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101 Dalmatian Dog Days Left

Carl’s favorite Disney movie of all time is “101 Dalmatians.” Like those famous puppies in the movie, dreams can be “spotty” at times.  I am finding this out the hard way, as you will have a specific goal and dream in mind… and you will start to head down one road, but God is going to take you down a completely different one. Today’s blog is an update on where we are at, and I hope it sheds light on the ups and downs of relocating.

Relocating is all about planning, and planning.. then plan some more.  You will find that you will have the BEST plan in place, and it will change a number of times before you ever get to it. Why? Well, its life.  Things come up, finances change, etc…   We have had several plans now that have changed, and we would like to share them with you, as YOU may be able to shed some light on them.

  • Plan A– Carl was going to drive down one of our vehicles to Florida the first week of May, stay at a hotel for 2 weeks, while working during the day.  Looking and going to rental appointments at night and the weekends, getting our place ready for the family coming in June.  Once found, he would leave said vehicle there, fly home. We would then pull a U-Haul Trailer behind our Mini-Van when we finally left WI.  We now arrive with items, 2 vehicles are in FL, and we have our place to start living at.   The problem with this plan?  The cost.  2 weeks of a hotel (with WiFi for his job), gas, food, and airline ticket was going to cost quite a bit. Along with the cost of the U-Haul- so… on to Plan B.
  • Plan B– Carl was going to drive down, this time taking the van instead. We would empty the van of all the seats, and he would drive the van down full of stuff.  He would stay 2 weeks to find the place, then drive the empty van back.  Put the seats back in, and we would fill it again and our car, drive both down to Florida- with NO U-Haul.
  • Plan C– We would all go down together, as planned, early June. But, now we would stay at an Extend-A-Stay Hotel for the month of June to give us the time to look for a place to live.  We would save the money that Carl would have had to spend in May, along with all of us being there, it can be a family decision on our permanent place of Florida residence.  Carl has a full week off when we get to FL, so it will be time to look hard that week.  This plan comes at a cost… no U-Haul, just whatever will fit with us in the van and car.  Personal items we are planning on storing at my Moms house, but other things that we do love will be sold.  I don’t really feel comfortable pulling a Trailer through the Mountains of Georgia, and neither does Carl.  We were getting rid of a lot anyways, but now, we plan on selling a lot more.  We do have some Disney items that will go up on Ebay over the next months.

For now, Plan C is what we plan on following through with. It could change, it probably will, but we like this one the best.  Saving any money we can with such a large move is important to us. We are incredibly blessed that Carl has a fantastic job that he can take with him anywhere, which is a peaceful feeling knowing we will have the same pay in FL as we did here in WI.  I will be happy once we nail down our final residence.

Which brings me to another item I want to address- “Why sell all of your furniture- won’t it be more expensive to buy it all back?” Normally, I would agree with this.  If you spent $10,000 on your house furniture, and get maybe $2000 back for it in a sale, it doesn’t make sense to sell it. But, if you are like us, you have been sleeping on the same bed for 17 years or the same couch you have had for 11 years, it is time to buy new furniture. So there is no point in taking the old stuff when we need to buy new anyways, so that is why we won’t be taking much of anything.  I can tell you, it is freeing to let go of things that may weigh you down, in the end, it’s just “stuff.”  We are hoping our children are learning the value of family and making your dreams REAL, and that materialism isn’t important.  How many times has “stuff” interfered with the real situations of life? I know it has in ours in the past, and it just doesn’t need to be.  Yes, we all have emotional ties to items, but I would like to remember the memory of it instead of what it represents.   I say that now, but come May, you will find me crying over the kids toys in the garage sales because I’m remembering my baby girls at those small ages playing with them. LOL  I am hoping I can be strong enough to “LET GO.”   We shall see.

Tomorrow is 100 days… please check in as we are asking YOU to comment tomorrow, more than any other day.  Come celebrate this momentous day with us, we thank you for your continued love and support

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