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And now, a word from ‘Jessie’…

Hello. My name is Jessie Peters. This is my point of view of Disney world and why I love it. I love Disney world a lot. I am happy that it is like a kid’s dream to go there and ride “It’s a small world” or “Splash mountain”. When I am there it is like I am 5 years old again! Now that I am 10 years old it feels different! I have almost rid on all the rides but what is weird is that I am not sick of them at all! Once I ride “Soarin” I feel like I want to ride it more than I ever wanted! When I was about 5 or 6 years old I was terrified with Soarin and almost all of the other rides! I usually spend my day meeting Disney people or going hidden Mickey hunting in the parks. I love going there every year and meeting new characters in every park. Once I am there I never want to leave. My favorite moment of the day is at Magic kingdom almost at night-time. That is when my favorite fireworks show goes on! It is called “Wishes”. That is it for why I love Disney. But stay here and read about how I feel about moving from Wisconsin to Florida.

How I feel about moving is emotional, exciting and happy. When I go visit Florida I just want to stand in the middle and smell the wet rain from there. When I wake up I want to feel that I am inches away from the exciting park “Disney world”. It is warm almost every morning and instead of having “snowed out days” we could have “too hot days!” It feels wonderful having a life in Florida. When I have kids I want them to love it there as much as I do. I love the “Relocated Tourist” and I am glad to be a part of the site! One time when Mom and Dad took me to Florida I was so excited and when we had to leave I must have been mad for days! Thank you for reading my stories! Bye for now!

Jessie Peters


  1. I love all the rides as well. I have never been tired nd I have been there everyday fo a summer and fall semester. You will have a ball.


  2. Very well written, Jesse. When next you are here, I hope I get to say hello. I “live” at Panchitos in Coronado Springs Resort! I relocated here in Sept 2003 & have never regretted it. My daughter has been into horses since she was 11. She was 23 when I moved but she moved with me so that she could go to WDW whenever she wanted & ride her horse without worrying about snow. We do get rain (everyday in the summer) but it usually doesn’t last long. It’s the same with the heat – June, July & August can get very hot sometimes but the rest of the year, it’s gorgeous. We do get cold in January but, again, it usually doesn’t last long.


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