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Decorating Your Resort Room

We have had the distinct pleasure of being able to celebrate holidays, birthdays, and even our anniversary at Walt Disney World.  There is no better way to honor it than by dressing up the Resort room and windows a bit to celebrate the special occasion in your life.  So today’s blog is all about decorating and how to keep it fun for the whole family without having to spend a lot to do it.

For our Wedding Anniversary, we spent a wonderful stay at the Caribbean Beach Resort.  Before leaving home for this special trip, I took an afternoon after work to check out our local Dollar Store.  Because we would be attending the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party during our stay in September, I thought it would be fun to decorate our window with something Halloween themed.  So I bought a large Frankenstein, made him his own Mickey ears, made him a lime green Mickey for the “DIS,” and last but not least, a balloon that said “Happy Birthday!” Just remember that if you see something that may not be Disney themed, doesn’t mean you can’t “Disney it up” yourself.   We had a good laugh attaching him in the window, using a minimum amount of tape and suction cups so that we would not hurt the window at all.  Which leads into my next tip… decorating is ok as long as you leave the room how you found it when you first got there.

I have read on the “DIS” Boards that Disney Management was cracking down on those who were decorating their room windows.  In my experience, having done it several times, we have never been asked once to take it down or been charged for anything.  That said, we don’t leave any tape residue behind on the windows, so there would be nothing for them to nail us on.  Just be mindful that they don’t want to take the extra time to clean off the tape or anything else you used to hang something else up with and PLEASE make sure to take your decorations home with you. Again, it’s not their job to take them down for you, and I have been told they will charge you if you leave them up after you have left.

During our October 2007 vacation, the kids decided to make Halloween themed drawings at home to bring to hang in the window. Not only was it exciting for them to do before the trip, but it was a nice way to showcase what they were proud of.  We bought some pumpkin window decals, which I have to tell you are the best way to decorate because they come on and off quite easily, and also added in some themed Halloween Lilo and Stitch Beanie Characters.

On another trip, we decided to buy the sparkly strands to hang from the top of the window, and then again invested in Christmas themed window decals.  It is quite hard to find Disney themed ones unless you have a local Walgreens, and even then they have been gearing more towards the gel type ones that are not only expensive, but you get so few to decorate with.  Again, its about decorating inexpensively so you can use those Disney dollars for the Parks and other fun stuff.  Don’t spend a ton on decorating when you will barely be in the room to begin with!

So let’s talk the inside of the room- how can you decorate in there? Well, for our Anniversary trip I used a Mickey punch and made a bunch of Mickey confetti that I sprinkled around the room for our big day.  A small thing to do, but a fun thing to spruce up the room- and YES I did clean it all up and even brought it home to use again somewhere along the line.  I have heard of those bringing mini-Christmas trees for Christmas time to light up and enjoy in their room- cute idea, but make sure that you have the means to bring it. Flying would make bringing any size tree difficult, but you could purchase one in FL when you arrive and then give it to someone else before leaving.

Sometimes the Resort windows are decorated for you by Mousekeeping.  We have had several surprises of coming back from the Parks with something hanging or sitting in our window.  The kids scream with joy to see their furry or doll friends waiting for their arrival home.

Keep it simple, keep it fun, and keep it clean.  I hope these have helped you out, and enjoy decorating your Resort room!


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