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Faith, Trust, and we need a truckload of Pixie Dust!

I once heard that blogging is good for the soul… that getting your feelings out on paper, or in this case, the World Wide Web, may somehow make whatever you are feeling at that moment make much more sense. Let’s see if that works…

The last blog left our readers hearing that yes, Carl did indeed lose his job.  So since that revelation a week ago, a lot has been happening.  We have been in fast forward mode, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be letting up any time soon.

Carl has been applying at jobs here in WI and also in FL.  What he has found is that our area is still quite stale for jobs, whereas FL has several hundred jobs in his field.  We have learned that unless you LIVE in FL or have some type of residency started most jobs won’t even consider you. Carl has called several recruiters in the Orlando area, and we did get a bite today that has potential for an interview.

We have come to a very serious fork in the road, and every day we talk about what we should do.  Carl has been unemployed off and on for a year now, and has had several bites on jobs, this last one being the one we hoped was “it.”  Once again the economy struck, and Carl was again an unemployed man.  The unemployment benefits will be gone VERY soon and we are at defcon 1.  If we decide to stay in WI, we will most likely have to move anyways. We rent a very nice place, and will not be able to afford it on my job alone. The savings we do have would either sustain our living another month or 2 here, or get us to Florida and start our first month living there.

Carl would love to just get a job and still look, but most of the hourly jobs are going to those who not only have done them before, but they get leary of people like Carl who get paid high for IT and then want to work at Target. They are scared that they will get trained, work a month, get their higher paying job, and bolt. I understand the concept, but it sucks when you are just trying to make a living.

Originally the plan was to have Carl head down to FL with Belle and check things out for a week. Great plan, but it doesn’t make us residents, which is what we need for Carl to get serious interviews and such.  Also the money involved on him driving or flying down, to rent a car, a hotel, and eating could be used better for all of us moving down officially.

It has been a rough week. We are trying to research everything in Orlando, and we do appreciate the support and truths about how tough relocating can be.  We have been over the pros and cons a billion times and we keep coming back to the main point- we need a job to live.

We don’t want to lose the excitement of WHY we want to live in Florida. We want to see this as a great opportunity for change. It’s the stress that is difficult to deal with sometimes.  We are leaving it in the Lord’s hands and if he wants us there, we will be there.

Any tips on schools, jobs, and apartments would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks again to all of our Disney friends and supporters-you make this journey easier.

~ Ellie Peters


  1. You do remain in our prayers daily. I understand the conundrum and have faith that He will show you a sign soon. Keep your spirits up and remember that, although we don’t see it or understand it, He always has a plan that is best for us and Him.



  2. I’m sorry to hear about Carl’s job. Best of luck in the job search!
    We are in the northeast and my husband has been off work since last September. I think we will soon be looking other places and my first choice is to be within driving distance of the World and closer to the grandchildren!
    I always try to remember when one door closes another door will open…..Faith and Trust will take you right where you need to be!


  3. Ellie,
    I’m rooting for you. Sounds like your timeline is changing and it will require a lot of faith. I left my job last month and DH and I also require 2 incomes to keep things the same for our kids.
    I have faith good things will come and the signs to “make a change” would not have been put in my way if God didn’t have a plan B for me.
    Hope the same reveals itself to you all (ASAP).
    Pixie dust to you…


