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Give What Ya’ Got

I have been inspired. Who knew that watching a show called “Secret Millionaire” would inspire not only a blog post, but myself as well.  If only EVERY TV show on the PLANET could do the good this show does, it would inspire millions to step up.  Since we are moving soon, I did some research on what and where I can volunteer my time to help someone else in the Central Florida area. Let’s begin!

Where do you start? When you are in your home town, you kind of know the needs of your community, so you can start at a place that you are familiar with.  With relocating, we will not only be learning how to not only get to the grocery store, but FIND it, so searching out the volunteer opportunities are a bit tougher.  Here is what we found searching the Internet, and we hope to be able to volunteer at each one at least once while we live there.   Volunteer for Projects in the Orlando area   United Way  Give Kids the World

Homeless Shelters–Nursing-Homes-38493.html  Read to an older person- list of area nursing homes can be found here   Meals on Wheels   Red Cross  Volunteer or donate items to Goodwill

In general, there are so many wonderful places you could help out at.  Be a mentor at a School, help at a local Church, seek out events in your area that need help, offer to cook meals for new moms, donate food and time to a local Food Pantry, offer your knowledge to those taking Disney trips, visit a hospital and brighten someone’s day with flowers, pay the toll of the car behind you, buy a homeless man a meal, shovel/snow blow a neighbor’s driveway, buy the person in front of you in line at lunch their lunch, give a gas gift card to someone you know is struggling, or just be a friend to someone who needs just someone to talk to.

I was so proud of Disney when they had the theme/promotion of “Give a Day, Get a Day” and I hope they do something like it in the future.  I cannot wait to be able to volunteer in FL, and give back to the state that is going to give myself, and my family, our dream!  Don’t delay, volunteer today!

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