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Making Your Own “Kitchen Sink” Treat from Disney World

Has anyone ever asked you “How much is too much?” I am not a fan of this question, because my judgment can be quite clouded when I am in Walt Disney World especially… but can there ever be a thing as too much Ice Cream?  I’m thinking no, especially when you are on vacation! A hidden treasure on the Disney Property can be found at the Beach Club, at a small Ice Cream Parlor called “Beaches N Cream.”  What is this wonder or wonders? What can make grown men swoon at the mention of its name? It is known as the “Kitchen Sink” and it is nothing like your Grandma’s bowl of ice cream.

Let’s talk turkey…err… I mean, Ice Cream.  The “Kitchen Sink” is made up of everything that you wish you could eat in one sitting, without feeling that you just committed some kind of gluttony sin.  Take 8 cups of any flavored ice cream, add a bunch of fruit to make it healthy, throw in some cake and cookies, and add a can of whip cream to the top.  Now, this won’t be cheap- the total cost of items came to around $27, but we did have left overs. After much research, we found the recipe below online and here is how we made it.

  1. Find a large bowl, and when I say a large bowl, I mean a LARGE bowl. You are going to be putting a lot of high and empty calorie items in this bowl, so you need room for them.  Line the bottom with Caramel topping, enough to cover the bottom of the bowl.
  2. Next, decide on your 8 cups of Ice Cream.  We purchased Neopolitan Ice Cream so that we didn’t have to buy three different types of ice cream, keeping the cost down.  Scoop ‘em up and throw ‘em in.
  3. Add Pineapple and Strawberry toppings to the top of the ice cream, again, as much as you want to eat.
  4. Trim up some naners… no, not your Nana, your naners. Ok, for those of you who don’t talk fruit, chop up some BANANAS.
  5. Go grab a can of whip cream, or a tub of cool whip, BUT a dab wont der ya. You need to spray or add that entire tub of cream to the top of your yummy goodness. Yes, the whole can. Add in your Marshmallow topping.
  6. Add Angel Food Cake, Brownies, 4 Reduced Fat Oreos (LOL), and a Milky Way Candy Bar.
  7. Get out the chocolate syrup and sprinkles, and go to town on the top.
  8. Last, but not least, add the cherries to top off your Kitchen Sink. Get busy eating because the whip cream will start to melt, and then you will just have a huge bowl of Ice Cream soup.

Now, we made this last year as a homage to our beloved treat we got to experience in June of 2009.  I can tell you that we actually “prepared” ourselves for the one at the Beaches N Cream by not eating any lunch that day.  We should have called ahead to see the wait time, as we were not aware there would be one.  So my first tip on getting to eat at Beaches N Cream would be to call ahead to see on the wait time.  Once we gave our name at the podium outside the Parlor, we were given a beeper that we had to keep on us and stay in a certain radius. The grounds are breathtaking, so we relaxed on their beach until we were beeped. 

We would wait about 45 minutes until the beeper went off and we were seated in a comfortable booth.  Since it was our first time here, we were unaware of how small and petite the place really was.  From how popular the Kitchen Sink is, I was shocked to see it so small and not bigger.  We ordered the Kitchen Sink and a couple of drinks and before we knew it, we were all scooping up the delicious treat.  We cleaned our sink, and actually were even still hungry after.  I have to say the one we made at home was much bigger… and we had a hard time finishing it. They do serve other Ice Cream treats, but we encourage you to try it once on your next Disney vacation or make your own at home with the recipe below- enjoy!

8 Cups of Ice Cream


Large Brownie

Angel Food Cake

Milky Way Candy Bar

4 Oreos

Caramel, Strawberry, Pineapple Toppings

Marshmallow Topping



Chocolate Syrup

Can/Tub of Whip Cream


  1. Looks very good but itd make me sick…I miss being able to eat ice cream..had I known about this 3 yrs ago I’d definitely dig in..chocolate, caramel, strawberries & nanas..can’t go wrong there at all.


  2. Already have the Neopolitan ice cream and the naners…..really tempted to go out and get the rest of the ingredients for this!!!!


  3. I did this with some friends back in 2007 when I was on the College Program and one of us was heading back home to Scotland. (Working at the parks truly is an adventure if all the people who you get to work with)
    We ended up getting there when they opened at 10am and this was definently the breakfast of champions.
    Ghiradelli also has something similar and if you are coming with a group of people who don’t mind sharing one big treat, the price will be a big savings as opposed to buying everyone their own individual dessert. :o)


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