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Making the Money to Move

No one said that your dreams would be cheap, and we have learned that first hand. Wouldn’t it be nice to be handed a fat check, a new car, and keys to your new home all in one shot with no strings attached? Since we can’t live in that dream world, we have to work for what we want. We have been saving our monthly paychecks towards the move, but there are other things that we, and you, can make money on as well.

Since we are selling 95% of our belongings, what better way to make some cash towards the dream then have a yard sale and Ebay. Since the yard sale isn’t until May, I have had time to move forward with my Ebay goodies. I loved to scrapbook… enough that it was my profession for almost 5 years. But since that chapter is over, I am also ready to move on from the endless scrapbook kits I seemed to have consumed in my many years at my job.

Our Yard sale will be in May, and we are so excited to get on with it. We have had half of our garage consumed with items from last years sale that didn’t sell, along with tossing more things in here and there over the course of the last 6 months. The basement has been organized, and I will be happy to bring the stuff up in the Spring.

Every time we have been to the grocery story, we grab extra bags, along with the ones we are using, and have been saving them to use for the sale. Since we know we will have quite a few things to sell, we wanted to make sure we would have enough bags for our customers. We have actually run out in the past because we didn’t look ahead, so not happening this time!

We will have a number of people coming in and out of the sale, so we are planning to hand out business cards with each purchase that advertise our blog. Spreading the word in any manner we can is exciting to us because we really and truly enjoy the friendships we are making and have made. If we help ONE person relocate to FL, then it has all been worth it.

Jessie will be setting up a bake sale at the yard sale as well. We are asking our close friends and family to donate a baked good to her table to help us further our goals. Don’t be afraid to ask people for help- if they can’t, they can’t. Some will be excited for you and want to help, others won’t bat an eyelash at you- it’s all good.

Your sale will go further when you sell the items as you would buy them. I wash the clothes, and toss out anything with a stain, hole, etc… Clean up outdoor items that may have grass, dirt, on them. Dust items that have been sitting in one place in your home for awhile, so they look good as new when you set them out to sell. Don’t bother with selling the one fork, the bowl with a crack, or the half bottle of shampoo. I have been to THOUSANDS of sales, and they are always sitting there, unsold and it makes the sale look cheap. I know, maybe someone will buy it, and you are correct, someone may. But a half bottle of shampoo next to a collectors plate or baseball card of value just doesn’t look the best.

Selling your items not only makes some fast cash, but you save the money it takes to rent a U-Haul. If you can afford to rebuy certain items after you have moved, I encourage you to do so. I do understand that if you have a house full of nice furniture, then you shouldn’t be selling it for a quarter of its value. Its better to just move it then. We are fortunate that we need new furniture BADLY- new beds, new living room furniture, and our kitchen table and chairs need a facelift.

I hope this helps fellow relocators like ourselves, and that with time, you can save and make the money you need to make your dreams come true.

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