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What is Holding You Back?

We all have that voice in our heads, you know the kind that when you’re dieting it screams “Ice Cream!!” or when you or shopping and you know you already have enough shoes. So the voice I love to listen to in my head is the one that constantly asks me “What is holding you back?”  I know for myself, and Carl, this voice has played out many a time in our heads, before and after our decision to follow our dreams of moving to Florida. I thought today’s blog could explore how we finally answered that question and how we continue to keep moving forward.

Let’s start with the naysayers in my life-these are the people who look at us like a bunch of Disney freaks. Now, that may be true, but we love what we love and enjoy it- we aren’t here to entertain their judgments. I finally came to the conclusion that I don’t care what others think of me anymore, when it comes to following my dreams with Carl, it’s just that, OUR dreams, and not theirs.  I have always found it interesting the comments we have gotten from family and friends that can’t believe we want to live closer to a “theme park.”  What is there to get?  We get ONE life on this planet, and if you don’t follow your dreams, what is the point? I will NEVER be that person who can ignore the call, simply because what they do now is “comfortable.” Settling with life is not an option for us, adventure IS out there!  I am SOOOO Ellie, the minute I saw “UP” I wanted to scream out- THAT’S ME!!  Which leads me to my next point, believing in yourself.

I will be the first to admit, that my self-esteem needed a boost.  Once we made our decision, I felt that I had a purpose again. I know, that may sound silly to some of you, because I am a mom and a wife, but I felt like I had restored the magic that lived in me.  Something, somewhere in me, woke up. I felt incredible as we made our plans on when to move, how to move, and how to make the decisions right for our kids.  The blog came up as a way to make friends, so that when we moved to FL, we wouldn’t feel alone.  Granted, we will always have each other, but it’s nice to have a Disney family too.  I have felt so loved and important since our adventure has begun.  I feel I have been a better mother, wife, and writer for it.  I have even lost weight in the anticipation to fit in a cute bikini for all that Florida sun I am going to experience.  There are days, when I feel like I don’t know if we can pull this off. Those are the days that I read our past blogs, read other people’s blogs, listen to podcasts, and remember the magic.

Believe that as a family you can do ANYTHING.  I have the best family on the planet, bar none.  Carl and I have always tried to include our daughter’s feelings in every decision we make- it’s their lives taking a new road as much as ours. 2012 was always the original idea, but we just didn’t want to wait anymore. 2011 was a more sensitive topic… it meant our oldest would have to be a Senior in High School in Florida. As it turns out, a lot more would be happening this year, her Junior, than next year anyways.  (Also the boyfriend is a Senior this year).  Now Jessie, she STILL will leave anytime we want.  The feeling of knowing that we are ALL on board with this is INCREDIBLE.  We talk about it every day, and I love that we are all excited.. even though some of us may be more than others. I mean, come on, we DO have a teenager! (lol)

Sometimes it’s your job that is holding you back.  I have been dealing with a lot of stress with my work, and I have no plans on continuing it after we have moved.  Carl has been blessed by our Lord and Savior with a job that not only allows him to work from home, but has blessed our decision on the move.  Currently, my job is holding me back. I want a lot more freedom to wrap up the ends of my life here in WI while I have the time to do it, and not try to keep up with a job that just doesn’t seem to want me anyways.  Letting go and ending it has been a never ending battle these days, even with taking small breaks, the knowledge of having to work again this week gives me hives.  So what is holding me back?  Work.  I know, I am dealing with it.

Last but not least, we have learned that once you have made your decision, stick to it. Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t discuss and weigh out the choices, I am just saying that you WILL be driven mad if you don’t make the decision and then STICK to it. Nothing can hold a person back more than being indecisive.  Once you make it, as Crush says, “Go with the flow.”

The point of today’s blog is to work on what is holding you back from your dreams. Look to the positive, too the people who are supporting you, and to keep to the decision once you have made it. Is there something holding you back? Let us know and have a great day!

~Ellie Peters


  1. Well said. I started with Disney as a baby! I grew up with “Uncle” Walt. DL was too far & too expensive for my family to do when I was growing up. WDW would have involved much more work as we were all at various ages & school & work schedules. When I heard Disney Stores would be opening near me, I was so excited but my daughter came 1st & I couldn’t juggle 2 jobs & still give her the life I wanted for her. In ’89, I treated her to a trip to DL for her 9th bday. No other amusement park could satisfy her after that. They weren’t as clean or friendly!! In ’96 we started traveling back & forth to WDW. We thought it’d be 1 or 2 times a yr but found ourselves flying or driving 3 or 4 times a yr 🙂 In ’98, for my bday, I walked into TDS & got hired. (My daughter was driving & out of high school – my time had arrived)! The germ had begun to take hold to move to FL! I started job hunting a few yrs later & perseverance paid off with a job offer in 2003. I packed up my stuff, put in a tfr to TDS in Orlando (had to keep that!!) & drove down here, never looking back. The economy tanked shortly after our arrival, which has really been a test of our strength as a family. But we are still here & we have the best “backyard playground” in the world.

    The best advice I could give to anyone is to follow your dreams. Yes we are Disney nuts – my daughter is not as bad as me – no one else in my family is – but this is who I am & they all accept that & know that it’s what makes me who I am. I am where I want to be for the rest of my life. May it be for a very long time as I’m not ready to get off the Prince’s carousel yet 🙂


  2. Funny thing is…I grew up in Florida 🙂 I left in 1995 to join the army. It’s there that I met my husband ‘to be’. He was from PA. Long story short, we live in PA 🙂 What is holding me back from moving to Walt Disney World? Certainly isn’t that my hubby couldn’t get a job. He repairs x-ray machines, and there’s LOTS of those down there! Is it my kids? Nope, they would love to move too. The things that keep me here (even though MY folks still live there) are my husbands BIG family. We are so close and don’t know what I’d do so far away. We do so much together. The kids enjoy their cousins as well. My family is limited to my folks and my single younger brother 🙂 But the DECIDING factor would have to be…my husband, who is 6’5 and sweats PROFUSELY already! He absolutely REFUSES to be in FL any other month than Nov (although I could push for other winter months, but he likes the Thanksgiving timeframe.) He loves Disney, maybe not as much as I do, but enough. So, although chances are MOVING there is OUT of the question…I don’t know if in my mind I’ve ruled out the possibility of purchasing a condo and renting it out every other time of the year except when WE want it 🙂 I may just have to look into that someday (soon!) We’re in our thirties, but if there’s a way to make the money back sooner from rentals, that pays our mortgage and as such the cost of our Disney home away from home 🙂 It’s a dream for now…………….


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