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De-Stressing with Disney

So I had one of those days today – a horrible day at work with a boss who just doesn’t get it. I know many people right now who are unemployed, dealing with ailing loved ones or themselves, and/or dealing with just the in’s and out’s of life.  YOU are the people I am talking to, which I feel most everyone has been hit by the hardship stick.  What do you do? How do you let the stress go, Disney style?  Read on to find out how pixie dust helps keep my sanity and will help you keep you yours.

Now, you may not have plans to move to Florida in 2012 like we do, BUT creating a goal for yourself that takes you to your happy place is certainly healthy for your peace of mind and soul.  The goal can be small or large, but don’t let anything get in the way of it. Plan a Walt Disney World vacation on paper or online and save it. You may not have the money for it yet, but having the idea will keep a smile on your face.  Every time you feel that stress coming on, think of all the fun things you are going to do on that trip.  On a personal note, Carl and I talk about our moving plans almost every single day. We walk 3-6 miles a day, and talk about all of the new experiences we are going to have in 2 years.  This walk was instrumental in healing my heart after my boss had ripped it out – thank you Carl.

I haven’t figured out what they put in the Disney Theme Park music that makes it soooo good, but I feel it could calm the fiercest beast on the planet. From a bad morning, or a crazy day, nothing can calm me more than Epcot Theme Park music. The start of “Soarin” is like the first sip of a Diet Coke or putting your sore feet up after walking all day.  So the next time you feel your pulse rising, grab you Ipod or Disney CD and throw on your favorite song – you will be thankful you did.

Another fun way to de-stress Disney style is to watch your favorite Disney Animated movie. How can you NOT smile and relax when Ariel is singing or when Gaston is puffing out his chest? I dare you not too! Our family is pretty obsessed with “Meet the Robinsons.” We always seem to be in a better mood after watching it, and seem to be very appreciative of each other as well.  Not only will the stress melt away, but it will be replaced with inspiration – give it a try!

Retail therapy is exactly that – therapy. It works the same for Disney fans, on and offline.  If you are one of the lucky ones to have a Disney Store in your area, take a ride over and enjoy the sights and sounds of the store. If not, go to the Disney Store online and enjoy looking at all of the deals – treat yourself to something fun and keep that feeling of joy until it finally ships to your home.

Last but not least, when I am bummed, I enjoy looking at scrapbooks and Disney pictures online.  I love to switch up my background on my lap top to some new Disney image – it’s always nice to see it when I turn my computer on. Surround yourself in Disney pictures that make you happy – hang your favorite in the bathroom to see as you brush your teeth or on the fridge when you go to grab a soda.  We recently created a bulletin board in our hallway devoted ONLY to our next Disney vacation. Here we pin-up our ADR’s, Disney mail, and anything else for the trip. We each pass it every day, and it always makes us happy to know it’s eventually coming in November.

I hope this has helped you find a way to de-stress, Disney style, and to find peace in the pixie dust. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend – thanks to all who have served.


  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! I do the Disney music all the time when things are stressful at work and it always makes it better! I think there is pixie dust mixed in with those notes!! 😉
    The movies work too! I remember one Saturday I was having such a rotten day and just wanted to dissappear, you know what I mean? Well it was just my luck that the Disney channel was having a movie marathon that night and I was better in no time!
    I am going to pin up my ADRs for September tomorrow!!
    Happy Memorial Day weekend to you too! and yes, Thank You all who’ve served!


  2. We did the Florida move 3 years ago. WDW is 1hour 40 minutes away. We go at least once (- july & august-too hot) Try to stay over every 3 months and that’s a lot easier since we got a time share at Bonnet Creek. We have little stress since retirement, but WDW washes that away every trip


  3. love this- I’ve been destressing with Disney all my life. When my guests ask me what made me move to FL, I answer that I spent the 1st 50 in my hometown & the next 50 will be here with Mickey et al. If I don’t find a place I like better (I doubt I could) I’ll be spending the next 50 after that here also!


  4. Amen!!! I feel the same way! No matter how far away our next Disney vacation is, it just makes me happy to think about it. Listening to the music played at the parks makes my heart happy! And, sometimes I even call the hotline to see what yummy confections they are making that day and my mood is automatically lifted! Thanks for sharing and have a great Memorial Day weekend!

    :0) Terri from Texas


  5. Great post! There are many times we put on the Disney Music just to take us away! We also like to think about where we would eat if we were there right now.


  6. I thought I’d share a resource I’ve enjoyed for years now that wasn’t mentioned here (and I apologize for it being so long after the original post!)

    Subsonic Radio has gotten me through many, many hours of need for a Disney pick-me-up. Their selection covers park music (spanning back decades to include now-extinct attractions up to the very latest audio tracks and ride throughs) and general audio (the monorail soundtracks, live shows, the resort TV tracks — all the great “ambiance” that we associate with the joy of being on a Disney vacation).

    All of it absolutely free and streamable through Windows Media Player, iTunes, or anything else that support Winamp-style playlists.

    It’s a daily listen for me!


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