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What a Doll

If you have been following our story, you know that our Emily has a huge heart for the Cowgirl we know as “Jessie.”  It didn’t surprise us that once we came across a new Jesse doll during her first Walt Disney World trip, that we became putty in her hands when she wanted us to buy it for her.  With a huge smile, Emily would own her genuine Jessie doll from the magic and Jessie would join us on our following adventures.

Emily and I are not fans of “Space Mountain,” and since we both found out that Jessie isn’t either, we hung outside the ride while Dad and Kyra rode instead.  Jessie seemed to loved the waterfall area, so we played there for awhile.

It was time for lunch, and Jessie seemed to have a craving for Chocolate milk, applesauce, and chicken nuggets at Cosmic Rays– funny because Emily likes those same things. (grin)  We enjoyed our lunch while seeing where Jessie would like to go next.

After lunch at Cosmic Rays, we headed on over to Toontown to find Mickey himself.  Jessie was quite excited to check out his garden with the large pumpkins.

After a long and busy day at Magic Kingdom, Jessie seemed to be exhausted. To help Jessie rest, Emily felt she would take a nap as well on the Disney bus back to All-Stars Movies Resort.

The next day we were all so excited to take Emily to her first Castle breakfast with the Princesses. As we all know, you have to make the reservations for this breakfast months in advance, and usually in the early hours of the morning.  We were so excited for Emily to experience it and Jessie was just as happy as well!

Emily and Jessie, along with Kyra, would meet all of the Princesses. But Jessie got tired and had to chill out on the table when Snow White came by.

One our third day of vacation, we headed to then called “Disney’s MGM Studios.”  Emily was 5 at the time, so we decided that renting a stroller for her would give her little legs a break.  Jessie wanted in on the action as well…

Emily enjoyed playing around the “Star Tours” area, while Jessie felt it was better suited to take a nap on.

After a wonderful day, we decided to play around our resort, All-Star Movies, for awhile that evening.  Jessie has requested to meet the Dalmatians who live there, so Emily introduced them to Jessie.

Being the star of show, Emily would not let Jessie steal her spotlight as they played in and around the big television in the 101 Dalmatians area.

Emily and Kyra, exhausted, fell asleep quite quickly while Jessie cuddled in with her Emily for the evening.

The following day we would head to Downtown Disney for a shopping day. Jessie was quite excited for the chance to shop, so we headed to the Christmas Store first.

While at the Christmas Store, Jessie took a seat with Emily and Kyra for a picture opportunity.

We then headed to the Pooh Picture Spot area for another picture…… but something, or someone, seemed to be missing from this picture…. Yes. Jessie had decided she would like to shop in the Christmas Store for a bit longer while we moved ahead- too bad she didn’t let us know that.  We would get back to the Resort much later, and we had quite the upset Emily on our hands.  We called Lost and Found at DTD and they actually HAD her!!  A wonderful Cast Member had returned her to the Lost and Found and we were so relieved and happy!

Emily was reunited with Jessie the next day and they decided to celebrate with a ride in RC at All-Star Movies.   She has come with us on every vacation since 2005… but we always look back at the time we almost lost Jessie and smile that we found her.


  1. That is so adorable! My Raena loves Jessie too! I remember her 1st Jessie doll, Raena took her every where! Well one day when off to school she left Jessie sitting on our dining room table and our poodle some how got climb on the table and got ahold of Jessie, talk about not being able to comfort Raena. Well I just happen to have a co-worker leaving in a week to go to WDW so I gave him money to look for another Jessie doll. Since Jessie was not popular at the time he said selection was very limited, but thank goodness he was able to find another Jessie.

    I will say dolls are not left sitting around and the dogs have been trained to not touch personal items.


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