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Say it with me…Two Years…Two Years!

Hello everyone! Well, we are officially at the two year mark today for myself, Belle, and Jessie. Carl will hopefully be there many months before this date, but that is for the good Lord to decide.  Tonight we dedicate this blog to the hundreds of you out there who want to move, who are planning to move, or just dream of moving near the Mouse…this one is for you!

Do you want to hear something funny? When I woke up this morning and turned to look at my darling husband, I didn’t say “Hello” or “Good Morning”- I said “Should we use that Monster Pin Code for our November trip?” Yes, we have got it bad.  That right there is a pure example of why we are prime candidates to move closer to the magic.

Two Years. Wow. I don’t know if I want to cry or smile.  It seems so far away at times, and at others, it feels like it’s just around the corner. It is this awesome thing to have this GIGANTIC goal you are working towards, but scary and a bit nerve wracking when we know how much lies between us and 2012.  Belle has two years of High School left that she is working through towards her college goals, while Jessie is working through tough Elementary school years.  Meanwhile, Carl just started a new job and I continue with mine.

We continue to look at Windermere for relocating to for at least 2012.  It seems like a wonderful area, and Carl will check out the apartments this November. The plans of selling it all and moving down only with the essentials, to buy everything when we move in, is still on the table.  Basically, we know when we want to move, how we want to move, now we just sit and wait until the calendar turns to 2012.

We are trying to make the most of our time here, visiting the sites of WI that we love or haven’t seen before.  It’s never too long though before someone speaks up with the phrase  “Well when we move to FL…” and we all get really chatty and excited.  I know that I will miss my friends and family, especially my mom.  We are close, but thankfully she has my step-dad and they are enjoying their retirement.  I have taken into consideration that I will have to find a new church home, a new grocery store, and a new place to hang out with my friends.  The old will be just that, the old.

The new? Do you have time to read? LOL! The new will replace what we will miss here in WI.  Now, I know some of you are thinking “Easier said than done.”  I can’t replace the people I love here, and I don’t plan to. But I DO plan on making some fantastic Disney and otherwise friendships in Florida.  Yes, I will miss my job here. But the fact remains, I am not in a position that will be “moving up the ladder.” It is what it is, and right now, it’s a step in achieving my dreams of living in FL.

We hear a lot “Won’t you miss (BLANK) when you move to FL?”  Of course I will, but life is meant to be an adventure! The beauty of facebook and other social media is that we can keep in contact with all of our friends here every single day if we choose.  To Carl and I, Florida *IS* the next chapter in our lives.  We see ourselves sitting at Food and Wine with friends like Judy and Stephen, or catching a late dinner at California Grill with Lou Mongello.  The possibilities are endless to us, whereas here, not as much.

We know that we will look back on these days and wonder why we stressed or fretted or even bothered counting because they came and went, but it always seems to be a lot slower when you are living those seconds passing.  We look forward to all of the wonderful memories we will be making over the next two years, and we thank ALL of you for hanging out with us for the ride.

So raise your Dole Whips high, and let’s toast to the day, two years from now, when we will be pulling out of our driveway in WI and heading to our home in FL. Cheers!


  1. Good for you! That’s exactly what hubby & I did 12 years ago. Packed up & moved from NY to Orlando just to be near the Mouse House


  2. I grew up in Florida and I can not wait to get back to Florida. I miss it. I live in Arkansas now and have to stay longer to finish my college and take care of mom but I will be back. I also use to work for Disney and it is a great place to work.


  3. Thank you for this. My family and I keep vascilating on moving to Orlando. We hate the winter where we are and love Disney, but when summer rolls around and I look at my friends I change my mind again. In our process of deciding it’s nice to hear your thoughts on moving, and your excitement!


  4. You have inspired me! I have been thinking about relocating to the Orlando area for some time now, but always saw it as a distant dream… but after reading your blog I am going to make it a goal. I’m actually going to dedicate part of my blog to my future plans! Keep writing so I can keep working toward my goal!


    • Thanks for the comment! I really hope we can provide you with some inspiration. I know I myself have been inspired by so many other people who have done exactly what we want to do – following their dreams and moving to Florida.

      We are going to spend the next months talking about how and why we love Disney, but will sprinkle in topics more related to our relocation. Once next year rolls around (2011) we will be spending much more time talking about the planning and details going into the move.

      Glad to have you along for the journey!


  5. I was wondering, when you first decided you were going to/wanted to move to Florida, what was the first thing you did to prepare/start your planning?


    • We started officially planning last August 2009. I had been thinking about it for a year or two before then, and would drop a hint or two every once and a while to ‘Ellie’… In August, while on our daily walk, we both finally agreed that we just really need to be in Florida.

