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I Refuse to Apologize for…

I was surfing the World Wide Web and came across my honey’s Facebook page.  Under his picture he has stated “Unapologetic Disney Fan.”  So it was born, my list of what I refuse to apologize for in the name of the Mouse.  Maybe you have a couple  you would like to add as well, please leave it in the comments!!

I refuse to apologize for….

  • Wearing my Disney sweatshirt again this week, I love it and don’t worry about it.
  • Wanting to move to Florida with my family.
  • Covering every wall in my house with Disney Art
  • Running into the living room every time a Disney Commercial plays on the TV
  • Having a Disney themed Christmas tree
  • Getting excited to eat pizza on our Mickey pizza dishes
  • Listening to WDW Radio Podcast each week
  • Blasting Disney music in the car
  • Making time to get to Disney Live Chats
  • Wrapping presents in Disney paper
  • Wanting to meet Walt Disney one day in Heaven
  • Making more Disney Vacation scrapbook pages than any others
  • Getting giddy when I see Spaceship Earth
  • Seeing Mickey items at Walgreens and smiling about them.
  • Searching Ebay for Monorail pieces to add to our collection.
  • Using WDW Napkins here at home.
  • Collecting pins off Ebay
  • Singing Disney songs at the top of my lungs in the shower
  • Ordering checks with Disney characters on them
  • Enjoying every book and magazine on WDW
  • Saving my old WDW passes, WDW Resort Shampoos, and Park Fliers
  • Listening to Theme Park Music while I clean the house.
  • Correcting people that it is indeed “Walt Disney World” and not “Land”
  • Getting teary eyed every time I ride Soarin’.
  • Loving that my ride with my husband is “Peter Pan’s Flight”
  • Humming “It’s a Small World” while Christmas shopping today
  • Saving my seat at the parade an hour before so my family can see
  • Laughing myself silly with my Disney pals at the Meets
  • Geeking out at meeting Tim Foster and Scott Otis
  • Baking Mickey cookies
  • Being at peace when I walk into “The Land” at Epcot
  • Smiling every time someone says my name
  • Counting down the days until our move
  • Being happy every time a Disney pal texts me
  • Being sick of the cold weather here-I am SO OVER the snow!
  • Wanting to move on with life and find a new adventure.
  • Writing this blog, I love doing it and no one is going to change my mind
  • Watching a Disney movie to lift my spirits
  • Making a Photopass 2011 Calender to look forward to our move
  • Watching the Annual WDW Christmas parade on Christmas morning
  • Saving change for spending money for the WDW Parks
  • Who I am


I am sure there are more, but I can’t think of anymore right now. I have been in the position so many times when someone says something off the cuff like “Why are you going AGAIN to WDW?” or “Why do you have that Disney shirt on?” My response is “Why do you care?” This is my life and I am going to live it how I want to live it.  My dreams, Carl’s dreams, our family’s dreams are intertwined in the magic of Disney and we refuse to apologize for it.


  1. Amen Disney sister!!!! I agree whole heartedly!!! I also do not apologize for any of these things plus these:
    1. searching out Disney updates and info online
    2. wanting to see every Disney movie
    3. writing my disney blog
    4. loving Tinkerbell and believing in fairies
    5. having Disney stockings
    6. playing Disney games
    7. wanting to live in Cinderella Castle
    8. acting like a child at Disney World
    9. wanting to meet and get every Disney character’s autograph
    10. watching Disney World videos on YouTube

    I am right there with ya!!! I also want to move to Orlando!!! Maybe we’ll be neighbors on day!


  2. Amen to all of that. I am just glad that I am not the only one. I do correct others when they say Disney Land in Florida. It is kind of a pet-peeve now. Can I add the “countdown” calendar to the list? I do the “…36 days 12 hours..” till we leave for Disney and 38 till we are there…LOL


  3. LOL.. Here are mine.
    1- For going to Disney several times a year w/ my hubby on my DVC points.
    2- For giving people a WTF do you care look when they say “oh are you going to WDW again” in a smart alec tone.
    3- being refereed to as “surround sound” by my Hubby when certain Disney cartoons are on
    4- Getting giddy when I hear Disney tunes, even if its musac or a bad cover in the olive garden
    5- having more stich pins than any sane family should
    6- snaking airtran sales to try and plan trips to fl even when we just got back from one a month ago
    7- liking and wearing my disney/d23 shirts anytime i want, even to work
    8- having a husband w/ so many Jack skellington shirts that when people say hey im at the disney store and they have jack shirts on sale do you want me to pick drew up one i have to request a photo be sent to my phone first, and sometimes i still cant remember
    9- loving my reusable disney shopping bags and using them all over the place
    10- being “snotty” about ariel merchandise. im sorry i dont want a squished face ariel snow globe just because from the next down shes ariel.
    11- explaining to grown adults the coolness of phineas and ferb and LOVING perry hes so cool
    12- being on disney blog sites, discussion boards, and fb pages
    13- being part of a fundraiser for a disney fan site
    14- texting pics of new disney merchandise from target/walmart etc to my other disney friends
    15- getting misty at the parks over certain things
    16- being ragingly mad at the park last time because some little kid STOLE decorations off a table that was being set up for a little girl that had WEEKS left to live, glaring at his mom who just said oh you shouldnt do that, and then asking the staff to give the little girl the 5’5″ of mickey stickers my hotel manager had measured me in
    17- buying a Cricut Expression so i could use their disney carts
    18- having a ton of no time to fill them but i will fill the disney yearly scrapbooks i have and use the metric ton of disney paper, stickers etc eventually
    19- having a box in my bedroom w/ all the must pack to fl stuff in it ready to go
    20- buying stuff SOULY for trips to flordia


