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My Love for Dippy Dawg

Well, you may know him as our beloved “Goofy” but I have had a crush on this darn dog since I met him in 1991. No, I’m not “in love” with him, but I have a fond infatuation for that loveable smile and the way he says “Gawrsh!” Every trip we have had to find him at least once for a great big hug and a picture. Since we have been to WDW several times now, I thought it would be fun to share our pics of us and this loveable guy, so get your big floppy shoes on and join us on our past journey with Goofy.
The first time I had really seen Goofy in person was in December of 1991. I begged my family to attend the Christmas parade taping at the Magic Kingdom, so away we went among the deep crowds. We had a great spot near the Train Station hub, and once I saw Goofy’s float come around the Main Street corner… I was hooked.

Years later, I would get to share my love of Walt Disney World with my husband, Craig. Our first Character Meal HAD to be Goofy, so we made it happen and we both got to give him hugs.

Kyra wanted to meet the infamous Goofy that Mommy loved so much- so on her first trip to WDW, we booked Chef Mickey’s. Goofy came out in his Chef’s hat and apron. He was the so sweet to Kyra and once again, he made us all smile.

On Emily’s first trip in May of 2005, we would find Goofy in the “Character Connection” inside Epcot. Goofy danced a bit with Emily and signed both girls autograph books.

On our December trip of the same year, we would find Goofy several times. He was Santa Goofy in the parade at then called “Disney’s MGM Studios” and also again inside and outside of the Character Connection at Epcot. Goofy was hanging outside early in the morning, so Emily and I went to say hi and give hugs. Emily’s hug with Goofy was absolutely priceless! We would then find him again another day with Kyra. She had bought a wolf that trip named “Wolfie” which the Characters had a blast playing with.

Next trip, we would find him again at Epcot, along with a trip to Goofy’s Candy Company at Downtown Disney. We all dressed up for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, where we would find our favorite dog working hard at the Party. I was so excited to get a pic with him in my Renaissance costume.

On our Anniversary vacation, Goofy was in the Epcot morning countdown to the Park opening… he was his usual silly self. We would find him in Epcot and in Animal Kingdom, where he insisted we pose with him and Pluto.

During the last family vacation in 2009, we found Darth Goofy with his boxers on hanging out at Studios for Star Wars Weekends. We waited in the hot sun for Cowboy Goofy to sit a spell with us and take a picture, and then he had to be moved because of the parade coming. Goofy took my hand and led me through out the crowds to another spot by Splash Mountain. It was a very sweet moment, and the kids got a kick out of it.

My very last trip to Walt Disney World in November is where I found my love sick puppy several times. I found him on Sunset Boulevard at DHS, in Camp Minnie Mickey and Dinoland in Animal Kingdom, Epcot Character Connection, and found him all dressed up as a Pirate inside the POTC line.

Goofy will always be my favorite Character and I can’t wait to get my picture with him again as a Florida resident. Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!!!!


  1. Happy Valentine’s Day! I love the Goofy pictures! The way you feel about Goofy is the way I feel about Pluto, but Goofy has grown on me over the years. In fact, my first picture-with-characters occurred last December. I finally got my chance to pose with my beloved Pluto (in AK), but Goofy was there, too. Pluto really didn’t pay me that much attention, but Goofy was all over me: Kissing my hand, wanting to slow dance with me, etc., etc. Aww … He was a sweetie. 🙂


  2. I, too, love the Goof!! I have a great picture of him dancing in his bathing suit on Castaway Cay from our last cruise. If I can figure our how to do it, I will post it on your facebook page.


  3. I loved reading this post. I have always had a soft spot for Goofy. He reminds me of my dad because they are both super tall and super…goofy!!


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