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The Fear of Failing

I promised all of you I would be honest and forthcoming on every aspect of moving, so today’s post is all about my fear of failing. Relocation is and can be a nerve wracking thing and I am here to tell you what we have dealt with on the fear side of things.
Will we find a good place to live?
Being so far away from Florida, it doesn’t help things that we aren’t able to drive around a neighborhood, city, etc… to check out what we like and what we don’t.  Carl heads down in May to secure our home, but it’s still scary to wait until then. We get a lot of “Where you moving too?” and I usually respond with “We aren’t sure yet.”  Renting homes or apartments can’t really be done more than 45 days in advance, so we wait until the timing is right. I continue to hope and pray it will all turn out right.
Will we make it in one piece?
So we have 2 vehicles that have enough miles on them to concern us.  The plan is to have Hubby drive down one vehicle in May, find our place to  live, leave the vehicle at our new home, and fly back.  2 weeks after that, we pack up the other vehicle, plus one hitch and pull along the U-Haul.  We will be getting tune ups, new tires, oil changes, basically the works so both vehicles GET to Florida ok. Anytime I drive anything more then 2 hours from home, I am always a tad nervous.  We have never pulled a U-Haul before, so that will be a bit nerve wracking. The good thing is that it is a small trailer, and its a mini-van pulling it, so I’m hoping that our travels are safe and secure.  My fears are of breaking down, a car accident- basically anything that I really can’t control but could happen.
Will our kids adjust to their new surroundings?
Belle will be a Senior, and it’s tough when your last year of High School is spent in a new place.  I have explained to her, on many occasions, that she gets to be the real life “Bella” as the new kid in school, but alas she will be coming from the cold into the warm.. and not Arizona to Washington.  Let me be clear thought, if she falls in love with any vampires of wolves, I better be one of the first people she tells… I’m no Charlie.  All kiddin aside, she is excited about the fresh start. Being the new kid gives her the chance to reinvent herself right before College, plus also enjoy spending time with us in FL for her last year at home.  She has a great attitude, a funny personalty, and is so beautiful… I am thinking she will be just fine.
Now my Jessie… she is who I worry and fear for the most. Because she is techincally handicapped, she has a bigger cross to bear. Her eye remains lazy, so it is  obvious to people when they look at her. We have explained to her over a thousand times how unique and special she is, and that God made her so wonderful this way.  Having been bullied for the past 2 years, we have decided that she will E-School it for 6th Grade. But I worry for her socially- seems you can’t have it both ways sometimes. I hope to get her involved in groups, church, etc.. outside our FL home so that she makes friends and has social interaction with kids her age.  Having her home to E-School gives her a chance to try it, get a break from her social stress, plus gives us time to see where she may want to attend for 7th Grade.  As a parent, you always want the best for your child, while keeping them safe- ours is a work in progress. I guess everyone’s kids are! LOL
Will it be like “home” now?
What I mean by that is, will it have the same comfortable feeling we have here when get home.  I know, we all know, that it is what you make it, but we are human and want it to feel comfortable and safe. Moving to a new city, and a new state, is like a person having to learn how to walk again.  The familiar of grocery stores, doctors, and your favorite coffee spot become advenutres to find in your new area.  We run up to a “Festival Foods” nearby everytime we need milk, bread, etc… and it will be a challenge to find that familiarity again.  But, the cool this is that we have not always lived here.  We moved here 11 years ago, and we know how it felt to start over again and find our favorites, so maybe it’s not so much a fear I have, but a sense of anticipation for what is out there in FL.
How will it be, being away from family?
Unfortunately, to make our dreams come true, we have to move away from our family.  We have been fortunate that both our parents and siblings have lived near us while we raised our girls. I am closest to my Mom, and I know that leaving the comfort of her 20 minutes away to 1200 miles away will be a major adjustment for me. We are best friends, and she has been a phenomenal “Nana” to our girls. I know I will continue to see her, but it will be frequent flights to WI that I will have to get used to. I am hoping that I can distract myself enough with Mickey on those days that I miss her, and do something with MY children to fill the void. We hope that all of our family members come to visit us in our FL home and we get to show them our dream alive and well.
Will we be accepted?
You know how you walk into your home church, or your favorite hang out spot and everyone knows your name like “Cheers?”  I am hoping that we feel that after we have lived in FL awhile. No, not the entire state knowing us, lol, but a feeling of being belonged to something.  It takes time to feel that way, we get it, but that is why we started the blog. We wanted to get to know people in the Disney community, and make lasting friendships.  We want nothing more than those of you who want to meet us or who already know us to meet up with us when you come to WDW on vacation- for a drink, a ride, a meal- we are open for anything!!
I wanted to post this because I feel everyone has these similiar fears when moving and/or relocating. For those of you going through the same situation, you are not alone and we are here to do it with you.  We have appreciated the encouragement and thanks to those of you who cheer us on, each and every day.
“Fear of failure must never be a reason not to try something.”
~Frederick Smith


