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Let Disney Free You from the “Blech”

Seriously, I don’t know if I will make it through this Winter.  I hate the cold, I hate the wind, I hate the ice. But you know what I hate even more? Everyone thinks that this white stuff that sticks to my lawn, killing my grass, making my car spin out on the road is soooooooooo pretty- what people call “Snow” I would like to call “Blech.”  Great on Christmas day, and that is the ONLY day it should ever be allowed on. So, let’s see if we can, together, figure out how to keep my sanity and yours during these boring, cold days.

First off, I love watching any Disney home movie or Disney Planning DVD.  Seeing the bright blue sky of Florida, the palm trees swaying in the warm winds, and everyone in shorts smiling is serious sunshine for my soul.  Watch as a family, or invite others over and make a party of it.  I guarantee that when others see your excitement about what magic Disney brings, they will want to go to and ask you for help planning it.  Planning a trip to WDW will help  chase the winter blues away and give you something to look forward too.

Get out of the house and do something you have or haven’t done before.  Have you seen Tangled, Tron, or the new Narnia movie yet? All three are wonderful entertainment for the family, although Tangled and Narnia are more for the youngers kids, than Tron is.  We like to head to Barnes and Noble and head to the Travel section to check out the newest Disney World travel book- it’s a treat to smell the coffee brewing from the café while curling up with a book.  Not only does it get you out of the house, but it gives you great travel tips for your next WDW vacation.

Have a WDW vacation planned already? Beat the winter blues and head to your favorite clothes store. Right now they have the summer stuff starting to come out… I know, it’s January… everyone needs a tiny bikini in January, right? LOL  First off, most of us need to lose the winter weight before we go near a swimming suit, and second, most of us aren’t lucky enough to be heading to warmer climates during the cold winter months. BUT, if you are one of the lucky ones, getting out to buy your t-shirts, shorts, capris, and even flip-flops can help build the excitement for your trip, plus be an inspiration for any weight you may want to lose.

Distract yourself.  I know, this sounds funny, but I love keeping busy. The minute I find myself going “Now what?” means I have reached boredom.  As you can imagine, relocating keeps you VERY busy.  From boxes to sort through, to endless places to research for living, Carl and I both stay quite busy.  But nonetheless, I really have a hard time when I want to take a break from it all and I can’t walk outside for awhile.   We walk so much during the summers that it becomes an addiction- when we don’t or can’t walk, I feel off the next day.  We invested in the Wii Fit Plus game, and we have really enjoyed it.  I love the yoga on it and I may even take up a yoga class to try something new- exercise really does make you feel better and beat the blues. Sweeten the deal with some relaxing “Innoventions” music while you relax.

Make a Disney treat for the family. Mom bought us a waffle maker for Christmas, and on one cold Sunday morning this past month, Carl surprised us with Mickey waffles for breakfast.  A new treat on a cold morning was a nice pick me up and start to our day.  If not a Disney treat, try out a new recipe- if you got to stay inside, might as well cook or bake. Have no one to bake/cook for? Make some yummy items for a local Shelter or church- they would appreciate your generosity and it will make you feel oh so good inside!

Put your shorts on in the house.  I know for some of you it’s so cold in your house, due to the fact that heating costs continue to rise, that this may not be an option.  For those of you who can afford too, it’s a great feeling.  In fact, putting your t-shirt, shorts, and then tennis shoes on while cleaning  or going about your business is really freeing while the snow falls outside.  I find that when I do this I have tons more energy and I don’t get as tired as I do when I tend to sit in my pjs all day. (Something about pjs makes you sleepy…)

Use Social Media to fight off the winter doldrums.  You Tube is a plethora of not only WDW Ride videos, but have you seriously taken time to see all of the cat flushing, hamster on pianos, Twilight fandom, and flash mob videos that are out there?  Escape into someone’s Caribbean home video, or watch a how to video on something you haven’t tried before.  Strike up a conversation with friends on Facebook, or organize your Walt Disney World pictures on your computer.  Start a blog or fan page that showcases your passion for Disney, or anything else that you love. I can tell you from first hand experience that blogging will keep you busy and your mind sharp… well, most of the time.  I have had my moments where I SWEAR I can smell smoke coming from my brain from the overload of ideas.  In summation, enjoy the variety of Social Media, WHILE sitting In your swimsuit and shorts!

Work on filling in your calender, during the cold months, with outings of friends and family so you have something to look forward to.  When I have a weekend booked for dinners out or, ehem, Packers beating the Bears NFC game, it’s a nice light at the end of a very cold and dark tunnel. Making plans keeps not only you sane, but you may be helping others beat their winter depression as well.

Sing and dance like noone’s watching. Make the spouse take the kids away for a couple of hours and just blast you favorite music.  Lately, I have been listening to the Tangled CD quite a bit, and I love to belt out “And I finally see the light…” while cleaning or doing the laundry. Need a pick me up? Play “Under the Sea” from the Little Mermaid, and I DARE you not to smile and dance.  Let Disney music, or ANY music, take you away from your blues for awhile.

We all get the winter blues, unless you are the lucky ones who already live in the south.  If you are the lucky, please keep all of the “cold ones”, which I mean people who live in cold climates and not vampires from Twilight, in your thoughts while you are sizzling on a beach somewhere.  So until Spring, until I see the green of grass again, I wish all of my “cold ones” warm wishes and margarita dreams.


  1. That is just how I felt my last winter in Oregon. We didn’t have as much snow, we had cold, grey, drizzly days. So depressing, especially since I knew Florida was almost in my grasp.

    It will come, sooner than you think. The cold, snowy days will fly by and then you can start your new life in Mickeytown.


  2. Thanks for this! I totally spent an entire morning last week watching all my WDW promotional videos from the past 10 years. It felt warm =D


  3. This gets me excited even more for our trip to Florida… TOMORROW! Yes, we leave tomorrow for ORLANDOOOOOOO! I’m really looking forward to seeing the Animal Kingdom park for the first time. If we have wi-fi access we will give you an update on how things are going. 🙂


  4. I am sooo going out today to get the Mickey waffle maker…yummy!! Then I am going to eat a waffle and hit youtube! Thanks for this! On top of having winter blues here in Chicago…out Bears lost yesterday…waaaahaaaaa!!!


  5. I loved this post! I can so relate – living in Maine. I find that I miss color. There is too much white & gray out there. We have just had another snow day 😦


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