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May I Take Your Order Please?

Ok, I have to admit it, I am pathetic lately. As some of our readers may agree with that, I use it in jest as I have found that with relocation comes unhealthy eating habits. Today’s blog is all about why we eat what we eat, and the excuses we make to get through another day.

Again, this blog was always meant to be a no-nonsense kind.  You want to relocate? You are going to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly from us. As you read yesterday, I have been busy with JUST organizing pictures for FOUR straight days.  After you have been sitting on a floor for that many days, and several hours at a time, my back killed.  Who wants to cook after doing that?  While I was doing that, hubby is busy working his job or other tasks for the move- he doesn’t want to cook either. Who can blame him?  The kids are starving because they haven’t eaten in an hour, so fast food becomes so easy that it’s scary.

I have watched “Super Size Me”- I know the dangers of eating this junk- so why am I? It’s that DARN convenience!  The busier we get, the more we eat out.  I did order a salad today, which was heaven to my digestive system.  If I could have a personal chef and a trainer, I would! LOL  We HAVE food in the house, we are just to tired to care about making it.  You think it’s bad now, wait until we are in our home with nothing to cook WITH, on the road to Florida, or the 30 plus days in a hotel room while we look for our home.

We budget, we plan out our meals- again, sometimes we are just to tired to care. So how do we combat this?  I have been taking vitamins lately, and they seem to help keep my energy level up.  We have so much to get done, and being DAY 90 today, we have to pick up the pace.  Maybe if we made a bunch of meals one night, then froze them and warmed them up?  Making smaller meals that take 15 minutes or less perhaps? I really encourage you to comment on this- we can use the advice!

Along with eating like crap, our motivation for exercise has come to a slow halt.  What once were the days of Wii Fit every morning in my Old Navy yoga pants (which are AWESOME by the way) have turned into mornings of running errands and keeping busy outside the home.  Again, this is such a HUGE reason of why we are leaving WI.  The snow and cold puts everything at a stand still for months on end! We can’t do our normal walks when half our neighbors don’t shovel their sidewalks, and the others have just enough ice to do some serious damage if we slip.  The cold weather almost INVITES you to stay inside, under a blanket, and snuggle in a ball while you watch T.V.

I bought dressing- it’s just too bad I forgot that it’s so much better with salad.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I put off buying the salad, we both do, because it goes bad so quickly. We almost have to run and get it the day we want it for it to be any good.  We do drink less soda these days- after reading that article on the dangers of Diet Sodas, we toned it down quite a bit.   We buy the bottled water, although I always feel like a sucker when I do.  (I always think to myself, “You know Ellie, you have the same stuff coming out of your faucet at home.” LOL)

We have all been there- and if you haven’t, you are a LUCKY person! Where we pull out that size of pants that you are SURE fit you the month before, or a year before, or the DAY before… and they are tight or don’t fit at all.  It would be nice that I get SOOO busy that I forget to eat and then I can just waste away to a possible size 8, that would be nice.  I would so love to get off the diet rollercoaster, as I have had quite enough of this ride.  I KNOW what I am putting in my mouth, so WHY do I still do it?  It all fits together, and I just need a reboot in my brain to make it all make sense again.  It’s hard to balance it all- I would like to accomplish my dream without walking into the state of FL obese.

I think once Spring hits, we will be motivated to move, physically and mentally.  We walk 4 miles a night during the summers here, so once it gets to 40 degrees, we will be out there!  I had thought about for every time we want to eat out, we throw the money we would have spent, into the change jar.  It’s  such a waste to spend it on food that doesn’t make you feel good at all. So why do I buy it again?  Oh yeah, the convenience!  Maybe we will have it like on “Back to the Future 3” where you just put a small packet into the microwave and it comes out a full dinner- that is MY kind of cooking!!

So I ENCOURAGE you to sound off on what YOU do when you are busy and you have to eat quick- maybe we can all share our tips and tricks and help each other out.  God bless and have a great day!


  1. The best protein packed little power balls are shrimp! You can make them taste like anything you want with different sauces or spices and they aren’t “fishy” tasting. Combine them with Dreamfields spaghetti (which btw has a better digestible carbs count than any other pasta besides whole wheat-yuck!) and it’s a meal. Toss in almond slices or a veggie of some sort and it’s a whole-rounded meal and takes less than 30 minutes to prepare from shrimp shelling to pasta boiling. Buy the shrimp cooked and just toss in sauce! We use olive oil, a grinder with garlic and herb combo in it, a bit of honey and a couple of splashes of light soy sauce for cooking the shrimp and then add some white wine (yes kids can eat this, most of it alcohol burns off) to add more flavor and fluid to the sauce. Pour shrimp and sauce over pasta and there’s your supper! Same exact recipe works with sausage as your meat. I am a diabetic and this is one of the best suppers I can eat to keep my blood sugar down so you know it’s good for you and your family. Enjoy!


