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A word from ‘Belle’…

I’m Belle, the 16 year-old daughter of Carl and Ellie. My name isn’t really Belle, but for the sake of our anonymity that’s what I decided to call myself. As soon as my parents shared the idea of the blog with my sister and me, I was enthralled. I love writing, so I asked if I would be able to post something and they happily said yes. So here I am, 3 months after the blog has started and I’m FINALLY writing.

I absolutely love Disney World. Mom and Dad first took me when I was 5 years old. I still remember the first character I met- Meeko the raccoon from Pocahontas. From then on every time we take a trip down to Florida I get so excited. I have been to Disney World 5 times now when some of my best friends have never had the pleasure to go there at all, so I consider myself more than lucky. My favorite ride is test track and my favorite park is Epcot, I love everything in that park. I can’t say who my favorite character is to meet in the parks, but I can definitely say that my favorite princess will always be Belle, hence the name I chose. I find a lot of myself in her, what with the dramatic tendencies and having her nose buried in a book ninety percent of the time. Those were just a few things I’d let you know about myself relating to Disney, but I could probably go on forever if you asked me more.

Moving down to Florida is something I’ve always thought about, college wise, but moving away from my family always made me reluctant to the idea. Then the idea came that the whole family could go down with me in 2012 and everything just kind of fell into place. So now I’m searching with my dad for good animation colleges within an hour of Orlando (of course) and recently we’ve come across a great looking college called Ringling.

It’s my dream to work with Pixar someday, and from the point of eighth grade up to now, I’ve been working hard to get classes and the learning experience necessary to get a good scholarship for Ringling in the future because that school tuition is big bucks. I go to a charter school for arts in high school and I’m getting a great education in drawing and art history and I’m so glad I got the opportunity to join. A favorite teacher of mine is going to work with me and a few other people on gathering up a portfolio to show off to admissions directors at art college fairs and so forth. A few admissions directors even take time out of their busy schedule to visit our class and help us out one on one, so I’m definitely excited for next school year. The next trip our family takes to Florida will be sometime in the fall after my birthday, so when we go, dad and I are going to drive to Sarasota and check out Ringling for ourselves.

I’m looking into maybe having a part-time job at Disney when we move in the summer in 2012. I’m not sure what job I would apply for, but as long as it’s at Disney I think I could care less what it is I’m doing. So if anyone has any history at Ringling or Full Sail and wants to talk about it, I’m all ears. Any kind of insight into these schools is more than helpful, and will be appreciated tenfold!

Belle Peters


  1. Belle,
    I think it is so awesome that you are considering Ringling as your college choice. It’s in my hometown, Sarasota, and it’s absolutely gorgeous! You will have to write a post about your thoughts after the college visit. Be sure to check out the Ringling Museum while you’re there, and if you have time, take a trip to Siesta Beach — it’s unlike any other beach in the world because it has the whitest, smoothest sand!


  2. I know a young man who will be graduating from Full Sail this summer. He has absolutely loved every moment of it. His desire is to get a job in filming and since he has been there he has fallen in love with documentaries. Which was a big surprise! It’s been a lot of work because their classes are ALL the time during a semester and then they get a short break in between each one. I mean they have classes on weekends, Saturday nights, Sundays…it is different than a regular college. He has always been very busy but he is very glad he went to Full Sail.


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