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Close to our 5 Month Countdown…..

As we approach Christmas, my nerves are starting to kick in a bit more. In a little over 5 months time,  we will be saying goodbye to family and friends here and heading towards our dreams. It is a bit overwhelming at times, and I am trying to keep my wits about me.  So tonight’s blog is about where we are, what we are doing, and how we are moving forward. So, let’s begin!

Where are we?

I know that question may sound a bit odd, but where we are at is a vital one. We are still moving forward, still planning on June 4th as the day to head out to FL, and we are still planning on making our dreams come true.

Carl’s job is thrilled he is moving to the South, as he has several clients who reside there, so it will help his job out tremendously.  He seems to be enjoying working from home, as the snow has hit hard here in WI and we are already quite fed up with it.  His commute is from our bedroom to his office area, 5 days a week.  Now, how the heck did I wind up being the one who has to trudge out into the snow every day? LOL

My job, well, I finally gave my notice this past week.  After much thinking and praying, I decided that I wanted to leave not only a high and healthy note, but I wanted to look back at my time there and be happy it happened- no regrets.  I got a great response, and I was happy about my timing on it. So begins the countdown to my final day of work, April 1st, 2011.  I plan to apply at WDW once everything is settled and I have time to adjust to my FL surroundings, so I don’t see looking until a year from now.  I am very blessed that hubby’s job can support our lifestyle.

What are we doing to prepare?

So many things are happening right now, but nothing that needs our immediate attention until Spring.  We have both taken on roles that we are not only very comfortable, but works for our marriage and future plans.

Carl is the researcher.  He is able to look through several things at once, without losing his mind. Me, not so much, it would bug me after awhile.  Since we are looking for a rental home or apartment in a safe area and a great school district for the girls- it is A LOT to look into.  I give him kudos for doing it, not only so well, but being able to be analytical about it.

I, Ellie, am the organizer and purger. If I could be a super hero, I would be “Purger.”  Now, that sounds like I like to vomit, not that kind of purging. I am talking the kind you want to do after watching an episode of “Hoarders.”  I love me a good garage sale, the kind you have, and the kind you shop from.  Since we are moving, I am the one in charge of getting rid of everything, plus figuring out the small percentage of what we are keeping .  Since last summer, we have been boxing up everything we are going to be selling, one at a time.  Boxes fill the garage from the last garage sale, so our basement is now filling with the next group of items.  Its an amazing thing to look at your possessions and see what your life has accumulated.  But, it’s a freeing thing to say to yourself and family “You are the most important thing to me, we can always get possessions any time.”  I feel better with every box closed up.  Now, I am a realist. Once it is all spread out on 20 plus tables at our mega garage sale in May, it will be a bit tougher. I have even considered not having my youngest there because of the emotions it may bring- we shall see. She so wants to be my little helper, so hopefully it can happen.

This Christmas has been very different on the shopping end of it.  We didn’t want to buy the kids or each other anything that would be large to move.  We are in the “purging” mode from now until we leave, we don’t need more to worry about. It has been a bit of a challenge, but I think we did good.

Moving Forward

Once January hits, the savings kicks into high gear. Every penny found on the street, from his paychecks to our tax refund, goes into the pot.  My paycheck will be going into what needs attention here at home, along with any extra expenses that we don’t want coming out of the other pot.

We had made a decision about 2 weeks ago that Carl will be heading to Florida in May for 2 weeks. He will be staying at a  Extend-A-Stay type place (clean and safe one), while he locates our new home and checks the kids schools out. Before leaving WI, he will have contacted who he wants to meet, what places he needs to tour, and so on.  Again, the man is EXCELLENT at research.  We have ALWAYS talked about NEVER going into such a big move blindly.  We have to have a sensible and responsible plan in place so that each of us feel comfortable with such a big move.

While Carl is there, he will also get to participate in the D23 event before flying home for us.  I will be here getting the garage sale of all garage sales ready and prepped.  The kids will be enjoying the last month of school here, and I am sure some tears will be shed as relationships start to wind down.  I have faith that God will provide us with long lasting friendships in Florida to help with the pain of saying goodbye to those we love here so much.

I have been so incredibly fortunate to have amazing friends here in WI.  Just this past Sunday, my Church choir sang for our Christmas Concert, and I had such joy in my heart when I looked around me.  Sarah, Susan, and even Angie stopped by… three amazing women who have supported me on this decision. Thank you for your love gals!

As time starts to speed up, we have found that we crave every family and friend moment.  I am getting better at avoiding the “This is the last time…” moments or I would cry every week!  But, I am grateful for the people in my life, and I know that I need to spend more time with especially my closest friends, like my best friend Kelly.  Lord, may I have more hours in the day please for Christmas?  I tried!

God Bless Everyone this Holiday and Christmas Season- we thank YOU for your love and support.


  1. And Merry Christmas to you and your family! Your last one
    in WI (sorry – couldn’t resist). I’m sure it will be full of love
    and joy with your family and friends and one that you will cherish
    for years to come! Next year will be merry and bright – and
    snowless and warm! You’ll be making all new holiday memories and
    traditions in the parks. That is what I envy you the most! Please
    continue your web site and keep us posted on all your new
    happenings in FL.


  2. Dear Craig, Amy and Family, I can’t believe you are so
    close to the 5 Month mark! Congratulations! I have enjoyed reading
    “The Relocated Tourist” so, so much over the year. Your wonderful
    blog has changed the way I look at Walt Disney World … One of my
    very favorite places on Earth. 🙂 I wish you a Happy Holiday and
    Happy New Year! Love, Tara


  3. How exciting! We still recall fondly our big adventure of
    moving to Florida from the west coast. And while we moved back west
    to be with friends and family, we often think about moving back to
    Florida again. Wishing you the best!


  4. Hi Amy, long time reader, first time poster.. I think the christmas festivities must have got the better of me over here in snowy London!

    Just wanted to say how much i’m enjoying this commentary on the experiences you’re all going through, i’m sure the last 5 months will fly by and before you know it WI will be but a distant (and happy) memory and FL will be where it’s at. I hope you’ll continue to post when you all arrive, this is by far the most enthusiastic Disney blog i subscribe to, not being able to get to WDW as much as i’d like (every 2 years or so, if we’re lucky) it’s things like this that keep the Disney flame alive in me.

    Happy christmas to you allm have a safe and happy one.


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