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It’s Not Just Disney

Carl came up with this brilliant topic before dinner this evening, and I LOVED it. We both have found ourselves more and more saying  “It’s not JUST Disney” on the topic of why we are moving to Florida. Now we aren’t going to kid you, it’s a very big part, but we are moving to Florida for so much more.  Pull up a chair while we tell you why.

Weather – Here and There

I have touched on this before, but it bears repeating… I am sick of the cold and snow. – we all have had enough.  We look forward to warmer days of shorts and t-shirts and being able to take a walk on a January evening, without having to be pent up in home because of the snow and ice all over our driveway and road.  We know FL will be cold occasionally, and we will be used to it, so it will be just fine for us.  An occasional cold snap is fine compared to 5 months straight of it! I love the Florida evenings, even the hot and humid ones.  Just to be able to be there and enjoy it without worry of snow and the threat of cold weather….. sooo priceless.


The proximity of Orlando to other areas is endless.  Being in the middle of the state, an hour east you hit the Kennedy Space Center, you go an hour northeast, and you hit Daytona. If you go an hour southwest, you are in Tampa, or head south to hit Miami and the Florida Keys.  It will be quite convenient to be only half hour from the Airport, and minutes from Universal Studios and Sea World.

What To Do

I know that it has taken me years to see everything I have wanted to here in the Midwest… I can’t imagine how long it will take us to see and do everything in Florida. I am personally excited to have my first butter beer at the Harry Potter area of US, and feed the dolphins again at Sea World. Being close to a port is also exciting to us because we have never been on a cruise yet, and we will finally get to in 2012.  Not only that, but we will also be able to check out Georgia and other southern states a bit easier-yes, we could before, but it would have been quite the hike.

Life is about Change

Our family has always been a family who likes to try new things and have an adventure whenever we can. As much as we have enjoyed WI, Florida is a new adventure that has really gotten a hold of us.  We have had many a discussion on how to keep life exciting, happy, and more importantly, moving forward. Florida will bring as many blessings as challenges, and as a family, we will be ready for them.

Living in Florida will allow for other Destination Choices

Every vacation we have taken that has required a week or more, many months of saving and planning, has always been to WDW. We feel that to try something new, as cool as it may be, it would be yet another year or more before we would be able to head home to our beloved Disney.  Living in the Orlando area, will give us the freedom to vacation other places. We hope to visit D.C., Colorado, Vegas, CA, and hopefully Hawaii.

Different Places to Work

Carl has been blessed with a fantastic job that can move wherever we go, but I have always wanted to work at WDW. Now, I do understand that working and playing there are two COMPLETELY different things, but I am looking for only part-time to get my feet wet and enjoy my passion. I obviously can’t work for WDW here in WI, so the Disney choice is very exciting to me.  Thankfully, I don’t have to work for quite some time after we move to FL. It leaves lots of time to help the kids with school, and numerous lunches and walks with Disney friends during the work week.

Quality of Life

We finally asked ourselves one day on a walk during summer “Why not?” Those light bulb moments of “What am I waiting for?” are some of my favorite ones! We get one shot on this planet to not only to love the Lord, but to show him what we can do with the gift he gave us… and I don’t want to squander that gift.  Noone ever has to stay in one spot- there is so much out there to live and do!  The endless experiences that await us, the friendships we have yet to make, the family that will get to experience something because we moved there… it is the quality of life that we crave for. Every life has a new chapter, and we are so incredibly happy to start this one soon.

So as much as we love Disney, we are so excited for everything Florida has to offer. Stay tuned, for as each day passes, we are getting closer to our dreams!


  1. Hi Amy! Having lived in Florida and worked at Disney, I am enjoying so much reading your blog and reliving adventures I had and of course, missing living in Florida very much. I understand completely your posts and find myself saying, “that’s me!” I just wanted to share a couple of great places to go for walks and get to know Florida better. Henry P Leu Garden on the north side of Orlando is a great park to go for walks and it’s free on Mondays. Disney Conservancy south of Kissimmee is a beautiful area, too.


  2. I always felt so alone with my urge to move to Florida.
    Friends and family around me don’t share my Disney passion. I love
    reading your blog, love it that I can relate to all that you are
    writing. Hope we can meet in person some day


  3. Ditto to Amy and all the comment folks… I’ll see you all there one of these days and we’ll all say “Welcome Home” :)!


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