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One Step Closer…

Back in August of 2010, we had spent a lot of time telling each other that the remainder of 2010 would fly by, and we would be in 2011 before we knew it. Wow did it fly by, and here we are in 2011. We are moving THIS YEAR! There were times I never thought I could say that! I wanted to take a small amount of time to let you know some of the things that we are going to be doing in 2011 – in general, and with the blog.

It was always my hope from the start that this blog would be able to help others realize that taking that step off the edge to follow your dream is not as hard as it appears. I think and hope that we are doing that, but it has also turned into so much more. I never would have imagined the response that we have gotten this past year. There have been so many people who have supported us, and cheered us on. I have always told everyone that the Disney community is an amazing group of people, and this has reaffirmed that like I never thought possible.

With 5 months left, my research efforts are now going to kick into high gear. It is my goal to head to Florida for two weeks later this spring to work on finding our place to live, and return home with keys in hand. Thankfully, I can work from my hotel during the day, and spend the evening looking for that perfect place. I am going to do a great deal of research online, and hope to compile a list of ten apartments that I want to look into, based on the criteria that we have decided upon – such as cost, size, location, etc. Once those two weeks get closer, I will do some research on rental homes that are available, and find a few of those that I will check out once I get there too.

I have bookmarked every middle and high school in the FL area, and will check out a lot of those as well. I have found a website that will tell you the schools that are in the area based on the address that you supply, so that will help tell us what is in the area that we are looking. The cities that we are focusing our search on are the Kissimmee, St Cloud, Clermont area, along with Windermere and the general area south of Orlando.

In the mean time, we have decided long ago that we intend to sell or donate all of our furniture, since it is fairly old. We have already reserved the pull behind u-haul trailer, and I have taped off an area in the basement that represents the size of that trailer – so we all have a visual reminder of the space we have to work with. We are taking time to go through everything we have, and prepare for our garage sale in May. It is a long and sometimes emotional process, but at the same time, very exciting.

As I continue my research, I am going to expand upon my ‘Relocation Information’ tab on the blog to make sure that the resources I come across are available for anyone else who can find that information useful.

We will continue to grow the blog too. Along with talking about our journey the next 5 months, once we are relocated, we hope to report a great deal on new and existing items in the Parks.

We also had an idea that we are really excited about! We want to have an annual ‘get together’ with everyone who has relocated to central Florida. There are many already there, and many more like us, making plans now.  How wonderful would it be to have one time each year that we all get together, spend some time in the Parks, and maybe all sit down for a meal and talk about the amazing decision that we have all made. It would be my hope that this group would grow larger and larger each year as more have decided to follow their dreams.

We have been waiting for what seems like forever for 2011 to arrive, and now it’s here!  While we have so much to do in the next 5 months – it is going to be exciting, fun, nerve-wracking at times, but always one step closer to that dream with every passing day. We all hope to meet each and every one of you – whether while you are visiting on vacation, or moving just down the road.

Thanks again, and buckle up, because it is full speed ahead!

~Carl Peters

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  1. Wonderful post Craig. My wife and I are going through a
    similar process of downsizing and simplifying. It is difficult.
    Could you perhaps write a post sometime in the future detailing the
    process you are using with respect to going through everything. I
    imagine it is emotional at times, but do you have something that
    guides your decisions? Curious.


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