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May The Force Be With You

Whether you be on the dark side of the force, or one of Skywalker’s freinds, Star Wars Weekends is for you.  Carl and I both grew up in the 80s, so we both were exposed to the movie franchise and all of the awesome toys. I remember fondly, my brother playing with his At-At and his Luke Skywalker figure in his orange jump suit.  To know we could see these “toys” brought to life, was very exciting for all of us.  Before we left for our June 2009 WDW vacations, we watched all of the Star Wars movies so that our youngest would understand the characters and the story lines (my favorite movie is still “Return of the Jedi.”) So we headed to the Disney’s Hollywood Studios to experience our first ever SWW.  We were there before Park Opening, and you HAVE to be, to see the cool show they have around the front gate.  The following pictures are from that day, enjoy!  P.S. We will be heading back for the final SWW this June of 2011.


  1. Star Wars Weekends is on our future list of things to do..I hope we get the opportunity to go some day! It looks awesome!

    We just watched Return of the Jedi last night while trying to unwind..My son was so excited I hoped it would help get his mind off leaving for

    We leave in 3 hours!! So excited!! Especially since more snow is forecasted here..Not disappointed we’re missing that! Thanks for your help Amy and for helping us keep up our spirits throughout the past year while we’ve been planning this vacation..WDW here we come!! Terri


  2. I was just talking about the Star Wars weekends with my hubby! Whenever we do go to WDW, we definitely want it to be a Star Wars Weekend!


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