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Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

As much as we are excited about moving to Florida, we will miss our beloved home town.  We moved here over 10 years ago and have enjoyed everything the city has had to offer.  We have a bucket list for Florida, but we only have one for here as well. We decided to have a night away from home this past weekend and be tourists in our own town… here is our story.068

My husband has a fantastic job.  Because he has to travel sometimes, he accumulates points at certain hotels.  Since he had enough, we chose to use them for our past weekend.  We were so excited!! We packed our bags, grabbed our swimsuits, and piled into our car- I have to tell you it really did feel like we were heading to Disney World.086

Our room wasn’t ready yet, so we decided to check out the Furniture stores around town.  We really enjoyed looking at beds, kitchen tables, couches, and chairs.  We perused different color schemes and what we thought would be completely different than what we have now.  Jessie found it humorous to try out the furniture… especially the soft and special beds.  We are so old school right now… the normal mattress on the box spring.  I love the beds with the special mattresses, but holy cow they are so expensive.  It was eye opening to see prices of everything, but also great to know now so we can budget accordingly.

After our furniture fun, we headed to “Hu Hot” which is Mongolian Grill here in town.  Our family LOVES eating here… it is so good. You get to pick your choice of meat in a buffet type bar, then your veggies, adding your favorite sauces to top it off.  We enjoyed some great food and went over our last day plans for in town.  Any time we talk about our future plans, it gets us giddy and giggly. A good time had by all.

We then headed to our Hotel for the evening for a swim.  Jessie is our Nemo and Belle is our Dory… our little Disney fish that love to not only swim, but play in the water.  Something about swimming while being surrounded by snow banks outside is pretty cool.  Hubby and I got the chance to hang out in the hot tub for awhile and plan out our strategy on how to use our tax refund for our FL needs.

Jessie and I stayed behind at the Hotel to chill out while Belle and Carl made a run for “Coldstone” ice cream at our local Mall.  You can’t have a hotel night without treats, so they came back with the ice cream, chips, and a couple of sodas.  We enjoyed our goodies while laughing our tails off to “Wipeout.”  We played “Fact or Crap” that I picked up at Goodwill last week and had a blast laughing at all the silly trivia things we had no clue about.  We fell asleep to each of us saying goodnight about a billion times.119

We woke up excited that today was the day our Green Bay Packers were playing the game of all games, Super Bowl XLV. Belle was the only one who remembered her Packer shirt, so we all got dressed and headed out for breakfast.  We dined on pancakes, hashbrowns, sausage, and bacon amongst a sea of Green and Gold in the local IHOP


After heading home, Hubby and I picked up the house for our Super Bowl party. My mom and step-dad  were coming over, and we were excited to entertain for our last Super Bowl not only here in WI, but minutes from Green Bay itself.  A night of pizza, pepper jack bites, cheese, fruit, and taco dip kept our tummies full and our eyes on the prize.  We cheered, we held our breath… and then hugged and cried as our beloved Green Bay Packers won, 31-25, against the Pittsburgh Steelers.   It was an amazing feeling and I can’t wait for them to arrive home today.

As we woke up this morning, we turned on the tv to catch our first glimpse of the infamous Walt Disney World commercial taped at the Super Bowl. Our beloved Aaron Rodgers said those famous words, and brought tears to our eyes…. “I’m going to Disney World.” Click HERE to see it!!  An amazing ending to an amazing weekend.104

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