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Turkey and Trees…I am Thankful for These

Well, we got through another Wisconsin Thanksgiving. Sadly, it was our last here, but the memories we have made will sustain us among the palm trees and warm temperatures next year. Mom made a wonderful meal this year, and I worked off the full tummy by soaking in her awesome hot tub outside in the frigid 20 degree cold.  After several rounds of playing Dominoes, we headed home to sleep the day off.

Black Friday was quite pleasant in the Peters home this year.  Usually Mom and I get up at Midnight, or 3 a.m., and head out into the dark night to find the best buy.  Since we are moving, I’m not looking to accumulate any more “stuff” that isn’t really needed.  It’s just more I have to sell or get rid of in 6 months time, and as much as I am looking forward to our giant garage sale, it doesn’t need to get any bigger.  So we all slept in and around 8 got up and I talked Belle into heading to the Mall with me for just a bit.  We did well, getting Jessie some much needed pants, and then headed out without getting into any  parking lot accidents.  On the way out, Carl called to tell us that one of our local banks was robbed at gunpoint and that our local Toys R Us had to lock their doors and call the police after the people got out of hand. Sigh, not what Christmas is supposed to be- it makes me sad.

We have decorated our home from top to bottom with our Disney décor. We love to hang every Hallmark Disney ornament, every Goofy covered light, set-up our Monorail, and set up the Village.  With decorating comes cleaning and disposing of the old, along with trying desperately to purge the unwanted for the upcoming move.  You never realize how many Hallmark ornaments you own until you have taken each one out….and hours later they are all on the tree.  It will be a fun chore packing them up for the move, but we can’t get rid of them for each carry a special memory for us.   We usually buy a couple of Hallmark Disney ones each  year, along with the after Christmas sales as well.  With each trip we buy something for Christmas from the Christmas shop in DTD and love to put it out and remember our trip.  Having bought Mickey Head ornaments again, I was hoping they would make it to the tree unbroken… all but one made it.  Such is life- I don’t have the best luck with those for some reason.  The four pack we bought of them years ago we go home in one piece, but slippery fingers had dropped several and two made it to the tree in one piece.  Sigh…maybe when we live there we will get them to the tree unharmed.

It is bitter sweet to be leaving our last November here in WI, as it was the last birthday Belle spent here, but we are looking forward to going out with a bang with our Christmas.  The cold has set here in the Midwest and I have to tell you, it’s hard to embrace it after being in the 80’s just 2 short weeks ago.  I mean, 2 weeks ago I was hanging out in Epcot right now eating my way through the Food and Wine Festival in shorts and sunglasses.  I was running into cool people like Scott Otis and Tim Foster. Now I’m home in my living room… but I am so thankful for the friends I made on that trip.

Since we are coming to the end of the year, I would like to update you on what’s going on with us.  We have decided that Carl will be heading to Orlando for 2-3 weeks in May to find and settle up our new home.  We will most likely rent so we can take our time finding the final place in a responsible matter. We are moving down with savings, Carl’s job is at home, so we are set with our income, and basically it’s setting up the girls schools and our home.  We are blessed beyond words to have Carl’s job and it has given me the freedom to be able to work or not.  I hope to apply at WDW for a part-time position to get me out of the house and make new friends.  We are moving along as planned and enjoying every last step here while getting quite excited for the new steps there.

So as we look forward to Lou’s Meet of the Months, riding the rides with our Disney friends, and hanging with our familes in our happy place… we hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great season leading up to Christmas or whatever you may celebrate.  Peace. Love. Mickey.

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