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Kill them with Kindness

Today’s blog is being sponsored by KINDESS. Never heard of it? The definition of “kindness” is  the quality of being warmhearted and considerate and humane and sympathetic, the forgivingness: tendency to be kind and forgiving and/ or a kind act. Walt Disney World is one of THE most perfect places to exercise kindness, so let’s talk how YOU can make someone’s day simply by being kind!

I’m going to touch on personal experience first, as it is always easier to draw from that well first. Carl and I were riding on one of the Disney busses on the way back to All-Star Movies, and a woman was struggling with her very large stroller and infant child. Carl offered and did hold the stroller so that she could concentrate on her child- she was very grateful and Carl felt great that he could help her out. Since we are on the Disney bus topic, let’s touch on a few ways you can help someone out.  At park closing time, the busses are filled to capacity. If you are able to get a seat, please offer to anyone elderly or holding a child who could use it more. I know everyone’s feet hurt at the end of the day, but you may be helping out someone more than you could ever know.

WDW Food Courts and Restaurants can be another great place to exercise kindness.  If you see someone struggling with their tray, offer to help them carry it to their table. Do you have extra snack or dining credits leftover at the end of your vacation? Why not make someone’s day and pay for their meal or snack? I guarantee you will bring a smile to their faces! (Or they will call Security… either one will be an adventure! LOL)  Most of the Disney Food places can be QUITE packed and busy- if you have spots open at your table, or if you can move to something smaller so others can have your larger spot, it is a sure random act of kindness.

One of my favorite acts of kindness to perform in the parks is giving out fast passes that we weren’t able to use because we were done in that park for the day.  I enjoyed handing them out and seeing the lit up faces.  Another great thing to do for others is to offer to take the entire family’s picture when you see one member is taking a picture.  While standing in line at a snack cart, buy your popcorn and offer to buy the person behind you one as well.  Allow kids to sit in front of you during parades, the parents will appreciate it and you are making a memory for the children.

Certain items need to be purchased while on vacation, but sometimes we don’t have the means to transport them home or just won’t use them again. Here is the perfect way to spread your generosity and kindness. Everything from fans, umbrella strollers, coolers, ponchos, spray mist fans, refillable mugs, helium balloons, etc… can be passed on to other guests at the parks and resorts. Imagine the face of the parents who know they will have to spend money to rent a stroller, but you come out of nowhere to present them with a FREE stroller for however long they need it- then they can keep it or pass it on. I love this concept, as long as it doesn’t affect business as usual at WDW. I have heard of these “fridge swaps” and other items that people store at the resorts for certain guests to use week after week. I don’t feel this is right, as it’s a lot of stress on the Resorts to keep them straight when they aren’t making a penny on them.  Be sensible while you are being kind.

Watch for those guests who have buttons on that say “My First Visit” or “Happy Birthday/Anniversary.” Make sure to wish them a happy day and/or congratulations.  I love to give out tips to those first timers, it makes me feel good to help and hopefully save them some time and headaches in line as well. If you see someone lost or struggling with a map, offer to help them find their way or explain to them how it works. Not everyone who enters WDW is an expert, or goes on the Internet, so most of the time they aren’t aware of the ins and out like we are- be helpful in your kindness.

While visiting the characters, keep an eye out for those getting autographs. Keeping sharpies on you is a great thing to share with others who may not have any on them or whose pens may not be working. Offer to take pics of the characters with entire families so they all can get in on the action- I know Photopass can as well, but then they have another choice. Also while in line for characters, or attractions, offer to save someone’s place in line for them so that they can run their child to the bathroom. Trust me, they will love you for that!

Be kind to Cast Members and Mousekeepers.  Take every chance you get to tell a Cast Member what a great job they are doing, along with letting Guest Services know as well. Leave your Mousekeepers tips and notes, and make sure to ALWAYS thank them if you see them in the hallways. Don’t forget your biggest weapon… your smile!

Now, I know you are not on vacation to make other’s vacations incredible- I get it. But even if you do ONE of the above mentioned while you are enjoying your trip, it will make your trip and theirs, that much better. I implore you to allow your patience to be your greatest source of kindness. In fact, use that mantra everywhere in WDW and in life. Have you done an act of kindness for someone or had one done for you? Let’s hear them and have a great day!


  1. I loved this post!! We do many of these things. We call it “spreading the pixie dust”, we just love helping others have a great vacation!


  2. My husband and I do many of these things also. We find that we enjoy ourselves more on our vacations to Disney World by helping others out and spreading the pixie dust. I’m so glad you wrote this blog.


  3. Great blog (as always) & great tips! I do these or recommend these to guests (especially those who are wondering what to do with their DP remainder).
    Another tip that will help other guests & maybe save them from injuries….. I often see guests running or walking very fast, all the while dodging other guests. A lot of times there are kids being towed. Every time I’ve seen this, I hear a ride mentioned. I don’t hesitate to step up & let them know that their FPs do not expire at the end time posted on them. No one needs to trip & fall so that they make it back to the ride between 2 & 3pm!! Yes, following the times on your FP keeps the FP line short but if you are late – it’s ok – so please pass on this safety tip. Who knows….you may be saving your self from being tripped over as someone races to get to Space Mt. 🙂


  4. On one of our stays at WDW, my wife and I were sitting on a bench outside the All Stars Movies waiting for a bus to take us to Downtown Disney. It was the last morning of our vacation. We were sad and knew that we’d have to start the long drive home at some point, but we couldn’t pull ourselves away.

    So while we were sitting, an older couple approached us and asked if we were planning to visit one of the parks that day. We said we’d like to, but no, it was our last day and we’d be heading home soon. They then asked, “Well, would you be interested in a couple of free tickets to the Magic Kingdom?” They had two that they weren’t going to use. Our eyes got big and grins from ear-to-ear. We of course said YES!

    Their act of kindness and generosity made our vacation. We ended up getting an unexpected extra day of fun as we stayed in the park until almost closing before returning to our car and starting the drive home.


  5. When we are planning a trip to WDW I include small gift bags that I stuff with candy, mints, coco mix something that is small that fits in the bag. When a Cast Member does a special thing for us I hand them one and say thank you. We leave one or two at the table when we have a meal along with a money tip. I leave for the Mousekeep and include money.
    Last year at Christmas for our trip, I carried mini candy canes that are individually wrapped and handed them out to any CM that we saw. It felt nice to tell them how magical they make our tirp that once they need a thank you from us the guest.


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