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Space Madness… Using those “Space Bags”

So what does our family do on a cold and wintry Saturday morning? Well today we decided to test out our Space Bag that I purchased last night at the Mall  I had seen these several times on the commercials, and thought, “Wow, what a great way to transport clothes and blankets when you are traveling and moving.” Then, it hit me, like a bolt out of the blue- we could use these for our upcoming move!  I was so excited that I went out yesterday shopping with my Mom and picked up one to take on a test drive.

So this morning, the family gathered around in the living room, deciding what we would attempt to put in this jumbo sized Space Bag. We sent the kids to their bedrooms to find any and all blankets they could add to the bag, while we grabbed our bed blankets and the living room ones as well.  One by one, we folded them as small as possible and stacked them inside the bag.

We learned that as you add the items to the bag, you want to press them down as much as possible.  Now, we packed the bag on its own,  but you can stabilize the bag by sitting it in a bin or box that you want to store it in.  It will conform to it as you take the air out, where as we just did the bag on its own for its initial test run.

Printed on the top of the bag is the word “STOP” so you know where to fill your items too.  We had everything stacked, then hubby grabbed the nozzle off the vacuum cleaner.  At first, he couldn’t get the nozzle to attach to the opening of the Space Bag- until he turned it on.  Once the suction started, it all worked out beautifully.

We had a good giggle that we were so excited to see air sucked out of a bag… but it was cool to see it really work. We all have been there where we watch those commercials and think “Sure, I bet that’s a scam.”  Well, we can tell you it worked!

11 total pieces we added to the bag… 1 Queen Size Comforter, 3 Twin Size Comforters, and 7 blankets.  Honestly, we probably could have fit a couple more, we just ran out of blankets!  My mom has used the hanging Space Bag for winter coats and clothes, and she said it works amazing!  Since we have a small U-Haul Trailer and a Mini-Van being the only moving space we have…. every bit will help.

The plan is to buy a Space Bag every pay check until the move. The Jumbo I purchased was $13.99- they also had travel ones (GREAT for those WDW Vacations!!) , hanging Space bags, and different other sizes.  If you don’t want to purchase them online or off the TV, I got lucky and found our Mall recently got the store “TV Frenzies” which carries items only seen on TV.  I am sure places like Wal-mart may have them, along with the Kohl’s Franchise.  But, after checking out their site, (CLICK HERE), they have a great deal where if you buy one set, you can get two free. I think we will invest in this special as well, wherever we can save money!

We just unzipped the bag to let the air out, and it just puffed back up to it’s original size. Again, it’s funny what a kick we got out of this. We really enjoyed this experience, and since our goal is to help others on relocating, packing is a huge part of that.  Any space you can save is a God send, so we encourage you to invest in these for you next vacation or move.  Enjoy!


  1. Space Bags are awesome. I think the majority of my stuff was packed into these when I moved back down here.


  2. I love the space bags too. You have to be careful when using them to pack a suitcase, though. I used them for a European vacation once and they were the only way I was able to fit all my clothes into my suitcase. It was fall and I had to take bulky sweaters, etc. Two of the bags failed and then I couldn’t get all of the stuff that had been in the space bags back into the suitcase. lol I love them for winter coats and blankets, though.


  3. My son is in the Air Force and is currently stationed in Italy. He uses Space Bags every time he travels. The travel ones have to be rolled to get the air out of them, but they do work well.


  4. I always wondered about these. Thanks for sharing! I never know what to pack on our WDW vacations & always take way too much so I’ll have tup keep this in mind. We would like to attend a KLS conference in Aug in San Francisco & since we’d have to fly this could come in handy then too, if we can afford to go…unless we drive across country which I think would be neat but kids would probably kill each other asking the way. I’m gonna have to go get one at our mall & put summer clothes in it. thanks again for sharing!


  5. The bags are also available at Bed Bath and Beyond. I’ve gotten them there and can use one of the many 20% off coupons they offer. I’d like to try the travel ones – please keep us posted on how they work as well.


  6. Also wanted to mention – try laying the items flat, lengthwise in the bag instead of stacking them up. This way, when you suck out the air, the bag will be flattened out and you can easily stack them one on top of they other. This may work better for space in the uhaul.


  7. What a wonderful demonstration of Space Bag products! We’re glad to see the Space Bag High Capacity Cube was able to condense your blankets for the move. Just wanted to let you know that Space Bag has an online community called the Space Savers community that is dedicated to helping people save space both at home and on the go. We have quite a few articles and blog posts full of tips you may find helpful on your move. Feel free to visit us at to learn more or share your story with our members. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Best wishes,
    Space Savers community correspondent


  8. I found you on Facebook a couple days ago and just finished reading your entire blog. It’s wonderful and I am here to tell you, your dreams CAN come true. We just did it May, 2010 and I still can’t believe we live in this beautiful state! As far as Space Bags go, they are great for moving but will also come in handy after the move. Coming from central PA and a house with a huge basement, we have adopted a saying here…”it’s all about the storage.” :o) Also, have you thought about moving using PODS? We did and it worked out really well for us. If you’d like info, let me know. I’d be happy to share our experience. Congratulations and I look forward to reading your continuing adventure!


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