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I Know Every Mile Will Be Worth My While

I’m a thinker…it’s just who I am. I like to think about the past, the present, and the future.  I’m also the type that can either brush it off one day, or worry about every detail the next…again, it’s just who I am.  When Carl and I came up with relocating, we went through every scenario imaginable on what would or could work, and what just wouldn’t fly at all.  So what does a Disney fan do when they are handed lemons in life?

They throw them aside and order up a Dole Whip! Our “DW” moment came last week Friday when Carl lost his job.  The economy plus other things out of our control have brought us to an interesting point – now what?

We gave the weekend to think on it, and as we vacationed by family, we talked often of our good friends Judy and Stephen.  They have JUST realized their relocation dreams to FL and have safely made it to the great state. As we went on our daily walk, and it rained on us on an early Sunday morning, the excitement just grew.  What if we left at the end of this summer? Could we pull it off?

Carl is now in the position again of having to find a job, and there is a lot more opportunity for his line of work in FL.  I have made an agreement with him that if he finds a great job he can count on in FL, we will have no problem moving.

The only monkey wrench is our daughter, Belle. She just finished her sophomore year of High School and would be really hurt by this move.  We have tried to explain that we need to find Dad work soon, and the plans of moving to FL are inevitable, it would just be MUCH sooner.  The pros for her is that she would have 2 years in a new High School to make friends that may go on to college with her, and she would get to know the colleges in the area before taking the plunge in 2012.  If any of you had to move with teenage kids, we would love your help on this one.

Now our little Jessie girl… she is ready to go!  After a rough school year that involved bullying last year, she has had enough.  You would think these days that kids knowing a child has dealt with Cancer is a “hands off” situation… guess not.  She is ready for a new life, and we will do anything to help her out.

So now it comes to me and my job.  I love my job, but it also isn’t going up any ladders, if you know what I mean.  What I do now, I would still be doing 10 years from now, and that isn’t excitement and adventure to me.  Stability is great, boredom not so much.  I plan to apply to be a Cast Member at WDW after we have settled in and have the kids all set up.

Now, again, this is ALL if Carl can find a job in the next month or two. Do you live in FL? Carl is an expert in Information Technology, so please feel free to email us at  if you may have a job opening in your area. We are looking to live near WDW, but Carl has no problem commuting out of the area for work.

We are excited, we are nervous… and the possibility of moving soon has me on the edge of my seat.  We have finally realized that “WE”, with our Lord’s help of course, control our destiny.  We want to live the life we want, and not what others expect of us.  So please keep us in your thoughts and if you know of any IT job leads, we would love to hear them.

“No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing… the dream that you wish, will come true.”    ~Cinderella

Have a most magical day, and don’t forget to listen to our story on the Be Our Guest Podcast today!

~Ellie and Carl Peters~


  1. I moved from NY to Maine with my parents when I was entering my sophomore year of HS. I was really unhappy about it durring the freshman year but I met new friends the very first day in my new school(and I’m pretty shy). Our move was the best decision for my school career. My new school was smaller and more intimate. So yes, changing schools can be difficult, but sometimes it is a blessing in disquise, as it was for me. I say go for it! Sometimes fate has a way of accelerating your decisions. =D

    Losing the job may be the closing of a door but I’d say that your already well plotted out move to Florida is a big ‘ole bay window!


  2. I’m mostly a lurker here, but have been following your story with interest. I just read the news about Carl’s job – no insights – but wanted to let you know that I’m sending pixie dust your way.


  3. I’ve been following your blog from near the beginning…and am a big believer in things happen for a reason. While I am sure it is not ideal that Carl lost his job, there is a bigger plan and I say go with it…this may be God’s way of saying–‘go for it’ 🙂 Best of luck!! Crazy how 2 years could turn into 2 months!


  4. I’ve recently been following your blog. I’m very interested because in about 3 years, I plan to be exactly where you are now.

    Hopefully, my work from home job will still be intact and my SO and I can relocate with only him needing to find work. I’m also waiting for my daughter to graduate high school before we relocate.

    I hope things work out well and am looking forward to your next post.


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