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Checking it Once, Checking it Twice

I have found that with relocating one’s life, you must be willing to make friends with either a note pad or book. Why you ask? Relocation is all about making lists. Lists for EVERYTHING you are doing, about  to do, and your future “do’s.”  We thought it would be fun to share with you the checklists we have made for our move, in the hopes that it helps and/or sheds light on things you maybe never even thought of. Let’s begin!

Garage Sale

  • Box items into categories
  • Gather Shopping Bags/boxes over the next months
  • Make Business Cards with our blog information to throw into bags
  • Make Bakery/Snacks list to sell at Sale
  • Book tables for the event
  • Lock in people to help at the sale
  • Write up the ad
  • Get change from the bank/have cash box ready
  • Make signs that are clear, visible, and to the point
  • Arrange for pick up of all items not sold

Pre-May Days

  • Research Rentals
  • Make Appointments to View Rentals
  • Have information ready on schools to visit
  • Book Extend-A-Stay for May
  • Give 30 Day Notice to Landlord
  • Tune-up/ Oil change on Van and Car
  • Have all financial responsibilities taken care of here

May Days

  • View and choose which rental to live in
  • Visit schools near the choice of residence
  • Take a tour of the city to see where everything is located
  • Visit the DMV to see what we will need to move forward with new drivers licenses and plates
  • Pick up necessities for the home
  • Measure room sizes for anything we would like to order online
  • Buy plane ticket to fly home/ leave car in FL at new home

Send-off Party

  • Book place to have it
  • Make Guest list
  • Write letters of goodbye
  • Decide on food

 Rental Responsibilites

  • Have Carpets cleaned
  • Have Walk-Thru with Landlord
  • Clean every room from top to bottom
  • Arrange for garbage/mattresses to be picked up
  • Stop mail and forward to new address

 LDD… Last Days Do’s

  • Pick up U-Haul Trailer
  • Get Trailer Hitch installed
  • Take last pictures in town
  • Book hotel for last night in town
  • Decide on last dinner here
  • Pack Van and Trailer
  • Say Goodbye to Family/Friends

 The Journey

  • Take pictures in each state we drive through
  • Blog/ Twitter our accomplishments along the way
  • Book hotel in GA

Welcome Home

  • Unpack U-Haul/ Return
  • Head out to choose furniture
  • Pick up the smaller items at Wal-Mart
  • Buy Groceries
  • Contact Local Post Office, Cable, Phone, Electric, and Water Companies
  • Get new licenses and plates at DMV
  • Switch over auto insurance
  • Plan meals with FL friends to break up the hard work of getting settled
  • Buy Annual Passes
  • Open Bank account at local bank
  • Find a Church
  • Locate the nearest Hospital, Doctor’s Office, and Dental Office

Now, I know there are probably a number of things I am forgetting, but I will update this post as time goes on.  Our excitement increases as each day passes, and we are so fortunate and blessed to have you all along for the ride. Please feel free to  let us know what we maybe forgetting… enjoy your day!


  1. Hi, Amy, and all potential relocators :)! I started reading this blog when I learned about it via the Be Our Guest podcast, but haven’t posted a comment before (though Amy recently accepted my friend request on facebook :). This blog has been invaluable in the practical aspects and the emotional aspects as my husband and I hope to relocate this year as well. In response to this post, I wanted to share a site that I’ve found to be super helpful:

    Front Door is run by HGTV, and is primarily a real estate source site. BUT, if you visit this home page and scroll down (look on the left), you’ll find a section called “Moving and Relocation” filled with tips and tricks, and–yes–lists for every aspect of your move. Might be worth checking out–though your list looks great so far!

    Take care!


  2. Hey Amy, just a few helpful tidbits since we know what it’s
    like to relocate to FL… You have to have proof of local auto
    insurance before doing anything with the DMV. Not too difficult —
    we found State Farm to be incredibly reasonable, with higher
    coverage for a MUCH lower price than we paid in Las Vegas! Unlike
    most states, Florida has separate locations for registration
    & driver license needs. We brought books to each place,
    expecting a super long wait, and they laughed at us. 🙂 I’m sure
    you’ll have a pretty easy time of it in July! We discovered that
    you can also contact the utility companies prior to moving in, and
    give them an expected date of arrival so that you have things like
    power & water when you get in. Being able to do simple
    stuff, like flush, is handy, right? FYI – Shopping for a bed was
    our first errand! 😀 Congrats again! Would love to meet up with ya
    once you’re settled in! ~Jen


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