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Let Your Soul Laugh

“When the heart weeps for what it has lost, the soul laughs for what it has found.”
 Giggle away Soul, giggle away!

Well, our souls are giggling. Now, I wish I could say we are packed and ready to leave for Florida next month, but we have decided to stay in WI and keep with the 2012 plan.

What changed our minds? Well, several things. We talked for days and days on the pros and cons of why we should or shouldn’t move.

Why we should move:

  1. Job Opportunity
  2. Our Dream to live near Walt Disney World
  3. Be closer to new friends
  4. Change – letting go of the old.

 Why we shouldn’t move:

  1. Stability
  2. Support System
  3. I would need to quit my job
  4. Change in schools for both kids
  5. Change – relying on the new to sustain us.

To touch upon the above a bit more, why we wanted and still want to move is to live our dreams. Carl has more job opportunity there and less here. To live near Walt Disney World remains our constant dream and goal, and it will always be in the pro category. We would be able to hang out with our good friends Stephen and Judy, who just moved to FL 2 weeks ago.  Before I move on, I want to touch upon these amazing people.  I feel these two pave the way for so many who want to live out their dreams, take a leap of faith, and count on each other and their support system to help them on their journey.  We love them so much, and we are so proud of them.

Now, why we shouldn’t move, as you have read above, encompasses more than that.  We want to be responsible people, and responsible parents.  If we had a guaranteed job there for Carl, it would help.  But as we hear more about how much it takes to start up residency in any of the apartments, the high car insurance rates, and that the schools aren’t always the best, it’s easy to sit back and reevaluate. If it were Carl and I only, we would already be there. We are risk takers, sometimes its pays off, sometimes it doesn’t.  It made sense to risk staying where we know so that if things get really bad, we have family and friends here to help us out, even if it’s in the smallest way.

Our plan will continue to be 2012. Carl will still be looking for a job in January of 2012, and possibly living there awhile to become a resident, making sure that potential employers in FL know that he is serious. Once he has the job, the apartment is next. The girls and I will head down once the apartment is secured, and that way we have time from now until then to save and secure our lives here first.

So until then, keep reading our blog, we will be back to writing about our favorite Disney memories and attractions soon. Sorry for the interruption, but life is like that.  We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog, thanks for reading!

~ Ellie Peters


  1. Keeping fingers crossed & hope school goes well for both of you. As Jesse’ll still be in school, even if you wait till 2012, & you’re concerned with what you’ve heard about schools here you may want to consider home schooling. I would never have considered it before but it’s amazing how many are doing it. My older grandaughter was in daycare, nursery school, pre-K & kindergarten. She left school 1/2 way through 1st grade as we found that it was in her best interests. Her teachers were fantastic, she thrived, had a lot of great friends but unfortunately she stayed ahead of the class, got bored & teachers were frustrated as to how to deal with her (ie: keep her busy & interested). My daughter had her tested & found she was already well into 2nd grade, easily. I pd the on-line tuition for the 1st yr & she still stayed ahead of schedule. Now my daughter orders all the textbooks needed, sets a curriculum, signs her up for field trips (many out there for home schoolers, even WDW has advertised them) and still she thrives. If you go this route, you meet with an accredited teacher, once a yr, to review your child’s work & she must pass a small test/quiz that the teacher may give. This verifies that you’re not just letting the child play hookey.


  2. you don´t have to excuse for an interruption that hasn´t been one. Searching for jobs and making decisions is part of your story of moving to Disney. I do admire your courage as well as your responsibility towards your children. So just keep on living your dream and let us know – we will love to keep on reading! Sunny greetings from a German Disney enthusiast 🙂


  3. Faith and Trust and Pixie Dust.

    Even if you think it was a sign that now was supposed to be the time, it obviously isn’t the right time.
    My Mom says. “Everythng Happens for a reason.” God has your plan and will help you with it. Keep the Faith, Trust in each other and believe inthe Pixie Dust.


  4. for some reason, Heather couldn’t get this to post. As she became a fan thru me, she forwarded to me to see if I could get this through to you: She started @ WDW with me in CP program, transfered to a local college & picked up a job in AK while she & her beau tried to find jobs that would support them 🙂

    Heather McClay July 21 at 10:38pm
    I’m with Marianne, finding a job is difficult, I lucked out while doing the Disney College Program, I was able to look for other jobs and despite my experience and degree in working front desk, I got nothing. And there were tons of openings I either was told; that I was overqualified or no response at all. I am now working as an Asst. Supervisor over at Universal and I am loving it!

    There are jobs down here and there should be more this time next year with talks of the speed rail coming in.
    I love Florida and wouldn’t change moving here for anything.

    But if you are able to apply for positions before moving here, that would be a better deal. My boyfriend looked for work for over 5 months before getting something. And he was applying for anything and everything from retail-sales-food-data entry-state-county jobs. He went to at least 8 job fairs that were more disheartening then anything else.


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