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Cast Member Kindness

We have all experienced talking and/or interacting with a Cast Member at one time or another. For those of you who haven’t, a Cast Member is the wonderful name given to the Disney employees.  The reason they are called “Cast Members” is because while working they are “on stage” and are a apart of a huge play in which they, the cast, are their  to help and entertain you.  Today’s blog is a nod to some of our favorite Cast Members who have made our vacations that much better – here’s to you special guys and gals!

We had arrived to a crowded and congested evening at the Magic Kingdom in October of 2007.  We had just gotten to Florida that afternoon, so we weren’t expecting to get on much of anything. After a quick bite to eat at Cosmic Ray’s, we headed into Adventureland.  The line for Pirates of the Caribbean was out of the building, which is never a good sign.  We started to walk away, a bit self-defeated, when a young Cast Member in a purple shirt asked us if we would like to walk right on to Pirates. We laughed nervously… was he for real? Well, it was the Year of a Million Dreams, and we were getting our first dream.  We got to walk to the back door of Pirates and right into the area where you board the boat.  We were so happy and excited that after the ride, we asked if the kids could get a picture with him.  If you are reading this, we thank you for that wonderful start to our trip!

If you are an avid reader of our blog, you know that OUR Jessie is a big fan of Jessie, the cowgirl. It is tradition in our family to find Jessie for a pic each vacation, along with something she has made for her.  Jessie had spent some time drawing a picture for her on the Dec 2005 trip, but we couldn’t find her for the life of us.  We finally asked a Cast Member of the Dream Team who made a phone call at the Pooh ride to find out for us.  Jessie would be near Splash Mountain that day, so we got in line to be first and cheered when Jessie came out.  Thank you to the CM who helped make our little girl’s day!

During Belle’s first trip to Epcot, we were hanging out in Mexico when a dance group came out.  They pulled shy Belle into dance, and she had a blast.  Thank you to those dancers who helped her come out of her shell.

During our Anniversary vacation, we were fortunate enough to take the Keys to the Kingdom tour.  We had a wonderful tour guide, and I loved her energy and excitement for her job.  She made everyone feel at ease, even after we lost two people in the crowd.  She has inspired me to someday be a Tour Guide as well at the Magic Kingdom.

When I was there on my 21st Birthday, I thought it could be so much fun to get a picture with a CM from each Country in Epcot.  I decided to not only do that, but to have each CM sign my Epcot Passport book with “Happy Birthday” in their own language- still have it and love it! Try it yourself by having your family, or yourself, get your picture with someone from each Country, Attraction, or Show.  The Characters get a lot of the attention, but how nice it would be to ask the Character Handler for a picture instead? Try it, it’s a great reaction!d2_WDWOct07b 025

I encourage you to interact with Cast Members as much as possible during your vacation. Whether it be at the Food Court, or waiting for a ride… THANK them for their hard work.  SMILE when you see them…and give them a break when they just aren’t having a good day. We are all human, so leave some room for them as well.  They are a part of the magic we all love so much there, and to appreciate them is showing them their well earned respect. Thanks to each and every one of you who have made our trips incredible.


  1. Hi! Love the latest blog! I remember one cast member from our trip to Hollywood Studios in 2008. Our whole family was sick… While waiting for the Parade to come the cast members were out in the street clearing the way and my daughter ran out to the middle of the road. The cast member bent down and pulled out a little bottle and blew bubbles for her. My daughter just lit up with a smile and tried to catch them as the bubbles flew through the air. When my daughter came back to us the cast member came over and gave us the bottle of bubbles. We thanked her and then watched the parade. Then, later that night we went to see Fantasmic. We were seated an waiting for the show to start when that same cast member saw us, came over and asked if we were feeling better and talked to our daughter for a bit. She then said she had to leave. A few minutes later she came back and with certificates for both my son and daughter with their names on them and Mickey bubbles drawn all over them. If was such a nice thing for her to do. We put them in our photo albums and I can’t help but thank “Christine” from the Parade crew each time I look at them. Just thought I would share a bit of how the Magic has touched our family’s lives. -Bill Aiken


  2. Hi Amy,
    Whenever we are at a park we always try to engage the CM’s in some sort of conversation. My wife (2o visits), myself (6) and our 2 youngn’s (6) had a great experience at the DL resort 6 years ago. Our then 8 yr old son LOVED Stitch, but when ever we tried to see him we were always ‘just too late’. On our second last day we found an interactive session in Innoventions (a process that was later to become the Crush exit at WDW).

    Again we were too late, and I asked the CM (Dan) if there were any show times before we had to leave to catch our flight the next day. He quietly told me that if were in line at a specific time the we’d be sure to meet the little blue fellow. I thanked him and as I turned to leave I heard that distinctive “Stitch” voice say “See you later”. I looked back only to see a wide grin on the CM’s face.

    The next day our kids got to have a fantastic time with an interactive Stitch, and he even bid them “Have a safe flight home”.

    Thanks Dan


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