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Fridays with Friends… Meet Lee Cockerell

When was your first trip to Walt Disney World?

Believe it or not I was never at Walt Disney World until I interviewed with them to join the company to go to France as Director of Food and Beverage for the opening of Disneyland Paris 1990. We lived in California in the 70’s and went to Disneyland four times when our son Daniel was two years old. We took him once and then left him at home the other three times. He is well adjusted as two year olds don’t remember being left at home. We had more fun without changing diapers and the such at Disneyland.

What is your favorite Disney Attraction and why?

I really love Rock and Roller Coaster because of the high speed take off and a thrill a second. If your are sleepy and tired, this is the attraction to wake you up.
Are you involved in any Disney Websites? If so, which one(s)?

I am not involved in any particular Disney Website but look at several from time to time. They have been great at recommending my book Creating Magic and my new iPhone Creating Magic app.

When was your last WDW vacation?

I don’t have WDW vacations since I live five minutes from Disney. I just went to the Candlelight processional last Sunday and just returned yesterday from a four day Disney Wonder cruise so I get a good dose of Disney often, especially since my son Daniel is VP of Epcot.

 What is your favorite Disney Character?

I would have to say Tigger. I like his high energy. He is always on the go and bouncing around having fun.

 What is your favorite time to go to WDW?

Christmas is my favorite…..and Halloween is fun too with my three grandchildren, Jullian, Margot and Tristan. They get more candy that they should and have a great time.

What is your favorite WDW Memory?

That is an easy question…9/11 is my best memory because I saw how great our cast members were that day. They stayed cool, calm and collected as we evacuated the parks and took special care of our guests that day and the days following that tragic event. They showed what big league professionalism looks like under fire.

What else would you like us to know about you?

I would like everyone to know that I have my own company now called, Lee Cockerell, LLC. I do keynote speeches and workshops on leadership, management and service excellence all over the world. My website is: At that site you can sign up for my free blog, see my list of seminars and workshops, buy my book and app and learn more about what I am doing. I love helping people think differently so they can achieve better results in all parts of their lives. My on-line store for Creating Magic merchandise is: Creating Magic On-Line

The links to all of my work are on my website. I also am working with a group to help companies save 12-20% of their benefit costs. Anyone interested in learning more about this can contact me at:

We are talking about saving 1M dollars per year, per 1000 employees. I will be heading to Iraq on February 11 to continue my leadership work with the US Army. Without our military we would not be still free after 234 years. They are the only reason we are free and the only reason many other countries in the world are free.

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  1. I got halfway through Lee’s book before I had to return it to the library – no more renewals allowed. Some of his tips can be implemented here at home.


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