  2. Multi answers, it seem:
    1. What to eat. Buy roast chicken from supermarket or Costco. Depending on family size you might need two or more. You can also pick up stuff for salad. Meal number 1 is the roast chicken with salad. Meal number two is chicken sandwiches. Meal number three is tacos with shredded chicken. Meal number four is hot, open-faced chicken sandwich. You can go on and on with those yummy roast chickens. Also, Healthy choice makes very good frozen meals. Then for my favorite idea-the crock pot. Nothing beats throwing in a few ingredients and pulling out a finished meal several hours later. The added bonus is that your house smells wonderful all day! It even beats my supermarket chicken idea because all you need to do is throw in a whole chicken, 1/2 C water, and one basil leaf and you have a beautifully cooked chicken 8 hours later. You can do the same things with it as the supermarket chicken.

    2. Fast food. As you already know they are a bad choice. I winter in Mexico (I know. With a home in Florida, you wonder why.) We stop by the fast food joints occasionally because we miss good old American food every once in awhile. No matter how bad they say it is, it still tastes good.

    3. Exercise. I am with you on wanting to snuggle up on the sofa and not do anything during the winter. That’s why we moved from Oregon. I got tired of grey, cold, dark weather every day. In Florida, I go to one of the parks every day. When it is hot, I go to Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach and power walk around the lazy river first thing in the morning. I have completely lost all pain from the osteoarthritis in my right knee after months of doing that. When it is too cool to be wet in the morning, I go to each of the four main parks in turn, one each day, and power walk around them for one hour. Then I do a ride or two and come home. I am home by noon, energized and ready to get on with my day. One Disney-related incident to report-I went on the West Bound Transatlantic Cruise last September. I gained 15 pounds in 14 days. I lost them all by doing my “Disney Park Exercises”. So fun!


    • Now that’s an excercise plan I could get behind!! I love that idea. I live in Jersey with no plan of relocating so maybe you video cam your walks and maket them for the tread mills.


  3. I don’t have any great advice for you as we tend to rely on fastfood too when life gets too hectic here.
    Besides that I HATE HATE to cook and then to clean afterwards!!!!

    But when the budget is tight you have to cut down on the fast food. 😦

    You can pick one day in the week where you decide to make different easy meals for the whole week. Freeze them in and microwave them when you need them.
    My veggies I keep in ziplock bags to keep them fresh for at least a day or two.

    I rely also a lot on homemade burritos. Have seasoned chicken or meat ready in the freezer. throw in micro, put on the burrito with some cheese, will fill your belly eventhough it’s not a fancy burrito 🙂

    I really hope some people can give you some advice you (and I ) could use 🙂


  4. Don’t we all suffer from this problem!!!

    I am terrible at cooking, but one thing I started doing is looking up Disney recipes because they are just FUN to cook!

    I also agree with what you said about making some big meals and then eating leftovers. Sometimes we’ll make a ton of pulled pork/chicken or a lot of pasta sauce and use that a few nights of that week.

    I don’t know if y’all have Publix in Wisconsin (you will in Orlando!), but they have recipes on their website too called Aprons recipes, and most of them are REALLY easy and fast. And if you do have a Publix, they have an Aprons recipe cart with all the ingredients you will need for their featured recipe of the day. Makes shopping very easy.


  5. I love a good crock pot meal. I put up my huge crock pot with goodies on a Sunday and we’ll have leftovers during the week (for lunches and/or dinners). I’ll also put leftovers in single serve containers and into the freezer for future nights when I don’t feel like cooking. Some of my favorites are: standard stew, chicken soup, beef barley soup, black bean chili, roast pork loin with vegies. My grocery store sells a powder season packet called Crockery Gourmet. They have different flavors for meat, chicken, and pork. Just add the seasoning packet and two cups of water, then your meat and vegies. Very easy and delicious.


  6. Oh man, we are in the same place as you! We have been stuck inside since november here in NY… After a long day of standing at work I am just too tired to even wrap my mind around cooking. So what happens? =Drive thru on the way home. I can’t wait for the weather to break so we can get back outside! That is a huge reason we are re-locating very soon! I wish I could give you some advice about keeping fast (easy) food at bay but I have nothing. We can’t wait to see you in florida later this year though!


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