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A surprise trip to Walt Disney World in 2005

Hello readers, it’s Belle again! I was thinking about what to write a couple of days ago and I remembered that I wanted to share with you one of my favorite family trips to Disney World. It was in December of 2005, and Jessie was five years old and I was twelve. The thing about this trip starting out was that my sister and I had no idea we were going to Disney World. We had packed up our suitcases and mom and dad told us that we were headed for my uncle’s house, who lives in Minnesota. We picked up mom at 10pm, and Jessie and I were all camped out in the van ready to snooze away the road. Through the night I would wake up sporadically (I don’t sleep very well in cars) and watch the road signs go by. There were a few that puzzled me like…hmm I wonder why we just passed a sign that says “Chicago 10 miles.” but it didn’t really phase me much due to being half asleep. I remember waking up that morning with my sister in the van, still driving, and it was around 6 in the morning. I asked “when will we be at Uncle’s house?” and I think it was mom who said “Oh, I don’t know, six hours?” and Jessie and I would moan. I was extremely confused at this point, knowing that Minnesota wasn’t THAT far away, complaining that we had driven all night and that we should already be there. Mom and dad exchanged glances that I hadn’t caught on to.

We stopped at McDonald’s to eat around 7am, and we were all ready to stand and walk off the long hours of sitting still. I remember walking into McDonald’s and seeing a bunch of guys in the corner (no joke) in cowboy hats and boots, all talking in a southern accent. They gave us a funny look and I didn’t really care. What my sister and I didn’t know was that while we thought we were in Minnesota just outside of my Uncle’s city, we were smack in the middle of Kentucky.

We sat down in a corner booth and mom and dad looked like they were about to jump out of their skin to tell us something. So they pull out these two boxes wrapped in Christmas paper and tell us to open them up. We’re confused but too excited to care because AHH IT’S PRESENT TIME! We ripped open the presents and opened up the box to be…even more confused. I pulled out a lanyard (a Disney one of course) which I had already owned, a Disney pen that was brand new (hooray new pen?) and a few other Disney things we had already owned. Jessie acted excited anyways, and it was adorable because she was so little, and mom was looking at me expectantly waiting for me to come to a conclusion of some sort. I just stared back, grinning. Mom had then said “girls, we’re not going to Minnesota…we’re going to Disney World!”

This was my reaction: “YES! OH MY GOSH REALLY? YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!” more screaming and happiness. This was Jessie’s reaction: tears well up in her eyes and she says in her little voice “we’re not going to the Disney store??” (We were planning on going to the Mall of America while visiting my uncle to visit the one Disney store they had there and Jessie really wanted to go!) so we all start cracking up and my parents tell her “it’s okay Jessie, we’re going to a BIG Disney Store!”. She finally giggled and got excited.

On the way down, at every stop they gave us a cool Disney coloring book or some more awesome pens or a stuffed animal. It was an amazing trip down, and yes, my sister and I did get a little car sick, but we had never driven this long before and it was something else. When we finally got to Disney it was in the early morning hours, and all of our exhaustion just evaporated seeing the big Disney sign. When we got to our room at the All Star Movies resort (we had the 101 Dalmatians section) we found it to be already…occupied? Yes, there were shoes in the room and a coat hung on the door and it smelled strongly of nail polish. So confused we all headed back to the main office and told them about the room and we got a new one. It was surprisingly chilly out at the time, but again, we were too excited to care.

Our trip as a whole was unforgettable, we didn’t see the Christmas party, but we did get to see the Osborne lights at Hollywood Studios, and it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, complete with snow falling on our heads. I know I will never forget that trip, just because it was so much fun getting there and even more fun experiencing new things with my family.

~ Belle Peters


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