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Disney Snack Attack

One of the best things to do, no only on Vacation, but especially at Walt Disney World, is to try the array of snacks they have to offer. Whether it be a favorite or a first, I thought I would share with you what we have enjoyed over the years and what our waistlines will continue “not to” in the future. Since pictures can tell 1,000 words, today’s blog will be more pictures than anything, but be warned… if you weren’t hungry now, you will be at the end of this post! So bring your appetite and let’s go snack!

First and foremost, let’s talk about that chocolatey goodness that comes on a stick… the infamous “Mickey Bar.” We buy one every trip and it just isn’t a vacation without one.  You can find these in each of the 4 Disney Parks- they are worth every penny or snack credit you use.

This is one of my FAVORITE pictures taken because it shows how MUCH Emily loved licking that sucker.  The kicker is that she never finished it… not even close… but it was such a sweet moment to see her enjoy it.  Candy is a big part of the snacking at WDW and we love the salt water taffy, the small candies in the Disney tins, and the chocolate coins

A favorite stop of ours is “The Launching Pad” located inside Magic Kingdom’s “Tomorrowland” area.  Kyra and I enjoy the turkey legs here, while Craig and Emily enjoy the soft pretzel choices with the different kinds of slushies.  The snacks are great and enjoyable in the evening especially while you people watch.

We can’t talk snacks, without including my absolute favorite- the Dole Whip!  Pineapple ice cream with pinepple juice… my teeth hurt just thinking about how good this is.  I bought my first several trips ago, in honor of a DIS friend, “Bawb,” who passed away suddenly.  Every time I buy one I think of him, and it makes me smile.

Not all snacks have to be fatty… we found a great fruit platter at “Flame Tree Barbeque” where Emily enjoyed fresh cantaloupe and grapes.  Several of the kiosks in the Parks and Resort stores sell fresh fruit, it’s a great alternative when you need that healthy bite.

I am convinced they put some type of “special ingredient” in the poporn at WDW because it is the yummiest when we are at WDW. We all enjoy it at the Movie Theaters too, but there is something about tasting the butter and the salt and walking around in that warm Florida sunshine that just makes it all seem very wonderful.

Ah the frozen banana… Kyra tried this one out at DHS last summer during Star Wars Weekends.  She said it was really yummy and it took awhile to eat.

The first time we were on the Disney Dining Plan, we had to get used to figuring out what types of desserts to try.  My favorite would be this Strawberry Shortcake that I always got with my meal at “Sunshine Seasons” food court in “The Land” pavillion at Epcot.

The gem we found in Japan is the shopping area that contains all sorts of candies and cookies.  The gummi candies we loved the best were Mango and Kiwi flavored.  Craig loves his Kiwi! LOL

During my last evening of my November trip, I headed to Epcot and got to try out the Caramel covered strawberries from the Karamel Kuchen in Germany.  It was incredible and worth the money I spent on it.  If you want a smaller treat and a smaller hit on the wallet, they also sell single Werthers Caramels for a few pennies each.

Our family has enjoyed the danishes offered at “Sunshine Seasons” after we have ridden “Soarin” at least once that same morning.

We have gotten our Funnel Cakes in the American area in World Showcase and also we have bought them at Sleepy Hollow near the Castle in the Magic Kingdom.  They are huge enough to share and they are delicious!! (Yes, it was so cold in December 2005 we had on our Winter coats).

A much larger snack, and dessert, would be the hot fudge sundaes you can enjoy over at Ghiradellis in Downtown Disney.  We dined like Kings we enjoyed this fantastic treat.

Emily was giddy to buy some yummy jelly beans at the Goofy Candy Company at Downtown Disney.  We bought the little container for them because Emily liked the little scooper that came with it.

We end with a crunchy Churro that you can get in Mexico at World Showcase in Epcot. We have had so many wonderful snacks on our trips and we can’t wait to have more this coming June.  Thanks for eating with us around WDW!


  1. Making me crave strawberry shortcake now & some chocolate & caramel dipped strawberries/bananas.. thankfully, tomorrows valentines


  2. What a fantastic, yummy blog post!

    And, you started with probably the greatest Disney snack of all, the Mickey bar.

    My first job at WDW was selling those bad boys at $1.50 a pop. That was a long time ago. But, it was always everybody’s favorite. So iconic!

    My first job ever was selling funnel cakes at a competitor’s theme park in Texas.

    I guess my whole life has been revolved around theme park snacks, so I especially loved this blog post.

    Well done!


  3. LOVE this post! For whatever reason, a trip to WDW is never complete without an “ITSAKADOOZIE” rainbow popsicle available at every resort food court and ice cream cart. I have yet to try the Carrot Cake cookie, but that’s my next must-do :)! Happy snacking!!


  4. I love the soup in Canada. I recently discovered that if you ask the hostess outside for some to-go soup, you can go into the foyer and order soup and bread sticks. Too bad there’s no to-go on the steaks! Mmmmmmmm.


  5. After about 30 trips to WDW since 1991. I had my 1st dole whip in Dec. I am not a big desserts girl. WOW! Why did I wait so long! Gonna be back in March and I am making a BEE line to MK and my 2nd dole whip. I love that after all these trips I can still find something to look forward to!


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