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124 Days…

Today we stand at 124 days… wow.  As fast as time seems to be going, it also feels like it slows down as well. Today I thought I would let you in on how we are doing with our relocating plans and preparation… so sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Let’s talk basement… if you have one, you may have one like mine that seems to be a never ending cave of junk.  We will clean up one corner, and I swear it multiplied and just moved to another side of the basement!  So I have made it my mission these past weeks to get my “Mary Poppins” on – so while cleaning I have running through my head “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You’ll find the fun, and … SNAP! The job’s a game!”  I decided to categorize our items for the garage sale in their own sections, that why eliminating the extra work of having to do it later in May.  I am hoping to also tag so that all I need to do with the basement items is bring them up and organize them on the tables for the sale.

Items that we have of some value, I have been busy taking pictures and writing up copy so that I can showcase them on Ebay in the following months.  Once we get closer I will let you know what we will be selling in case any of you are interested.

Slowly but surely, we have begun the process of cleaning out each closet. The hall closet that contains the plethora of coats, jackets, and extra items has been plucked clean.  We have decided on what coats we will be taking with, and thanks to the Space Bag technology, we should be able to fit them all in one bag and squeeze them in somewhere in the U-Haul trailer.  I encourage you to do whatever you can NOW before you plan on moving- it has helped us out so far to get done things ahead of time.

With every passing paycheck, we are taking the steps needed to secure our relocation finances. Nothing makes my heart warmer than seeing our bank account take leaps and bounds for our dream. Since we wanted the kids involved with every step, we started a change jar a few months ago that they get to add too. It’s a nice reminder of what we are saving for, and also what it’s going to be used for.  We want our children to know the value of a dollar and how important it is to save, so we have had them start saving part of their allowances for the relocation and/or anything else that they would like to buy once arrive in Florida.

My official last day for my job is in April, but I have backed off my hours tremendously because I need the time more than the money.  Money is great, don’t get me wrong, but with everything that has to be done, I haven’t had enough time.  I am LOVING the time at home, and I am incredibly blessed to have such great friends and family who have made time to spend with me.  I even made a crochet date with my best friend each week so we have some girl time and get something made- a win, win situation!

We continue to research the places in Central Florida we are interested in, and we want to thank everyone for their great advice and help on this. When you live 1200 miles away, it can be intimidating to look through so much that is available. We welcome any help from our Floridian friends on the cities that surround Orlando and school systems as well.  Speaking of schools,  Jessie will be officially E-Schooling it for 6th grade.  We had been on the fence about it, but with the bullying issues for the past couple of years, it has made Jessie quite fearful and nervous in several social situations now.  We don’t know if we will continue this method for 7th grade, time will tell how it works for Jessie and our family.  Carl works from home, and I won’t be working for at least a year after moving there, so we’ll both be able to help her with this transition.  If your child does E-Schooling, we would love to hear the pros and cons on it and especially if your child participates in the program through the Central Florida School System.

The space that Carl has taped off to show the size of the trailer has started to fill in.  Anything we come across that we want to keep and move, we toss in bins and those bins are in that space. Now, we will be going through these bins AGAIN before the move, but everything needs a place right now or I will go insane.  I have learned that staying organized during a huge move like this will not only keep your sanity but it keeps your family’s sanity as well.

The girls bedroom has been quite the challenge. We took one Saturday and several empty bins and went to town on their closet, and pretty much every corner.  It usually stays clean for a week and then we are at it again. But, slowly but surely, the kids are starting to let go of things aren’t needed or important to them… and we are happy that we are all on the same page when it comes to getting rid of things.

We keep moving forward, and with each passing day our smiles seem to get wider and wider. We can’t thank you enough for being such a wonderful encouragement to our family, each and every day. Our kids love reading the comments you leave, as do we, and we are all so proud that we have been able to bring people together through our love of Disney and our blog.  Stay tuned as we continue on with our favorite Disney stories, memories, pictures, and relocation tips/updates.  Once we get closer, our posts will be heavily on the relocation side of things. Then after we have moved, we have several surprises in store for our readers on other fun Disney topics.  I am really happy that Carl chose the name “The Relocated Tourist” for this blog because is spans anything to do with travel.  We love our Walt Disney World, but we can’t wait to explore Sea World and Universal Studios again, along with first times to Kennedy Space Center and Busch Gardens.  Once in FL, we hope our blog not only helps those relocate to FL, but also brings people a glimpse of the Disney spirit that we love so much.

Follow your dreams… even if the road may get bumpy, it will be SOOO worth it in the end.  Until the next update,  enjoy your days.


  1. We are in Lake County…our daughter did E-school when we first moved here for a couple of missing classes she would need to graduate..she hated it..she is not good with anything except “in person” teaching. It took forever for teachers to call her back if she had questions also. Maybe her situation was different, I don’t know. But here in Lake County she never had a problem with bullying at all. Our “school” experience here for both her and my son…who is special needs and attends Lake Hills School…has been amazing. I haven’t had one complaint.


  2. I love your last sentence
    “Follow your dreams… even if the road may get bumpy”

    Hopefully my dream of living in Orlando will come true some day.


  3. Hey,
    Sounds like you have been very busy!
    I was just reading your blog for the first time and I just want you to know that I really enjoyed reading it!
    Keep the updates coming!!thanks,


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