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Oh 2011 will be Disney Heaven…

If you have been following us, you already know that we plan on relocating to Florida. The big news we would like to share is that we are officially moving in June of 2011!! We have moved our plans up a year for a number of reasons, the main one being we just don’t want to miss out anymore.

How did this come to be? Well, we have been painfully back and forth on moving this summer vs. moving in 2012, and then it hit us…2011 was a great compromise, time to save money for the move, each girl gets to spend one more year in the school they know, and its gives Carl time to keep looking for a job here, while I continue to work mine.

The benefits to moving in 2011 are HUGE! For one, Belle will get to spend her senior year living with us in FL and enjoy the time with us in our new state. Two, Jessie gets to start middle school with everyone else starting it in FL, helping her get used to it and not coming in late to it a year later. Three, if by the end of this year Carl still hasn’t found work, the plan is for him to move to FL in April to seek employment and our residency for when we all move down there to join him in June. Moving in June will also give us the entire summer to get acclimated to our new area before school starts in fall.

We have enjoyed trying new things in WI lately too, as this will be our official last summer here. Our next “to do” is get to a Brewers game, visit the Capitol in Madison, visit family, camp in Door County, and we hope to repeat our favorites like the Milwaukee Zoo and the House on the Rock.  We plan on returning to Wisconsin to visit family and friends, and of course I can’t miss the local Renaissance Faire here every summer (although after much research, FL has some amazing Renaissance Fairs to visit!).

Our planned vacation for this coming November still stands. It couldn’t come at a better time! This will allow the time for all of us to check out the cities we are most interested in, and let each girl see their possible new school – easing any fears for next year.  We are planning on going to a value resort and we have free dining, so the vacation will be affordable and very productive!

We are anticipating a grand and fun Christmas this year, again, our last in WI. We also plan on going sledding and even possibly ice skating once; to say we tried it as a family. Once the calendar turns over to 2011, we will be in full swing.  Carl will head out, and I will stay here to wind things up. We plan on having one MASSIVE garage sale next May, pretty much selling it all. And of course, we will be throwing a “Good-bye” party with our friends and family to see us on our way. Our hope is to document our adventures with video or pictures so we can share it all with you.

We wanted to update all of our friends, and family as this is a big decision in our lives. With God’s love and never-ending grace, we know that we can do it. We are very excited! Thanks for being a part of our big decision.

P.S. We are OFFICIALLY under a year on our countdown…WOOHOO!!!

~ Ellie


  1. Yay!!! We’re playing with the decision to move to Orlando in 2012, so I’m SUPER excited to watch your posts on the move!! Under a year is SO awesome, have a GREAT time in November and enjoy your last year away from the Mouse 🙂


  2. Congratulations on the decision! I can imagine that you are all beside yourself with anticipation. I am looking forward to seeing how the move progresses both before and after. Remember, there are a number of us who are living vicariously through you in all this!

    Best wishes in the months ahead!



  3. Congratulations! I know you have been trying to figure this out, and am glad you’re happy with the new plan. Thanks, as always, for keeping us posted!!



  4. I wanted to add a note… as much as we are going to experience new things, I will NEVER forget the old. My bestest friend in the world I will have to leave, and her precious son, and I will have a rough time saying good-bye to her. You know who you are, and I love you very much. I guess we will have to party like its 2010/2011~~ LOL




  5. Congrats! I am so excited for you guys! You’ll have to keep me up to date on everything your doing to get ready now that your so close to moving! I am hoping to move in 2013/2014! It seems like forever away!


  6. So happy for you…I know my comments at times have been taken, if not by you, then others, as depressed. That is so not the case. I didn’t have the guts to just move w/o a job 1st & the longer it took, I started to lose hope. When the job arrived, I had no time to finish packing, to have a yard sale… do all those things you should sanely do before moving. I had 2 wks to drive back to RI, pack, give official notice (no one believed I’d ever willingly leave a good paying secure position), pack trunk with personals, load 1 dog, 3 cats, 1 chinchilla, daughter, granddaughter & myself to hit the rd & be back in time to start the new job. The difference here is that you are a team & I did not have that. When I went for the brass ring, I had to reach out from the horse myself w/o a guiding hand (other than His) to help me. I’ve never regretted it & I know, neither will you. There is just so much to do here that you’ll never be bored. The girls will have 1 huge playground!


  7. Ha! I can’t wait to read on. The suspense is killing me because something must have happened for the better since it is June 2012 ans you have been in Florida for a year now. With this post you sound very similar to us, we want to make the move and cant imagine spending another winter stuck inside but then again, we have family here, we both have jobs, a place to live, we know the area and have a stable school and routine, etc etc etc. It is a tough pull for sure. Trusting that everything will work out and to follow your heart is a big jump.


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