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Finding the Peace in Walt Disney World

As each day passes of your vacation, you begin to wonder if you are on vacation or in boot camp. The expression “I need a vacation after my vacation” has never rung more true than at Disney.  I thought it would be fun to write about all of my favorite moments and places where I have found peace in the Walt Disney World area.

It always seems to start with that first Disney Resort morning.  I wake up, the family is still asleep, and I creep outside the door on the balcony.  I can smell FL, feel the sun, and I see Palm trees ….I usually see someone pass me by, as I am still in my pjs and I smile and shout “I’m at Disney World!!”   After getting dressed, everyone is set, my next moment of “Zen” is walking down to the food court, feeling that warm sun, and having that first sip of something yummy to kick start my day. On a side note, if you wish to have peace in your room at any time, make sure you book a room away from the pool so you aren’t hearing constant noise while you are trying to sleep or relax.

Crowds can make and break a vacation, and learning how to avoid them and the most crowded areas, time of days, etc… will be an instant peace giver.  Here are my favorite peaceful places and things to do at each park:noj3

Magic Kingdom

  • Find the little dead end streets off of the main paths and enjoy parking it on a bench for awhile, enjoying the music and scenery around you.
  • Head to your favorite ride while a show/parade is on to avoid lines and crowds.
  • Grab a Casey’s hot dog or ice cream cone from the Main Street Bakery and enjoy a rest in the seating area below the Noodles Station.
  • Take in the air conditioning at a favorite store-enjoy shopping before it gets busy at the end of the day.
  • Board the Steam Boat, lean against a railing, and enjoy the view.
  • Find an empty row on the train and enjoy a good old train ride.
  • Head to the balcony of Cosmic Rays with a nice cold soda, and enjoy the view of the Castle.
  • Ride the TTA to get off your feet for awhile, feel a nice breeze, and get a great view of Tomorrow Land.


  • Let the crowd rush ahead of you to “Soarin” and take your time walking to that area, making sure to stop at Sunshine Seasons for a donut of some sort.
  • Enjoy walking in the “Soarin” line… the music, the feel, the smell, I just feel at peace in this area.
  • Close your eyes on the ride “Soarin” when you feel the breeze, or smell the oranges…simply nirvana.
  • Another relaxing ride can be “Living with the Land” which is a great journey through the green houses and a nice long one, which helps the sore feet, depending what time of day you go.
  • A wonderful peaceful walk can be found as the “World Showcase” is just opening- everyone is still in Future World usually, so it’s a nice and quiet.
  • The gardens at the U.K. are not only beautiful, but have great places to sit and people watch.
  • Enjoy a bench located anywhere around the water, especially with a yummy drink or snack.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

  • Enjoy a walk down the Boulevard in the afternoon when the crowds are thinned out.
  • Take a drawing class in the nice air-conditioned Animation building at a reasonable pace.
  • View the “One Man’s Dream” attraction where you can see the history of Walt Disney in a museum type atmosphere with a touching film at the end.
  • Stroll through the back streets with a cold beverage… always quiet back there.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

  • I love to find the path less taken and enjoy the scenery and animals.
  • Flame Tree Barbeque has some of the best seating for enjoying a nice meal while viewing Expedition Everest.
  • The Gorilla Trail is so peaceful, beautiful, and another relaxing moment early in the morning.

Around the rest of Walt Disney World, I have found spots that are not only peaceful, but are very much worth repeating.  The lobby in the Poly is one of the nicest places to relax and listen to the waterfalls as well as the campfire at night outside the AK Lodge.

Don’t forget the power of a beach chair and a fresh towel.  Grab a good book, your sunglasses and suntan lotion, and stretch out every muscle while the sun takes you on a warm nap.  I could use one right now.

No matter where you find yourself in the “World” make sure you find peace in your day.


  1. I wanted to add that ANY Resort hobby can be an oasis. The All-Stars and Pop arent as much, but definitely the Mods and Deluxes have great seating areas to relax and chill out in.

    Also the Boardwalk area is a great way to have a peaceful stroll while snacking on salt water taffy. 🙂



  2. Good ones! My favorites are the theater in the back of the exposition hall on Main Street U.S.A. and if its just the adults, the lounge on the 4th floor of the Contemporary Resort.
    Best of luck to you all in the next year!


  3. I recently discovered the museum to Walt in the Studios. What a great exhibit! I need to go back and explore some more.

    I also totally need to lounge by the pool. We usually don’t do that when we go down, but I want to make a point to do it the next time. Sounds lovely!


  4. Great post as usual! The ideas are fabulous- some that I mention in my blog, too!
    I don’t understand how people do it sometimes. Being a Disney Commando is to much against my nature- I just have to find the quiet spots and and enjoy.
    I love the one alley way off of Main Street USA where they are giving the Music and Dance lessons upstairs. I have to go down thi salley everytime I’m in the Magic Kingdom!
    And Don’t forget out back of the shops in Great Britian in Epcot- near the band stand- is super quiet!

    Great Post!


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