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Our Last New Year’s Eve in WI

So what does a family from Appleton, Wisconsin do on their last New Year’s Eve in the state of cheese and cows?  They go out on a night on the town.  Now, this may seem VERY exciting to some of you, but there isn’t much to do in this town.  Having grown up in in a small town, our current city is like a Chicago to that Walnut Grove, so I should be thankful there is ANYTHING to do here.

We decided to use the gift card we received for Christmas from Craig’s parents, and headed to Chili’s for a good ole’ family sit down time.  Craig and I split the Chicken Fajitas Meal, Kyra got the Chipotle Chicken Crispers, and Emily had Cheese Pizza.  With our cold mugs of soda, and a respectable amount of apple juice for the Emmy Bear, we enjoyed conversation of Florida dreams.  

We spoke of what we will do next New Year’s Eve… will we make reservations at California Grill? Will we opt for fireworks on the Poly beach? Will we head to Epcot instead? We were literally giddy with excitement on the choices we could make.   We discussed Kyra’s nervousness of a new school, and we understand how scary it can be.  Emily is excited to make any and all Disney Channel Celebrity appearances in the parks… we will make it happen as much as possible!

With full tummy’s, we headed to… are you ready for it… WALMART!! Didn’t you know that is THE place to be on New Year’s? LOL I kid. We did go there, but it happened that pay day was the same day as New Years this year, and it was time to grocery shop with everything else.  Kyra and Em headed off to spend their allowance, heaven forbid they save a penny of it, and enjoyed raiding the toy, electronic, and art supply section.   Meanwhile, I headed to the food section and hummed “I See The Light” from Tangled to myself while hubby and I shopped for this and that.  I am REALLY getting sick of grocery shopping, anyone else?

After our kids came back to us after they found their many treasures, we played the game of “Which checkout is shorter?!”  I love this game… no, not at all.  I love how others feel it is necessary to cut me off with my large cart of groceries, even though I would have kindly allowed them in front of me with their package of tube socks and hair gel.  To each his own I guess.  After a brutal checkout, we headed to the car, and it was till RAINING.  January- RAIN. Odd.  And guess what? All that rain will FREEZE overnight tonight- lucky us. Yet another reason to move to FL.

We stopped on more place to rent movies at a Redbox and pick up some fresh fruit, movie candy, and laundry detergent.  Again, very exciting evening.  We attempted to watch a movie we rented, and it wasn’t any good, so we opted out for America’s Funniest Home Videos and a Michael Jackson Tribute show.  We have an hour to go until the stroke of Midnight, and Craig is out cold. The kids are enjoying the lap tops we got them for Christmas, and I am watching Dick Clark’s Rocking Eve.  It’s on our life bucket list, to see New Year’s Eve in NY some day.

The ball just dropped in NY, very exciting. We loved watching Conan every New Years in the past because he would celebrate the Central Time Zone New Year’s Eve… we somehow always get left out of the celebration! How cool it will be to be in the NY time zone next year- actual real time when the ball drops!

It just struck Midnight here………………………WE ARE MOVING TO FLORIDA THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!

~The Petermann Family

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  1. Amy, I am so excited for your family and I hope you know I
    am jealous! just know I will be asking you alot of questions on how
    to make a move like that happen. I have to say Happy New years to
    your family from mine. I am so truly grateful for you sharing your
    adventures. and hope that someday we will be neighbors in FL and
    can share memories of fireworks, parades & meets of WDW.
    (HUGS), Shelley


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