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Saying Goodbye to a Hobby

As with anything in life, you have beginnings and you have endings.  It was here in Appleton that I was shopping at “Ben Franklin’s” for something , and came across the scrapbook aisle.  This was 1999, and the aisle was impressive at the time.  So many stickers, books, tools, and paper… I couldn’t wrap my head around all of these neat toys to play with.  A gal was in the aisle with me, shopping for stickers, and I asked her “Scrapbooking a big thing now?”  She would go on to talk my ear off on what a 12×12 was verses an 8.5×11, and so on.  From that day forward, I would make it my life’s goal to make as many albums as I could.  Come with me as I take you through the mind of a Scrapbooker… and why it is time to say goodbye to it.

How Does it Start?

Like everything, you get excitement over it. The thoughts of family and friends enjoying our life pictures in beautiful albums embellished with paper flowers and stickers, made me giddy and purposeful.  No longer would the toxic photo albums of the past threaten to yellow my precious pictures, but the acid-free variety of things would save them from ruin.  It started with small mom and pop Craft stores around town, picking up a sheet of stickers here and a couple sheets of paper there.  I would get a high from looking at all the new items coming out, and would enjoy diving into it the minute I got home.   At the height of the scrapbooking dynasty, you could find a store in every city, and a thousand websites that advertised their own paper.    It was easy to find, and with sales, easy on the pocketbook.  So began 11 years of collecting, and in a sense, hoarding it.

What Do You Do with it All?

I made thousands of pages, and many albums for friends and family members. I truly enjoyed making them, but found that having the time to really enjoy it was non-exsistant.  When I DID have the time to do it, I would spend more time working on organizing the thousands of sticker sheets I owned, the endless paper, and later, the kits that were stacked up to the ceiling.   When you have so much, it’s to much, for me anyways.  I had a hard time concentrating on what to work on, when I had SO MUCH I had to do. It became a job, and I wasn’t  liking it anymore.  I had a job, I didn’t need another one. Make sure your hobby makes you stress-free and happy, not stressed-out.  So it would be kind of comical that I would take up employment at a Scrapbook Company for almost 5 years.  Unfortunately, that would be my demise, as making pages every day lost its luster on me when I would go home and see it there as well.  It’s enough to take pictures of it for Ebay- I will miss it somewhat, but I am really excited to pass on all of the goodies that I painstakingly picked up and bought for way more money than I will ever get back.   Yes, I had ideas for it all, but my Disney Dream of living in Florida is so much bigger, and I am happy that my once hobby can help me fulfill my next adventure.

I wanted to list here the Disney specific items that I have up for sale on Ebay now, as of February 20th, 2011.  They will run for a week, so get your bid in as soon as you can.

Thanks for looking, and stay tuned this week because its going to be a BIG week here at our household.  We hope you all are having a great weekend!


  1. I’ve looked over your auctions and I wish I could rationalize trying to win a few of your auctions right now. Honestly though I have two Disney themed kits and have no scrapbooks to show for it. I really need to print some photos and put together a scrapbook. I’m a little overwhelmed on how to start.
    Anyway hope all your auctions sell high and go to some dedicated scrapers, and good luck with your move 🙂


  2. You’ve got some great things over there! I might just have to help you lighten your load so you have less to move. 🙂


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