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Making Progress Feels SOOO Good

When you have a plan in place, for whatever you need to do, nothing feels better than when you see progress being made.  Join me for today’s blog on how progress has not only made me feel incredible, but helped in other areas of my life as well.  Sit back, grab a smoothie, and enjoy!

First off, I am happy to announce that I am almost completely finished with the Ebay Auctions.  A couple of people have yet to pay me, and then I am officially done with the Scrapbook portion.  Thank you to everyone who bid and paid, it will help our relocation efforts that much more.  It feels great to see the area that once had pizza boxes to the ceiling now emptied. I thought I might get a wee bit sad about selling all of my stuff, but then I thought how happy I was making others and what a difference the money would make for our move, and the stress of it all seemed to melt away.  I had a fun time packing up the items, I even threw in extra stuff in a lot of them, just to move it out of my home- hope you all enjoy the “extras.”   I had to fill large bins every day since last Friday, hauling them off to the Grand Chute Post Office.  I prayed every time I got in line that I wouldn’t hold up the line every day- with only one person working there, it was a bit nerve wracking.  With three empty bins in hand  and a recipt a mile long this morning, I left the Post Office feeling very proud of myself to have let it all go.

Having some time to kill before dropping off another kit for someone at Archivers, I decided to check out our local hotels for the last night in WI.  After grabbing a Mango smoothie for me and my hubby at the Mall, I headed to a couple of hotels.  The first one was nice, but I have a hard time with double beds. Now the second one I found was a DREAM!  I had driven past it several hundred times during my life here in Appleton, but never thought to stop and check it out.  The lobby was gorgeous, and I asked to see a room.  I hit the jackpot, not only did they have King size beds, a pull out for the kids, and a fridge and microwave… but she offered the room $40 cheaper to me for the evening I needed.  So I booked it and am super excited to stay there in 95 days.

On the way home, my Dad called. I haven’t seen him since Christmas, so we made plans to get together this Friday.  The time is ticking away fast, so making time for my family and friends gets more and more urgent.  I then called my Grandma I haven’t been able to see for many years, and made plans for next month.  I hung up the phone feeling like I had accomplished something today, and quite happy knowing I would see her next month. If you are planning on moving like us, dont hesitate on making as many dates with the people in your life as possible- you can never do it too early.

Once Spring officially is here, the garage sale work will begin. The tagging, the cleaning, and then organizing.  I am ready to do it, empty my basement officially, and have an empty home.   Once it is empty, we will KNOW that we are so close to our dream we can taste it.  Until then, we get through each and every day with a hope in our heart  and a smile on our face.


  1. Oh, this makes me feel hopeful and happy for our own move… and less overwhelmed… THANK YOU, Amy :)!


  2. You stories remind me of our move. I’m so glad it’s behind me. lol

    You are well on your way! I’m sure the move will be smooth sailing because you have made a point of planning, planning, planning.

    We did not have to worry about children, but I think with your family doing a lot of planning and talking about the move together, your girls will be much more emotionally ready to move.

    Looking forward to seeing you here!


  3. Many of our family and friends could not understand how we could move across the entire county (from Oregon) to Florida last April. But, I know that it was meant to be for my husband and me. When you know you are doing what is right for you it makes everything easier. We have four grown daughters and by May each one will have been here with their families. Somehow I knew that is what would happen. As children grow and move away from home you never know where they may scatter, but I do know that having Grama live near Disney World would ensure that we would have them visit as often as possible.


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