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The Resort Rumpus

Once you have gone to Walt Disney World a couple of times, you get quite familiar with your surroundings, along with your likes and dislikes.  Booking that once park packed week isn’t as much a priority anymore as is enjoying time on WDW Property at a more relaxed pace.  A great way to still feel the magic, without stepping foot into a Park, is WDW Resort hopping.  So grab your car, or the nearest Disney bus, and come with me as we explore the Disney Property!

In May of 2005, we would accomplish hitting several Resorts in the same vacation. With extra time on our hands, we were super excited to check out Resorts that we had and hadn’t been too in awhile.  Our first stop would be Port Orleans Riverside, but we knew it as “Dixie Landings.”  We had such a great trip here in 1999, so we decided to show Emily around and play at the playground for awhile.

Another great reason to Resort hop is to try out all of the cool Disney transportation.  We loved the boat ride from Port Orleans Riverside over to Downtown Disney- it’s a great way to see the old Treehouse Villas and Disney Institute.

The next day we would sign up for the DVC tour, which they were pushing pretty hard in 2005. We were offered the tour from our Disney Resort, and with it came free snacks, free vouchers for a Disney meal, and free ice cream at the end of the tour.  We didn’t sign up to be DVC Members, but we enjoyed seeing the rooms at Saratoga Springs, along with taking advantage of the daycare they provided for Emily.

After the tour they offered to drive us anywhere we wanted to go on Disney property, so we opted for the Yacht and Beach Club.  We had never been to it, so we took a tour of the grounds and the hotel.  We walked on over to the Boardwalk Resort, another new one for us.  It was great to be relaxed and have nothing to do but explore. We ended our day at Coronado Springs where we would use our meal vouchers to their best potential. We enjoyed a nice meal, and picked up a friend along the way, named Stitch.

Following that day we would do the Magic Kingdom Loop circle of Resorts.  We started at the Polynesian Resort, enjoying the beauty of the foliage and the gorgeous lobby.  It was very warm that day, and I remember thinking I was seriously starting to sizzle on the sidewalk, but it was too pretty to not walk around.

Next we headed to the Grand Floridian where we felt incredibly elegant the minute upon walking inside the door.  We had a great time walking up and down the staircases, and enjoyed a wonderful light lunch on the patio near the Marina.  We had a beautiful view of the water, the Monorail, and the Castle.

Another day we headed to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, where we enjoyed the public balconies.  Having never been there before, it was a treat to see it as an adventure in the wild, looking out onto the savannahs and having a bite to eat in the food court area.

We planned on finally getting to see the outdoor movie at Fort Wilderness that evening. We weren’t as pleased to find out it was “Home on the Range,” but a Disney movie is still a Disney movie.  We found any movie to be tolerable with a good snack and good seats- can’t beat roasting marshmellows, the Florida warm air, singing camp songs, and hanging out with Chip and Dale.  It – It was a great activity for little to no money, we hope to try it again when we move to FL.  I really enjoyed Fort Wilderness- I am an Outdoorsy girl and it excited me to know I would be able to still enjoy camping and Disney World together.

We enjoyed Resort hopping so much that we did it again in October 2007 and June 2009.  We toured Caribbean Beach Resort to see about staying there for our next vacation. If they have a room available, Cast Members will show you one if you ask nicely at the front desk.  Just another perk of checking out what other Disney Resorts have to offer.

After a great meal at Coronado Springs one evening, we had an awesome time enjoying the white sand and messing around.  Don’t forget to play… play at any age, but don’t lose sight of your inner child.  My inner child seems to come out ten fold in WDW, does yours?

I hope you have enjoyed the Resort Rumpus with my family and I.. make time to have your own with yours.  I guarantee you will have a blast!


  1. Resort hopping has become a habit with our DVC stays! This past July we moved from Bay Lake Tower, to Beach Club, then to Boardwalk. It’s not only fun to check out the resorts but the amenities are fantastic!

    This past Christmas we spent time at our Beach Club home, Riverside, and Villas at Wilderness Lodge! Again, the hopping was a blast!

    Our goal is to stay at all of the DVC resorts!


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