  4. Loving the topic of this post and lreally oving all of the replies!!

    I refuse to apologize for:

    1. Choosing to go to Disney World once a year (Sometimes twice!).

    2. Decorating my half bathroom in a complete vintage Mickey Mouse theme.

    3. Paying $24.99 (I believe that was the price) for my “Four Parks, One World” CD.

    4. Reading and liking all of the Kingdom Keepers series of books.

    5. Loading my iPod with Disney tunes (Mostly from Disney movies).

    6. Calling Pluto “My baby”.

    7. Creating several playlists devoted to Disney on YouTube.

    8. Along the same vein, watching (and sometimes crying over) those “Surprise! We’re going to Disney!” videos on YouTube.

    9. Renting documentaries about Walt Disney himself … And getting teary-eyed while watching them.

    10. Listening to Disney-themed podcasts while I clean the house.

    11. Buying items (Clothes, rain ponchos, etc.) for my next Disney trip throughout the year.

    12. Reading Disney-themed blogs, visiting message boards, websites, joining Disney-themed facebook groups, etc.

    13. Trying to work Disney World into a discussion … No matter where I am!


  5. I agree with EVERYTHING posted here!!!

    Unfortunately I live in conservative Germany and getting Disney related stuff apart from baby toys is incredibly complicated BUT nevertheless I keep my eyes open!!

    I do NOT apologize for

    – holding an incredibly expensive Annual Dream Pass for Disneyland Paris (unlimited access, free parking and 20 % off merchandise)

    – having a Disney related eMail address *lol*

    – collecting park plans of WDW and DLP and sticking it on our cupboard doors

    – collecting plastic bags of WDW and DLP and starting to scream furiously as soon as anybody wants to use them for putting rubbish in

    – collecting Disney bags

    – having bought the big bucket of green men at WDW and smiling everytime I look at my sweeties gathered on my sideboard

    – wearing Disney Hoodies (shut up and look away if it offends you)

    – collecting Disney plush

    – sleeping in Disney bedlinen

    – crying every single time I listen to “Wishes” or watch it live

    – crying every single time I watch the scene when Bambi’s mother dies

    – crying when I listen to “Baby mine” from “Dumbo”

    – spending incredible amounts of money and defending my fear of flight to make it to WDW over and over again

    – laughing and screaming like crazy as soon as we enter Big Thunder Mountain in DLP

    – quoting every single word of the introduction as soon as we enter Phantom Manor in DLP or Tower of Terror in WDW

    – saying “We invite you, if you dare, to step aboard because in tonight’s episode, you are the star. And this elevator travels directly to…The Twilight Zone.” every time we enter an elevator


  6. I really related to a bunch of those on your list. I feel the same way. =)

    I just wanted to share (as a followup to a previous comment a few months ago) that I finally rode Space Mountain for the very first time on Dec 13! And I hated it. lol I was prepared to be surprised & enjoy it but I was scared to death. I had to remind myself to keep breathing so I didn’t hyperventilate. (Not to scare you or anything haha) Biggest sense of relief when I got off. Yep, never again- but I faced the fear! =)

    Merry Christmas!!


  7. Hi, I’m GrumpyFan, and I refuse to apologize for:

    * Visiting more than one Disney-related web-site in a week
    * Listening to more than one podcast about Disney in a week
    * Counting the days between Disney trips
    * Having watched all, or most all of the movies, including those from Pixar one or more times
    * Owning all, or most all of the movies, including Pixar
    * Quoting Disney movies frequently
    * Helping other people to plan their Disney vacation
    * Knowing who the fab 5 are
    * Knowing the opening date of any or all the parks
    * Knowing the difference between Disney World, and Disneyland and getting annoyed at people who don’t
    * Knowing Walt’s birthday and/or the day he died
    * Knowing that Mickey was not the first animated character Walt drew
    * Knowing what a “Hidden Mickey” is, and where to find many of them
    * Watching The Disney Chanel, or Disney XD (and you’re an adult)
    * Going to The Disney Store everytime you go to the mall
    * Looking for hidden Mickey’s even outside the parks
    * Owning multiple clothing items with Mickey or other Disney characters, and you wear them frequently


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