  4. When my daughters friends were looking to relocate, I told her to have them use 1 of our addresses (we didn’t live together @ the time) so that employers would know they were serious & had a place to stay here. It worked, she got her dream job & he has since found work of his own. They lived in a suite hotel till they found their own house. You don’t have to worry about breaking a lease when you find the home you really want to live in! I didn’t have that option when I was looking to move here. It took about 3yrs of looking & the last 1 1/2 really pushing but I landed an interview, drove as it was the fastest way to get here on time & cheap. Arrived in time to freshen up & change into a suit for the interview. That was the luckiest part – they hired me on the spot as a permanent employee (not temp-to-hire as a lot of places do) but the economy starting going down hill & exactly 1 yr later, they needed to cut several staff, including me! Being here helped & it only took 3 mths to find another position but a little over 3yrs later they were changing focus in my dept & mine was 1 of the positions eliminated to make room for something completely different. But it’s a big company & I love them & have been back 2xs as a consultant & trainer. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get back in again as soon as economy picks up. My 3rd full time job didn’t even last a yr. I liked the job but soon found a lot of smoke & mirrors & sadly watched as they let a lot of good people go & then myself & more since. As someone who has worked since the age of 16 & left a really good job of 18 yrs, this has, at times been disheartening. I’m considered overqualified for most jobs that come up. I moved in with my daughter & her family & keep looking while maintaining my Disney position. Do not be disheartened about not getting hired anywhere. Even if you go to Disney (or anywhere else) as part time (or full time, if it’s available) you can still look for other work. I work with people from all walks of life. Some have made Disney their “career” while others have been teachers, nurses etc in their past lives. There are places where you are not discriminated against because you’ve commanded a higher salery in the past. I now make 1/3 what I made before but I am happier. Money can be tight at times but I know a job in my field will open up eventually. Keep the faith & know that with family & friends by your side, it’ll all work out!


  5. Ellie and Carl – Found your website because I am an avid listenter to WDWtoday podcast. I am a minister, was a youth pastor for 21 years and had my ministry taken from me by a new head pastor who came in and thought I was too old and did not like me…this was a large church and our youth group had 200 kids in it. I am currently in a MUCH smaller church doing music and education in the same community, which has been tough, but we know God provided this job so that our middle daughter could finish high school, which she has done now. My current church only has salary to pay me for one year, and that year willl be up in August…so, we too, are living by faith and I continue to see the Lord’ next step for us. Of course I am a HUGE Disney fan, and would love to live in Orlando one day…we also have a 22 year old daughter in college in Alabama, as well as an 11 year old daughter. My wife is wonderful, and thank God, has a good job, but we still need 2 incomes. SO…I can relate somewhat to what you are experiencing. There is not an easy answer, but if you are ready to leave Wisconsin, then keep putting your focus towards going to Orlando. Wish I had some job contacts for you, but I do not. I will keep you in prayer, and just know that things like this happen to everyone, even those in ministry. I want God to make a message out of my mess! There are no easy answers, just keep pressing on, keep applying and most of all KEEP BELIEVING!


  6. Sorry, it was the beourguest podcast that I heard you on…I listen to so many I could not remember which one!!


  7. I heard your show on BOGP and immediately subscribed to your blog! My husband and I have talked about moving to FL (currently in CT) and I was excited to hear your story!

    I’m so sorry to hear about Carl’s job, but hopefully this will turn into a good thing. I have experience moving to a new state (NY to CT), but it wasn’t as far as FL. My husband also had trouble getting interviews because we weren’t living in CT. We had a friend in the area of CT we were planning to move to, so he started putting her address on his resume, and he started getting call backs right away! If you don’t have this option, maybe opening a PO Box in the area could help.

    I’m sending you Pixie Dust in hopes this will all work out soon. Keep up the great work with the blog…this is going to be a great resource for a lot of people 🙂


  8. I’ve recently been following your blog. I’m very interested because in about 3 years, I plan to be exactly where you are now.

    Hopefully, my work from home job will still be intact and my SO and I can relocate with only him needing to find work. I’m also waiting for my daughter to graduate high school before we relocate.

    I hope things work out well and am looking forward to your next post.


  9. I have been following your dreams and aspirations since very near the beginning. It is an inspiration; both the smooth patches of sharing the dream and the rough patches of what it takes to make the dream come true. I will continue to keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers as you continue forward.

    I am also struck by the number of comments that include the thoughts of other who share your dream; that of relocating to the Walt Disney World area. As helpful as your “relocation information” tab is, I think it would be wonderful to have someplace where so many like-minded people could chat or message each other. There are bound to be so many questions out there and it would be a way for people who are serious about relocating to share information, resources and information.

    Thank you for what you’re doing and best Wishes! in the days and weeks ahead. And, as Uncle Walt said, “Keep moving forward.”


    • A ‘Chat’ tab is an awesome idea, and is something that we have looked into a little bit. I was hoping to have an option like that available down the road, but it seems like there would be interest in getting that up and running sooner. I will certainly see what I can put together!

      Thanks for the great note!


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