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Bet Your Bottom Dollar

The one thing you have to make peace with right off the bat with relocating is that you can kiss every cent good-bye.  Saving is KEY to any successful relocation, because as we have found, you will come across items that you never DREAMED of until they happen.  Follow our journey on the wild side of the dollar and what you will want to be aware of saving for.

Before Relocating Costs

We thankfully rent. I am not sure what the costs would be to sell a home,  but I am sure it would be a bit more stressful because you have to hope it not only sells, but that you make something, if not break even.  Because we rent, we are expected to have everything clean and nice before we turn the keys over.   We will need to pay for cleaning the carpets, which means putting money aside for a company to come in and do it.   It’s easy to look ahead at other costs, but we are trying to take it in steps and see what needs to be dealt with first.

Because we are having a LARGE yard sale, we will be needing several tables.  Reserving tables from a nearby party story costs us $7 per table to rent, and that doesn’t include the cost of delivery.  We plan on picking them up to save the cost of delivery,  along with having many friends lend us their tables as well.  We have to also keep the cost of the signs, the ad, and any tagging measures, in mind. We are confident we will be able to raise a good amount of money to cover the costs, but they are still costs we have to keep in our budget.

Is your vehicle ready for the haul? We were hoping to just pay for new tires, a tune-up, and so on for our one vehicle. Well, our van is not doing so well. The costs it will take to put into it have begun to outweigh the cost of just moving forward with a newer vehicle.  We would like to GET to Florida without breaking down because of something we could have done NOW.  So even though it wasn’t in the budget, all of what we HAD ready for maintenance costs will go towards down payment and further payments.  We have done a budget for tentative bills, rent, etc for July going forward, and feel we have enough for a vehicle payment.  Staying on top of things and knowing your limits is KEY to making these larger decision for relocation funding.

On The Road Again

After we hand the keys over, we overnight it for the last time in town at a local Hotel.  I looked around town at several options, keeping in mind we needed it affordable along with comfortable. After all, this is our last night in WI before driving the 24 hours out to FL with a stop in GA.  I landed a great place, a full suite,  and we get the free breakfast before heading out.  So, the cost of that last night had to be added to the budget.

Both vehicles have to be gassed up, tuned up, and everything ready to go before we leave the great state of WI.  As the price of gas goes up, we have to keep adding a little bit more to our budget.  On the road, we have to have in the budget the hotel money for the night in GA, along with the cost of food for on the way there.  We bumped up our car insurance coverage to include roadside assistance so that if anything should happen, we would have back up.  The cost is monthly, but still something that has to be added to the budget.

Arrival in Florida

Upon arrival, we will be paying on a studio/resort room for the month of June, either by week or for the entire month of June.  We will need to obtain Florida Drivers Licenses, along with registrations and license plates.  Once we have our licenses, we can sign up and pay for the annual passes for Florida Residents.  We will be paying the monthly fee, so the hit on the budget won’t be too bad as it would be buying 4 Annual passes all at once.  Carl’s job stays the same, so we know what funds will still continue to come in for the month of June. Our hope is then to find our permanent residence, again, having to put down first month’s rent, along with a security deposit, and possibly last month’s rent- depending on what we find.  Our bills will be small because we won’t have Cable, Electric, or a Landline Phone bill to deal with while staying at the Studio in June, saving the money for the next home in July.  Money is in the budget for groceries while we stay there as well, but we will more than likely be eating out because of the newness of the place.

Home Sweet Home

Once we GET to our official home, we now need the furniture money. New beds, couches, etc… will be our next focus.  Once all is bought and done, and it may take time to do so, then our budget will get back to the normal monthly bills, savings, and expenses that our life deals with now.   I am hoping to find some discounted furniture places, a deal on beds, etc… if you know of any, please let us know in the comments section.

What We Need to be Careful Of

Because we are staying at a Resort the first month we get there, we will want to PLAY and with playing comes… SPENDING.  We want to make sure that we are able to enjoy the life we dreamed of, without losing the drive and money that we fought so hard for to use FOR our dreams. That means we enjoy Disney, but that we live within our means.  We stick to the budget, because the END GOAL is to get into a rental home, in Florida, getting the kids ready for new schools, and preparing our new lives.  The fun will come later… and we have to remember that while we realize our dreams, nothing would be more devastating than spending money that we needed for something else just because we got too excited over it all.  I am confident that Carl and I are smarter than that, but I am just keeping things real.

So as a list:

Before Moving:

  • Yard Sale Costs
  • House/Rental Closing Costs
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • U-Haul or Moving Company (Not using either)

On The Road

  • Hotel Costs- before and on the road
  • Gas
  • Food
  • Vehicle Maintenance Costs

You Have Arrived at Your Destination

  • First Month’s Rent or Mortgage
  • Food Costs
  • Drivers License and other DMV Costs
  • Disney Annual Passes

Home Sweet Home

  • Down Payment/First Month’s Rent/Security Deposit
  • Furniture Costs
  • First Months  Bill Start Ups
  • School Start Ups

This is what has been working for us so far, we will find out how well it helps us once we start checking off one by one.  We will keep you posted as it gets closer… God bless ya and have a great week!


  1. Are you sure you want to get a new car? You can put a lot of money into your current car for the amount of money you will be spending each month for car payments. And, don’t forget, you will need to pay a “tax” when you register your new car. Not sure of the official name. It is some kind of excise tax. The tax is based on the value of the car and a new car will be much more. We paid over $1000 for a 2 year old Honda Accord! Don’t mean to be discouraging but wanted you to consider this as you make your spending decisions.


  2. I can see that I did not make it clear that I meant you would have to pay the tax when you registered the car in Florida.


  3. Yeah, that whole “pay sales tax on the car you already owned and paid sales tax on when you get to Florida” thing is a huge annoyance. One of our thoughts is trying to time it so that we’ll need to purchase new cars when we arrive in Florida so we don’t have to pay the “sales tax” on our old cars that we’re bringing into the state only to have to pay actual sales tax on a new car when we purchase it later on.


  4. What town are considering staying at in Georgia? We live in Dalton and I have some connections with local motels.


    • Amy,
      I’m an active member of our local Chamber of Commerce and I’m headed to a lunch meeting today. I should be able to talk to some local hotel managers. What is your arrival date? What kind of room do you need?


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