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The Story of Us

I have been cleaning all morning my craft room in the basement, and I came across this poem below I had written for Craig.  I thought I would share it with you and also our wedding pictures we had taken in front of Cinderella’s Castle.

Craig and Amy met in 91’ at her Christmas Party

She was the pretty one, he was the smartie.


Instant attraction was what they both did feel

Dated on and off to make sure their feelings were real.


As plans were being made on where they wanted to go and see

God sent them a gift, they were going to have a baby!


In September of 93’, vows were exchanged as wedding bells rang

Craig’s eyes glowed with happiness , while Amy’s heart sang.


Two months later, they would hear the sweetest baby cry

November the 4th, Kyra Lynn Petermann entered their lives.


A family they were now, and Holidays they did all spent

They would all grow and wonder where the time went.


Craig and Amy would try for another baby, but it was not time

So they planned a trip to Walt Disney World, dime by dime.


Great news would arrive in the Fall of 1998

Amy was finally with child and so began the 9 month wait.


That same Winter, their baby Cameron would enter Heaven

They knew god needed him more, an angel they would send.


After such a hard loss, they decided to make a baby pact

If Amy didn’t get pregnant soon, they would stop, and that’s a fact.


After their 6th Wedding Anniversary, Amy began to feel sick

Was her mind playing games on her that their was a plus on that stick?


She would take 6 pregnancy tests, to confirm what her heart already knew

She was carrying an angel from Cameron, from baby number two.


The Millenium came, and a new life was about to unfold

May bloomed a new baby, Kyra’s new sister, Miss Emily Rose.


They’re a complete family of four now, which in God they had trust

So now you have heard our story, the Story of Us.

I hope you enjoyed my little poem and have a wonderful day!!!

~Amy Falk Petermann


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