  1. In regards to the second vehicle…. I would look into renting a Uhaul truck to carry your belongings and towing the minivan or driving it relatively unloaded. As a general rule the components on a minivan (engine, trans-axle, breaks etc) are just barley able to handle the stress of pulling and stopping the van itself. When you add the weight of a fully loaded trailer you are really asking for trouble. Not only do you increase your risk of mechanical failure but you stopping distances will greatly increase.


  2. This is something I think about all the time. If I get the chance to move from my island to Disney how will it be?
    Here everyone knows each other, when I go to the bank, the supermarket, a restaurant wherever I know someone.

    Emigrating is a huge step. Our school system here is the Dutch system and my kids follow their classes in Dutch. For them it will be a big change to switch to the USA system and following classes in English.

    I have my own business, not easy to go to the USA and just open a business there.

    So many things to think about, so many worries, but my heart still is longing to be able to live in Orlando 🙂

    I will pray for you all that the change will be easy and that before you know it, it will be like you have lived there forever:)


  3. Great entry! You touched on so many of the fears we had while planning the move. We used “Pack Rat” while moving down here. They dropped off the storage container we filled it up with all of our belongings, they picked it up and they dropped off at our house in Florida. For us it worked out so much better than the U-haul and it was a much more inexpensive option. Don’t worry too much you have a few friends here in Florida waiting for ya!


  4. I have moved many times in my life and it has always turned out OK. The key is to imagine the worst thing that could happen. What is the worst thing that could happen in picking out your rental? Well, you could wind up not liking the neighbors or the neighborhood. How would you solve that? You could wait until your lease is up and then move. By that time you will better know the local areas and will be there in person to select.

    You just do the same with all your fears. What is the worst thing that could happen? Then come up with some solutions, just in case. The worst thing never happens but you know you are going into it prepared.

    You seem to have done a lot of thinking and preparing so I’m sure that your relocation will go smoothly.


  5. We used PODS for our move from Oregon to Celebration Florida. It went very well and very reasonably priced.


  6. I understand completely where you are coming from. When we moved to Florida in 2003, we had just lost our older son to brain cancer, we had recently retired and we were moving to a state where we had extended famly. We were leaving our children and grandchildren in the midwest. However, for quite some time before we moved, we felt like we were leaving home (Florida) to go back to where we lived (Chicago). When we crossed the Florida state line May 23, 2003, we felt like we were finally home. What helped us tremendously was finding a church home as soon as we moved. We had researched churches in this area (Bradenton) before we moved and found one we thought would fit before we ever moved. The second Sunday we were here, we went to Bethel Baptist and found home. The people are warm and welcoming and most of the congregation are transplants. We’ll definitely be praying for you as you make this move.


  7. We went through many of these issues when we moved from MI to SC. Thankfully you have some time to plan; I had just under two weeks to plan, find a house, pack everything we owned and move across the country. Hugs to you – I hope the move is awesome and better than you anticipated.


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