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It’s Like Being a Kid Again…

You all know that moment-the one where an idea meets reality and the spark is set. I have been ignited, and I am more than excited. After talks with my incredible husband, I got the ok to head to Walt Disney World next month, November 11-17th!! So let’s talk about what has happened since my last trip and what I am looking forward too.

Let’s start with the last time I was in WDW. It was June, 2009, with Carl, Jessie, and Belle. It was before they announced the remodeling of Fantasyland and Toontown, so I am excited to see what has happened since I have been gone. I watched the video online of the removal of the Pooh tree, and that the entire area had been changed.  Of course, as we all know, when you leave a certain place, the memory you have of it is what you expect when you walk back into it. I hope having seen some of the construction of these areas will help me cope with the loss. Yeah, I will get over it.  BUT as I think I am going to be ok, my friend calls me tonight to let me know the Pooh ride will be down while I am there next month. WHAT am I going to do without hearing “The Rain, Rain came Down, Down, Down???”  Bummer.

I love my Spectro Magic Parade… so I am going to have to warm up to the Main Street Electrical Parade. BUT- I really am SUPER excited to see it for the first time, ever!!  My favorite place to “park it” for a parade is on Main Street, or at either end of it. I love to watch the parade, and then walk to the front of the Partners statue for the showing of “Wishes.” I can’t wait to have my usual good cry during Wishes– have already planned to ustream it live for the family back home so they can see it with me.

The Epcot excitement is almost overwhelming. I LOOOOVE this park. Whether it had done NOTHING new, I would still be super dee duper excited to enjoy it. But, there have been new and fun changes that I cannot wait to check out.  I do love my “Honey I Shrunk the Audience” show, but I have never seen Captain EO– I am excited to see it as a nice goodbye to Michael Jackson.  I haven’t tried out the “Sum of all Fears” yet. I am a huge fan of the Innoventions area, so it will be nice to see what that ride is all about.

I have been to the Food and Wine Festival before, but never alone to enjoy each scrumptious bite and really savor the experience. Getting the chance to take part in the last day is so mind blowing to me, and I cannot wait to blog the experience. For any and all of you who have experienced it this year, please comment below and what I should try and what to avoid- thanks!

Now, I have “Boo to You’d” my little pumpkin heart out, but I have never been to “Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party” to catch snowflakes, or soap bubbles, on my tongue. I am so looking forward to not only seeing this party for the first time, but getting to enjoy it with my good friends is even more exciting!!  Again, for those Disney friends who have done this, I would love to hear any tips on how to get the most out of this party. Along the same lines of Magic Kingdom and Christmas decor, I have never seen the Castle lit up with Christmas lights- I may pass out from the joy of it.

I haven’t been able to meet the Characters from Princess and the Frog yet, along with the new Duffy Bear and the fun couple from “Tangled.” I love seeing any and all new/old characters that I haven’t been able to meet yet. #1 on my list FOREVER has been to meet “Beast” from “Beauty and the Beast.” I know he lives in the UK, but every trip, we have always managed to miss him.  Anyone have any ideas for me to meet him?

I love to eat, I mean, who doesn’t? When I heard and saw the new pics of the restaurants that have just opened up in Mexico and Italy, I was very, very impressed. I’m not a pasta gal, so I will wait for that place with my Carl, but I am a SPICY gal!! I hope to try out the new Mexican place, because I love me a good taco. Can’t wait!

Since I have been blessed with 5 full days in the land of Mickey, I am taking advantage of looking for neighborhood, school, and home potentials for next year.  I know that this trip will get me even more excited to move there next year, and also lots of material to blog.

What am I MOST excited about? What will I lay awake DAYS before thinking about? Well, starters, meeting my new friends for one. I can’t wait to ride and smell Soarin’ again, be at every rope drop, the adrenaline rush of walking into each park again, and getting to use my new IPhone 4 to video tape and take pictures with.

24 days from today, I will be landing in Orlando, Florida !!!

~Ellie Peters

 Jessie made this in our driveway this afternoon!! 🙂 (10/17/09)


  1. Hi Ellie! (Nice artwork, Jessie:)

    I’m super jealous of your trip and hope you have a BLAST… but gotta tell you one thing.

    Beast is in France. As with Belle. They come out of a spot on the east side (the Moroccan side) of the Chefs de France restaurant. At least they did the last time I was there. They crossed the walkway to the lagoon side of the walkway and posed for pics there. I saw them once… then once again from inside the restaurant when having lunch (with the CUTEST French waiter… but that’s a story for another day:)

    Best of luck!!!



  2. Ive been doing some planning as we JUST booked our trip for december last night. IT sounds like there is a character dining spot in Norway that has the princesses, so maybe Beast would be there?

    I’m thinking this dinner is a must as I’ve never met any of the princesses and we got a $200 Disney gift card for booking on WDW (surprisingly cheaper than normal).


  3. Hi Ellie,
    Congratulations on the big move!

    My idea met reality today, in fact. DCL announced that they will begin booking cruises for 2012 on Tuesday and Wednesday this week! I have been planning a Disney Cruise for summer 2012 for the past 2 years – 2 more years to go. Since we got back from our cruise in 2008, we decided we’d go again for our daughter’s 8th grade graduation. We are getting a big group together to go and I have been driving everyone crazy with talk and plans and emails – they all think I’m nuts – I say “Mousejunkie”
    Of course, we will be adding days in the parks for before the cruise.

    Have you ever tried the cruise? It is just as magical as the parks!!


  4. What a great article, as usual! the Mian Street Electrical parade is cool to see, but I like spectro-magic better.
    Have a great trip- Enjoy the Magic!


  5. Marie is also in France if you have not seen her! She is so cute!!

    The Electrical Parade is my fav & the first time I saw it was in the early 70’s. We will be at WDW 11/17 – 11/30 and cannot wait to see it again.

    LOVE your blog! My husband and I hope to semi retire in FL in about a year and you have some awesome information out here. Thanks for all your hard work.

    Enjoy your trip!!


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