Now marking in itself can be a chore, so take it in small bites.  Also, a word of advice:  What you originally paid for your said item, you will most likely get 25% its value at a yard sale, if not less.  Our plan was to sell in bulk to make a profit while making things move.  We priced all of the clothing 50 cents each with a large sign over each table, saving the time of marking each and every one.  This same concept can also be used on other large quantities of items such as books, movies, shoes, and bags.

We advertised in our local paper, keeping it simple with a couple of key points.  The address, time, day, and certain items we wanted to highlight were all we put in.  Check with your local paper for specials or sales on your certain ad.

Make your signs on bright-colored paper, keeping it again VERY simple. Someone driving past has no time to stop and read your novel- write down your address, time, and day and add an arrow so they know where to turn.  Signs should be stable and a couple of feet above the ground for easier viewing from vehicles. Signs that are on the  ground are easily covered by other cars passing by, and signs too high tend to fall over from being too top-heavy.

We involved our kids, and our youngest especially wanted her own snack table. She and Carl baked cupcakes with Wall-E wrappers on them to sell so she could make her own money for a hamster.  We bought soda and bottled water to sell, as we have found going to rummage sales that it’s nice to enjoy a cold Diet Coke while shopping at one.

Once the day was here, we got up extremely early to prepare the sale for our potential buyers.  We pulled everything out of the middle of the garage and lined the driveway. We always make sure to park our cars on the road to make room in our driveway, plus it makes it look like we have customers at our sale.

So how can you add the Disney touch to your garage sale?  We set the mood at the garage sale by playing our Ipod touch in its docking station on Mouseworld Radio and other Disney stations.  We saved our Disney shopping bags from past trips, and used them to bag up our customers purchases.  Our family all wore bright Disney shirts so that people would know who to ask for any assistance needed.   We let our buyers know that the money was going towards our next Disney trip, which always brought smiles.  We ran out of time,  but we had planned to make Mickey cookies to sell as well.

After a long day, we made enough for a down payment on our next trip. We decided on All-Star Movies, preferred Toy Story section, with tickets and table service dining.  We booked all of our dining today, and are now 147 and some odd days away from heading back.  We hope to get to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, and we are excited to enjoy the last days of the Food and Wine Festival.

Thanks for reading, and have a great week!


  1. This is such a great idea! I love how you gave your yard sale that Disney touch. I hope you and your family have a great time.


  2. Love this idea – wish I’d thought of it. I wanted a job in hand before I moved & was starting to think it wouldn’t happen unless I up & moved 1st. An interview came up unexpectedly & I moved within 2 wks – not enough time to have a yard sale – it was all I could do to box everything for my brothers to send after me. Drove down with family, pets & all the clothes & personal items we could fit in the trunk! Scary, exciting but I wouldn’t change a thing!


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