      I had been watching jobs in Florida for about a year or two already – I get an email once a week from an IT recruiting website saying what IT related jobs are available in Florida. Other than that – I really started to look at the communities around Walt Disney World (Kissimmee, Windermere) I have found about a dozen apartments that are within a 5 mile radius of WDW, and will really spend some time looking into each of them a little more and will visit some of them on our next vacation at the end of the year. For at least the first year or two, we really want to be close to WDW (I would personally like to be so close I can hear the fireworks…there is at least one apartment complex that is across the street from Cast Member parking on the back end of MK!) Once we are there for a while, and we are comfortable with the area a little more, we might decide to buy a house that is a little further away (Maybe 10 miles…?!) I have also spent some time looking at the schools that are in the area. (Middle and high school)

      I have also bookmarked many websites regarding relocation to FL (Since there is such a high relocation rate, there are many, many sites out there)

      We have also set a savings goal for what we think we will need as far as relocation costs, new furniture, etc. (We plan on selling most everything we have here)

      I must say that most of my information is a little cluttered right now. Once I get it a little more organized in the next few months, I plan to add a page to the site that has some organized information on relocation to FL.

      Hope that helps!


  6. That helps a lot! Thank you! My boyfriend and I have talked about moving there in a few years once we have finished some more classes. I love to plan as much as I can and I had no idea where to start. We just put a bid in on a house here in Chicago (great prices with the way the market it) and would like to make a profit on it before we end up moving. But like I said, I want to plan this out so we are prepared! Would you mind sharing some of those websites? I think the biggest struggle will be finding good jobs. I am a pastry chef and he does deconstruction work.


  7. Wow, we talk about it from time to time, I don’t know if we could move our son just yet, he’s going into 10th grade. Maybe we’ll have to look at a three year plan! LOL. Congrats on 2 years left- have a Magical Day!


  8. I love reading your blog,, you have a lovely family, and i enjoy hearing their views on your big move. My husband Dan and I often talk about moving to our “dream”, I work with mr/mh people in a group home, they are wonderful people, my ideal job at Disney would be working at helping handicapped people enjoy their time there, Our 13 year old grandson, lives with us, so we cant move till he 5 years,, but will be watching, and learning with you. thank you for writing your blog Kathy


  9. My husband and I planned our “escape” to Florida twelve years ago. No one would believe us that we were moving to be near Disney World but that is really the truth. We were also glad to get more sunshine. We were living in Portland Oregon, which, I have to say, is one of the best places in the United States to live. But, it is grey and gloomy in the winter. We bought a house in Celebration FL, which was Disney’s planned community right outside of Disney World. We rented it out these past twelve years and just retired and moved here in April. We are in heaven! I would recommend Celebration as a town to check out for all you who are researching the move at this time. The schools are great, it is a small town, and it is super close to Disney World!


  10. Wow!! I am so happy for you and your family. I would love to relocate to FL from PA. We love the Mouse and I love the weather there. I cant stand cold winters and its getting to me more and more. I think 3 major hurdles for us is finding a dr to work in regards to the rare sleep disorder my daughter has (KLS) 2. selling our home for what its worth and then theres the employment opps for hubby. He would love to work for the Mouse tho so therefore I keep looking and hoping. I think hes having trouble with actually moving away from what he calls home…it took me awhile to get him to move out of the big city to a suburb area w.better schools etc. i will have to work on him some..But enough about me!!!!
    CONGRATS and you will see how quickly time flies. Before you know it you will be picking out your new decor. I once lived on the coastline of Ga and Fl border and TOTALLY loved it. I love the beach too and wish I never had to move back home but I wa still young and had an infant so..I had to do what any mother would. As far as communities go look into the Lakeland are which is about 40min from WDW and Winter Park i believe it is is suppose to be nice too. A friend raves about Lakeland. Anyway GOOD LUCK and I look forward to hearing more about you upcoming venture. (((HUGS)))


  11. I will say this, as someone who has moved a lot (I’ve lived in 6 different states since I turned 20, I’m now 31), it is very hard to leave those behind that you love and hard to find new friends (that you can trust and are going to be “true” friends) when you move, and you will be homesick for friends and family but like you said, with Facebook, cellphones, instant messaging, Skype, it’s easier than ever to stay in touch with them.

    My husband and I are planning on moving once or twice more before actually settling down “for good” somewhere…as a matter of fact, we’ve been recently discussing moving again (I’m pulling for FL, he’s willing to compromise with GA) in the near future. Ultimately, we’d like to move before our daughter starts school, or only a few years into school.

    Good luck with your moving plans!


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