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A Chair is Not Just a Chair

One of the things we get to do with this relocation is buy new furniture… seriously, I am so giddy about this I can’t stand it!  Our stuff is incredibly old and worn, and if we weren’t moving, we would have been buying the new stuff anyways within the next year.  Since there is a lot to consider, I thought I would spend some time on what furniture works and what you might want to avoid. So pull up a chair, and let’s chat!

First we had to decide what we would need to budget for each room.  Each daughter will have her own room, then we have our room, the living room, the kitchen/dining room, and an office area.  Keeping in mind we are bringing the bare essentials from WI, we have budgeted what we NEED to have versus what we WANT to have first.  Of course, we want everything we see because we are excited it’s new and exciting, but having a bed to sleep in and a couch to relax on are CRITCAL to starting off our new life on the right foot.  We have written down the furniture we will need for each room and prioritized the need of each item.

Next we looked at furniture stores here in town to get an idea of the style of couches, beds, and the like in this day and age. We realize that unless it is a National chain of stores, we won’t see the same stuff in FL- BUT, it gave us a idea of what we may like.  Color, texture, and comfort all play into the decision process.  Mattress brands usually run the same, so we tried them out- ok, our KIDS tried them out because they felt that was the fun part!  It can be a bit overwhelming seeing bed after bed, or couch after couch.  We finally have decided that we really like the neutral colors of beige or cream for our couches and chairs.  We have had Hunter Green for 11 years now and I know that I am QUITE sick of looking at them!  Besides, we figured for FL we would go a bit lighter on a lot of our color schemes and  choices- no more of the dreary winter feel of the dark colors.

We have spent a great deal of time online as well. I really enjoyed the Rooms 2 Go site, which is literally a company that sells things by the room.  Apparently they have stores in FL, so it will be nice to go and see the show rooms- especially for my 10 year old!  She is still in her child phase of life, and went gaga over the Disney Fairy bedroom they had online.  I don’t know if that will happen, as we are trying to buy new without spending an arm and a leg, but you never know.  IKEA has our interest as well, and we have looked at several items of theirs online too.  The benefit of renting a Resort for June gives us the gift of time to research not only for our home, but for the new furniture we want to buy. We can take the time to look around and see what’s a good deal, watch out for sales, and get the advice from our Floridian friends on what stores we should visit and which to avoid.

We were all geared up for a sleeper sofa couch for family and friends to use when they came to visit, unfortunately we found that the cost of these items would be $700 and higher.  For us, it’s too much, we could be buying a new couch and chair for that kind of money.  So the plan is to buy the girls each a large bed, so when company comes, they can both share a bed, while company uses our oldest daughter’s bed.  (Pending my teenager actually has her room CLEAN) We were also told that they are a PAIN to move and they are extremely heavy, so it was an easy piece of furniture to omit from our list.

Couches- wow, there a plethora out there! No sectionals for us- again, to heavy and they are too difficult maneuver if you ever want to change your living room around.  Depending on the size of our living room will determine if we buy a full set or just a really nice couch. Since I spend a great deal of time on them for blogging and what not, we ALL want it super comfortable. Right now, ours are comfy, but they are so soft that literally they could swallow you alive if you don’t sit on them the right way.

Because we are buying three new beds, and more than likely all QUEEN size, we hope to find a deal somewhere. If you live in the Orlando area, and know of a great place for beds, please let us know in the comments section- we would greatly appreciate it.  A girl can dream that a sale like “Buy 2 beds, get 1 free” would happen… but I doubt it! LOL

So here is the sad thing- we do OWN a kitchen table and chairs, we just barely eat at them. I am not sure how, as a society in general,  we got used to eating on TV tables in our living rooms instead of the kitchen, but it’s a bad habit we are trying to break.  But, until that day, we hope to buy bar stools for the counter we hope to have, and wait on the dining room table and chairs until we are going to REALISTICALLY use them.  The same goes for hutches, curio cabinets, or anything that is more of a display holder than anything- if it isn’t going to serve an immediate purpose, we can wait on it. If we had to, we could sleep on air mattresses and the floor if we don’t find what we are looking for right away, but we would like to avoid that if at all possible.

Everything else, such as bedside tables,  lamps,  tv tables, etc… will most likely be purchased from places like Target to save money on them.  The same thing goes for towels, vacuum cleaner, kitchen utensils, and small kitchen appliances.  My mom asked me if we were taking our microwave, and I laughed because out of EVERYTHING we will be getting rid of, THAT is at the top of our list! LOL (It’s used, old, and I am surprised my food still comes out hot from it).

I love to find a bargain, a deal, anything that will save us money- if you know of a discounted furniture place, a neighborhood or city yard sale going on this summer, or of sales coming up this summer- PLEASE let us know.  Knowledge is power, and I don’t want to pay more for something than I have too.

So as you can see, we have a pretty good idea of what we will be needing to buy and what we can live without.  82 days and counting….. stay tuned!


  1. IKEA is definitely a good place. When my husband and I moved we got the majority of our furniture there. So definitely go and walk around their show room. They also have some inexpensive stuff for the kitchen like silverware, glasses, dishes and all that fun stuff. See you soon!!!!


  2. What fun shopping for new furniture! My husband said he was in more furniture stores our first couple months here than he had been in in his whole life! Just want to mention that, here in The Villages, FL (one hour north of WDW), we have lots of consignment stores. You can furnish an entire house very, very reasonably…everything from sofas and bedroom suites to pictures and dishes. And very nice stuff, too! In fact, I have seen couples walk through one of my favorite stores pointing and saying, “I’ll take this and this and that and this…” etc. But I have to warn you – if you find something you like, you have to buy it right then and there. Chances are it will be gone even if you come back the next day! If you want specific names and address of stores, just let me know.


  3. OMG! Silly me, I had to read everything first before posting about IKea and Rooms2go in your previous blog


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