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Finding Walt Disney World in your Backyard

Ever since we moved to the Fox Cities, over 11 years ago, we would drive past certain buildings in town and say “Hey, that looks like ___________ from Walt Disney World.”  I thought it would be a fun blog post to share with you our day out and about, enjoying the Walt Disney World of our corner of WI.  Grab your keys, and follow me!

Our first stop is Disney’s Contemporary Resort… well, ok, not really. But from Highway 41, we pass this Insurance building every time we travel to Milwaukee or IL.  In fact, we will pass it one last time in June when we exit our city for the last time.  How I have looked at this building and wished I would see the  Monorail  coming in or out of it… sigh… soon.

Next we have the Tower of Terror.  I believe it’s an Apartment Building, but it stands alone, again, seen from Highway 41.  Because of It’s randomness, it just adds to how much it looks like this. Jessie and I could not find the entrance to save our life,  so we slowed down on a side road to take the picture, it was pretty funny to see us taking the pictures.

Did you ever go into a greenhouse in your town and think of “The Land?” Well, the local greenhouse here in town just opened up, and thankfully it’s close to home, so we can visit anytime we want.  The minute you walk into it, it just SMELLS like “The Land” Pavilion.  I don’t know if it’s the soil, the plants, or the humidity… but I want to drink in the place when I am there.

We all died laughing and pointed at this next object, as it was funny to find Spaceship Earth INSIDE “The Land.”  I tell ya, I am not a fan of these globes in peoples yards, but if I had to have one, this would be THE one!

We thought it would be fun to see if any other items in the Greenhouse would tell of a Disney tale, and here is what we found:

I encourage you to find the Disney World around your town- make a day of it with your family, take pictures of places, people, hidden Mickeys, etc.., and HAVE FUN with it!   Happy Spring Break everyone!!


  1. Great post Amy! I am always seeing hidden Mickeys here in my hometown of Greenville, SC. Our Downtown area actuall has a thing called “Mice on Main”. Hidden downtown are nine bronze mice for you to find!



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